The Favor Of God Part 7 – Lawson And Aaron Perdue

The Favor Of God Part 7 – Lawson And Aaron Perdue

The Favor Of God Part 7 from Pastors Lawson & Aaron Perdue. In this episode of Grace For Today, learn how supernatural revelation can bring you into the divine purpose for your life.

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The Favor Of God Part 7 Transcript

Welcome friends to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’re tuned in connected with us today. We are talking about favor. And this week we’re talking about favor in the life of Daniel. Yesterday we talked about how purpose will help you enter into the favor of God, and today we’re gonna talk about supernatural revelation and how you can have supernatural revelation and move into the divine plan and purpose for your life. So stay tuned. Blessings.

It’s great to have everyone with us today. I’m here with my son Aaron, and we’re sharing on the favor of God, and we’re sharing specifically from the life of Daniel. Now, we begin in our program yesterday talking about favor comes when we walk in purpose. Today we’re gonna talk about how favor comes through supernatural revelation. And last week we studied the life of Joseph and favor, and Joseph had favor through supernatural revelation. God gave him dreams and visions, and God gave him the ability to interpret dreams and visions. Same thing with Daniel. Same exact thing. And so we need supernatural revelation. And I say this, life is not fair, we have favor. So much of the world, they’re acting like victims, and life is not fair. Well, life is not fair, guys. We have supernatural revelation. Hallelujah. And so thank God for supernatural revelation. Aaron, you’ve had a tremendous amount of favor in your life growing up, in different schools as you were growing up, different colleges, different things God’s done for you. Why don’t you talk about that a little bit?

Yeah, I think when you live with purpose, that really brings favor as well. People are drawn to people who have a strong sense of purpose. I went to school for a long time for classical music. I play the flute. I played at a very high level. I’ve studied from some of the best flute instructors in the nation. Worked with some of the greatest conductors. And right before I was about ready to finish my doctorate, I moved here to become a pastor to help out at the church here as an associate pastor. And all I had to do for my doctorate was to write my dissertation. I ended up doing it. It was a lot of work to do it while I had a full-time job here. But I put in the work and did this hundred page research paper, this dissertation. And I went back, defended it. And I got to speak with some of my mentors in the music academia field, my flute professor, and also the conductor there. And I remember talking to the conductor, he was very impressed that even though I’m not pursuing a career in academia, in music right now, he was very impressed that I went ahead and finished this, what I started out doing. And it just really impressed him that I put in all this work and just made a really high level final project, even though it wasn’t really gonna benefit me on the surface. But he just saw that I’m a person of purpose.

There’s a lot of people who start out to do their doctorate and they do all the classwork, but they never do their dissertation. They never finish. And it’s good to finish what you start. Praise God, and that’ll help get you a favor.

Yeah. And I think even in as believers too, I just noticed in my six and a half years of ministry now, the people who keep growing, who keep growing in their giftings, maybe I oversee music now. The people who keep growing and getting promoted, they’re the people who stick around and don’t quit.


I think you’ve probably seen that in ministry as well. The people who God really uses and promotes and uses in a big way, they’re the people who just don’t give up. They work hard and they just keep at it.

Amen. Let’s talk about a couple of them.


