Healing Covenant – Part 4 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

A lot of churches even that have that in their fundamental truths, do not teach that anymore. But if we want the results of the scripture, we’ve gotta teach what the scripture says.

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Healing Covenant

God doesn’t change– He stays the same! All throughout the Bible, we see that it is clearly God’s will to heal. When the Israelites left Egypt, God told them that He is the LORD who heals them. There are so many promises in the Bible for healing. All of these promises still remain true and are part of God’s covenant with believers through the finished work of Jesus. If you are a follower of Jesus- you can see that He is a healer. He was either healing someone, going to heal someone, or coming from healing someone. As you listen to these teachings, we know that faith will be stirred in your heart and that your faith will make you well in Jesus’ name!

Healing Covenant Transcript

  Praise the Lord. Friends, I’m so glad that you’ve tuned into the broadcast today. We have some great things in store. I believe that you’re gonna be blessed. I believe that many people are gonna receive the power of God and receive healing today as they watch the broadcast. So stay tuned. We’ve got great things in store. We’re gonna be talking about how you can know God’s will concerning your healing. God bless you. Friends, it’s great to have you with us. I’m glad to have Aaron. And we’ve been talking all week about faith begins where the will of God is known, and specifically how we can know the will of God in the area of divine healing. You know, a lot of churches years ago used to teach that divine healing is in the atonement and it is the will of God for believers. A lot of churches even that have that in their fundamental truths, do not teach that anymore. But if we want the results of the scripture, we’ve gotta teach what the scripture says. So we began really, by talking about we can know the will of God because God said, “I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26, that’s the second of seven redemptive names of God in the Old Testament, the Old Testaments of progressive revelation of who God is. And when you begin to understand that, after he gives these through the Old Testament, then he says in Malachi 3:6 “I’m the Lord and I change not.” so He’s never changing from it. So God said, “I am the Lord who heals you.” And He’s not changing from that, and all these different aspects. The second aspect we talked about really was the promises of God. And you can know the will of God because of His promises. And His promises come from His nature. It only makes sense. That’s God’s promises would be consistent with who He says that He is. So we have promises of divine healing ’cause He says, “I’m the Lord your healer.” One of those promises is Psalm 103:3. “He forgives all of our iniquities and He heals all of our diseases.” Right there, and we can see forgiveness of sin and healing of the body tied together many places in the scripture. The third reason we talked about that we can really understand the will of God is because of the life of Jesus. Man, Jesus constantly, 14 times it says in the New Testament that they brought unto Him all who were sick of all kinds of diseases, and He healed them everyone. He healed them of every kind of diseases. You know, I love Acts 10:38, and this was Peter preaching in Cornelius’s house. But he says, “Haven’t you heard how God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost in power, who went about doing good and healing all who oppressed of the devil?” I love to say, you know what, when you have the Trinity in unity, you find the power of God. So what the Father promised, Jesus purchased on the cross, and the Holy Spirit gives us as believers, power to receive it. Amen. Today we’re gonna move in and talk about how divine healing is provided for in the atonement.


  That’s awesome. A lot of people really understand that Jesus paid for their sin, paid for the penalty of sin on the cross, but at the same time that His blood was shed, that He died on the cross for sin. He paid for your healing as well. You know, and Jesus took your sin upon Himself at the cross so you could receive His righteousness at the same time on the cross. This is part of the atonement, part of what Jesus paid for, part of what the blood of Jesus means. At the same time, He paid for our sin and gave us righteousness. He actually took sickness upon himself. As while He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement for our peace was upon him, and by His stripes, we are healed.




  That’s Isaiah-


  53:5, and that’s where I just talked to. And you know, Isaiah, actually about six to 700 years before Christ pinned these words, but I believe he had a vision, he was a prophet of the cross. And he said in verse one, “who has believed our report, into whom is the arm of the Lord revealed.” If you study Bible prophecy, Jesus represents the arm of the Lord. If