My two mentors, Dr. Lester Sumrall. Dr. Lester Sumrall started out when he was a kid. He was actually laying on his deathbed, and I believe he had tuberculosis. They were living in Florida. His mother was a Pentecostal Methodist. He actually was so sick that the doctor came and signed his death certificate the night before this happened. And they expected him to die that night. He told his mom, “Lester will die tonight.” And that night he had a vision and he saw at the end of his bed, a large bible open on one side. On the other side, he said, there was a casket, and it was just his side. And God said, “Lester, you have a choice. You can preach the gospel or you can die.” And so he said, “I’ll preach the gospel.” And he woke up in the morning, healed, got out of bed, walked downstairs. His mother, he said, look like she saw a ghost. And he said, “ah, give me some breakfast.” And she said, “what do you want?” He said, “I want bacon and eggs and grits and potatoes.” And I mean pancakes, the whole nine yards. And she said, he was dying. He couldn’t hardly eat anything. And she said, “what happened?” He said, “I had a vision.” Well, she was a Pentecostal Methodist, so she knew that was God. So she cooked him all this breakfast. A few weeks later, God spoke to him and said, “Lester, know I kept up my end of the deal, but you haven’t kept up yours.” And so he went out and started preaching. And when he started preaching, he went out and found a farmer plowing in a field. And he said, I took this. And there was a schoolhouse, it was abandoned. And I took this key that he had on a leather string around his neck, and he gave it to me. And he said, I went and unlocked that building, swept it out, and cleaned it up and put some posters up around town that we’d been having gospel meetings. Then they didn’t have television. So he said that night, six or eight farmers came and they sat around and chewed and spit tobacco on the floor and laughed while he shared his testimony. And anyway, he said he thought he’d be out of the deal because he thought nobody would come back. But the next night, the place was full. Later, he stayed. That became a church. Many people got saved and set free, but he found out, they went back to town and told the people, he said, “Come here the biggest liar you’ve ever heard in your life.” But he had that first vision. And then a couple of years later, he was preaching and there’s a young woman that came up to get saved and he asked her if she wanted to get saved. She said, “Well, I don’t know.” And he said, “Well, go to hell then.” Well, he said, I was preaching, not because I cared about anybody or loved anybody, but he said I was preaching because I had to preach to live. But then that night he fell out on the platform. And he had this vision of the nations of the world going up this precept. And he saw black and white and brown and red and all these different nations of people. And at the end, they were trying to stop because they were falling over, falling into hell in flames of fire. And he said they were crying out, and as they were crying out, they were, and God said, “I’ve required their blood at your hands.” He said, “Lord, I’ve never seen these people. What do you mean their blood is required at my hands?” He said, “These are the people that I’m calling you to go to and preach to.” So he got that revelation and he lived with a vision. He lived with a plan, and he had revelation that came from God.

He didn’t quit.

And he didn’t quit. And you know what? When he was 50 years old, his denomination told him, “Lester, you are 50 and you’re finished.” And he said, I sat down, he’d been preaching 30 years nearly. And God said, “No, you’re only beginning. You’re just getting started.” Praise God. And his ministry exploded from that time. Praise God. And it grew and grew and prospered. And Daniel saw a lot of these things.

You said you have another mentor too who was very faithful and didn’t quit.

Andrew Wommack. People like when Andrew got on television in the year 2000 or 2001 in that time timeframe. People said, well, you’re an instant success. Well, he had already been going for 30 years.

He’s probably already 50 years old at that point.

Yes, yes. Andrew is 15 years older than I am. So I’m 58 today. So 20, he’s 70, what, 73. So 20 years ago, he’d have been 53. When his ministry really exploded and really grew. And a lot of people today don’t pass the test of time, but he got that vision, he got that dream, and he just stayed at it. Getting a revelation from God and staying at it, not quitting, a lot of good things happen to you. That’s one thing that will bring favor, diligence. Being diligent and staying at it. Praise the Lord. And so Daniel really, really pursued this. And we talked about how in the beginning of Daniel’s life, when he began to live with purpose as really a slave boy in a foreign nation in the Babylonian empire, that they didn’t wanna eat and drink this food that came from the king that the other servants were eating. And so they requested of the one who was over them to just feed them. And he said, “Well, we’ll do it.” And we did a little test and he found that they were okay. So they continued to do it. And when Daniel and his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were brought in before the king. They found them 10 times better, not 10% better, a thousand percent better, 10 times better. Life is not fair, we have favor. Now, later in the next chapter, the king had a dream and then he forgot the dream. And none of his other wise men could tell him what was going on in Daniel chapter two. And so he just said, “Hey, if these guys can’t tell me what the dream is and what the interpretation is, I’m just going to kill him all. Why do we have them on the payroll? Why are we feeding him? Why are we keeping them around?” And Daniel went in before the king and requested of the king some time that he would give him. And he would show the king the interpretation. That’s in Daniel 2:16. And then Daniel went to his house and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. His three Hebrew friends, that they would desire the mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret that Daniel and his fellows would not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon. And then was the secret revealed to Daniel in a night vision. God has revealed secrets. There is a God. Psalm 25:14 says, “The secret of the Lord is with them who fear him. And then will he show his covenant.” What is the secret? It’s special information for special people. Life is not fair, we have favor. And there is special information available to you as a believer through your relationship with God and Christ and the Holy Spirit. And boy, the Holy Spirit will give you revelation and help you fulfill your God-given destiny. And so Daniel blessed the name of God forever. It says in verse 20, and wisdom reminded are his. And he said, “He changes times and seasons, removes King, set them up.” He knew God was the ultimate authority. “He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who know understanding. He reveals the deep and secret things, and he knows what’s in the darkness. And the light dwells with him.” He says, “I thank you and praise you, oh God of my fathers, who has given me wisdom and might and made known to me now what we desired of you, for thou has made known to us the kings matter.” Praise God. Daniel got supernatural revelation. So Daniel went into the king, told him what the dream was, told him the interpretation of the dream. And not only spirit, him and his friends, but spirit of all the people that were operating in supernatural revelation in that kingdom at that time. And so Daniel had supernatural revelation. Praise God, and God will give us supernatural revelation. God’s given me supernatural revelation about different things that he’s called me to do. He’s given me supernatural revelation in my business. Praise God. He’s given me supernatural revelation in raising you boys. Your mama operates in tremendous revelation with raising children. I’ve seen her. Man, not only with you guys, but with different people. Say you do this with your child and that will help them. And it’s helped them. Praise God. Tremendous revelation. So this works in our families, it works in our business, it works at our ministry, it works in all kinds of different areas. We need revelation that comes from God. Now, Aaron, you’ve had supernatural revelation. Talk about some different revelation you’ve had.

Yeah. Well, God wants to give people revelation. I think it might be important to talk about how to receive revelation. And some people might not even really understand how to receive revelation from God. How can God speak to them? And one way God really speaks to me and gives me revelation is it’s just through spending time in the Word of God.


God will make the word just come alive to you and really speak to you through the word. So I think the first place really that you receive revelation from God is through just spending time in his word.

Yes. I mean, God has spoken things to me. God gave me a scripture when I was in Bible school about the church that is in your house from the Book of Philemon and told me to call a group of believers at Kit Carson, Colorado and asked them if they wanted me to come start a church. And they said, “We’ll get back to you in a week.” And there were five families in that Bible said, they called us back in a week and said, that’s God come. Hallelujah. God gave us supernatural revelation when we got there about where to build the church. And he had already given me the name before I went to Bible school when I was in prayer about the name of the ministry. And so that all connected with different things that they had received from God. And God is no respecter of persons. He’s no respecter of age groups.

So I know God’s given you just revelation about yeah, even planting your first church, even finding the specific plot of land where that church would be. I know he’s even given you revelation about the cattle business you were in before.

[Lawson] Yes.

That one time you weren’t sure if you should buy much cattle, but you were just reading the Bible and came across a scripture that says, “I own the cattle on a thousand hills.” And that really spoke to your spirit and you felt like that was revealing to you that you should buy.

God spoke to me from Isaiah and said that my cattle would feed in large pastors. We were in a time of a major drought and it was blowing dirt in February and I borrowed all the money I could borrow, bought all the cattle I could buy, and it kept blowing dirt till May 28th. And it started raining May 28th and rained all summer long. And actually in that time, I lost nearly all my equity. I had to go get a different banker, lost favor with one banker, went to another banker. With a Methodist banker, I lost favor. So I gained favor with the Baptist banker, went down and sat with this Baptist banker and said, listen, I believe, I said it’s dry and corn is high and cattle are cheap, but I believe it’s gonna rain. I believe corn’s gonna go down and cattle are gonna go up. I’m gonna make more money than I ever made in my life and I prophesied my own destiny.

See, a lot of revelation comes first of all, from spending time in the Word of God.


From just like even just connecting with really great Bible teachers. Like we just try to teach straight from the Bible and hope that speaks to people from the Bible.

Man, I’ve had God speak to me from Job, from Daniel, from Revelation, from Psalms, from Isaiah. I’ve had God speak to me from scriptures all over the Word of God.

Amen. So just like God gave Daniel special revelation knowledge, I believe that God can give you special revelation knowledge as well. So we’re gonna take a quick break and we’ll be right back. So don’t go away. We’ll see you just here in a few seconds.

Friends, I wanna tell you about some products that we have available that I believe will help you move into God’s plan, to God’s destiny for your life. The first one is my book, “Uncommon Favor.” This is my life story. And there are a lot of just really simple stories, things that have happened in my life for the last 30 years and really how God has blessed us and helped us move into what He has for us. And I believe that God is no respecter of persons. What God has done for me, he will do for you. I have so many people read this book. It’s a very simple read. And they’ll tell me, “Pastor, I was so encouraged that really helped me and gave me hope for my life.” And so you don’t wanna miss getting this book “Uncommon Favor.” And we package it together with my teaching on the favor of God. And this is a three CD teaching on the favor of God. You can get this by calling our office, or you can check us out on the web at Praise the Lord. We’ve been talking about receiving supernatural revelation and how that brings us into favor. And we talked about Daniel and how he received supernatural revelation one here in his life. We’re gonna talk about another one here. But you talked about one way that we know how to hear the voice of God is through the scripture. Another way is through the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God works with the Word of God to speak to us many times. So the Word of God, the Spirit of God, another way I believe that we hear from God is not only through the scripture, through the Spirit of God, through the peace of God. The Bible says this is Psalm 119, 165. “Great peace of they that love thy law.” Nothing will offend them. Nothing will cause them to stumble. Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of God rule act as an umpire in your heart.” Let the peace of God call the shots. I often tell believers that come to me for prayer for wisdom if they’re married. And you have a spouse and they’re both born again. They’re both filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that if they, number one, they’re both in total agreement about a situation. Number two, if they’re in total peace about it. And I’m not talking about peace in your just mind. I’m talking about peace from the Holy Spirit on the inside. I believe that’s 90% accurate in knowing the will of God. So the Word of God, the Spirit of God, the peace of God. Another one is through relationships. And we’re gonna talk about this in the life of Daniel and have in favor in one of the future lessons this week. But being connected with the right people, the Bible talks about this in the Book of Proverbs, over and over again. In the multitude of councilor, there is safety. In the multitude of council, there’s wisdom. “He that walks with wise men.” This is Proverbs 13:20, one of my favorite scriptures. “He that walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” And the last one is through the gifts of the Spirit, through the word of wisdom, specific word from God about the future. The word of knowledge of specific word from God, of knowledge of things in the present or past, through the discerning of spirits. God gives us all these different five aspects of knowing the will of God. The Word of God, the Spirit of God, godly relationships, the peace of God, and finally the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, I wanna talk about the peace of God too, ’cause I’ve just seen people who are very mature believers, who just aren’t really sure if they’re hearing from God. And man, the piece of God can speak to believers big time. My wife Heather and I, our son Fisher, has a tremendous amount of favor. He’s had a lot of favor with teachers, especially in school. He’s had really great teachers ever since preschool, his kindergarten year. That’s the year Heather and I got married was when he started in kindergarten. He had a great kindergarten teacher, a great first grade teacher. He had the first grade teacher in public school during the pandemic. She was actually a really phenomenal teacher. Her husband works for a Christian organization. So she’s a strong believer. But at second grade, when we started second grade, Heather didn’t have a very good feeling about the school he was in in second grade. And we went ahead and sent him to school. And about a month into the school year, the superintendent of our school district changed his mind. He said, well, I initially said that I’m not gonna require masks, but now I’m gonna require masks. And there wasn’t anything going on at the time statistically to warrant him just breaking his promise, but he did. So the day they mandated masks for all students, even little kids, under 10. Like the Governor of Colorado didn’t even mandate it for little kids, but the superintendent felt like he should mandate it even for little kids,

A superintendent in a conservative school where we got a liberal governor that wasn’t even demanding it.

Yeah, so we sent Fisher to school, but without a mask. And we just had a note that just said, it’s the parents decision to decide, make medical decisions for their children’s. And we just said, if a teacher or the principal ask you where’s your mask, then just hand him this note and just say, I’m not to wear one. And he went to school that morning and Heather just didn’t have peace about it. So just I dropped him off and I think about an hour later she said, “I don’t have peace about him being in that school anymore.” And just a couple days before went ahead and filled out an application for a really top-notch charter school in our area. And usually this charter school, it takes a few years to get into, but I thought, well, I’m just gonna go ahead and fill out the application. We called them that morning just to see what of our chances of or getting in. They said, “You don’t have great chances ’cause the cutoff is just in a week’s time and you’re like number three on the list.” And so we took him to school. She didn’t have a good feeling. So after I dropped him off like an hour later, actually I had an email from the charter school saying that he was accepted. So Heather said, just go get him right now. I don’t even have a good feeling about him being there today. And I went and got him and I just asked how his day was and he said, “Oh, it’s been great.” And I said, well, did anyone, your teacher say anything about you not wearing a mask? And he said, “No.” He just said, “Well, she moved my desk to the corner of the classroom.” So he was actually separated from the entire class, like treated like a second class citizen. He didn’t even register in his mind what was going on. But I was really glad that we.

Stopped that.

Stopped at that very day. It was just really insane how people acting and thinking.

A lot of behavior in the pandemic was insane.

Yeah. And people just felt authorized to be dictators and things like that. And his teacher hadn’t worn a mask that entire first month either. So suddenly all of a sudden the seven-old kid has cooties and we got.


The head of the CDC first said, “Mask won’t stop anything,” which is, that’s the truth. And then came out later and said, “Oh, you need to wear two masks.”

But the peace of God can really lead you even in crazy times. So we need revelation. Daniel was living in a crazy time. Nebuchadnezzar was a pretty crazy guy.

No, he was gonna kill them all. And you know what? He spared them because Daniel got wisdom and then later his son was in power. And Belshazzar was drinking from the vessels that were came out of the temple in Jerusalem, the vessels of gold and having this wild party. And while Belshazzar was doing this, he was being lifted up in pride and Daniel came in, they called Daniel and they said, Daniel interpreted dreams in your father’s time. And when they brought Daniel and Daniel came and interpreted the dream, he came in and he operated, he had no fear of this greatest leader of the greatest empire.

Daniel actually had a lot of favor with Nebuchadnezzar. He was promoted to be the head of the wise men, the head of the Magi. Daniel was the head. And Nebuchadnezzar lost his mind, lived like an animal for a while, and God restored his mind. And Nebuchadnezzar actually repented at the end of his life and believed in the one true God. But his son, Belshazzar, just went the complete opposite direction, was a complete heeding, completely ungodly and Daniel was actually just pushed out. But when Belshazzar was having this huge feast, this huge party and just said, “Hey, let’s go get the holy items from the Israelites and bring these and let’s just have mock them. And when people start mocking what’s holy unto God, marriage is holy unto God. Life is holy unto God. Male and female is holy unto God. When people start blatantly mocking it, it upsets God. And that’s what happened here in Belshazzar, God started writing on the wall.

Yes. And said, “Your kingdom is numbered and divided between the Medes and the Persians.” And you know what? Daniel’s the one that had to interpret this and tell them. And that night it happened, just like Daniel said. You know what? Life is not fair guys. We have favor and we have supernatural revelation. And we’ll share a little bit in tomorrow’s broadcast on supernatural revelation. How it helped Daniel, promoted Daniel, and then we’ll move into some of these other areas that will help us. But if you learn these keys from Daniel, live with purpose, supernatural revelation, surround yourself with the right people and keep a good attitude that will help you move into your divine destiny and walk in the purpose and plan of God.

That’s awesome. Aaron, why don’t you share right before we go off.

Yeah. Well, I believe that God, if you have Jesus in your heart, you have divine favor, you have supernatural favor and God’s favor, it will always protect you and also bring you promotion. One of those two things, if not both of them. So I believe that even if you’re in the midst of opposition, God can give you supernatural protection and supernatural promotion.

Praise God. Thanks for being with us and you have a blessed day. Call us if you need prayer, product, or if you’d like to partner with us. Blessings.

[Narrator] The favor of the Lord has the power to change your life. In this favor package, you’ll learn how you already have more than enough favor because God loves and cares for you. Get the favor CD series along with the book entitled, “Uncommon Favor” for $24 when you call 719-418-4000 or visit

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[Barbara] Amen. We’re gonna have a lot of fun. We have Cathy Duplantis coming. So make plans and register today.

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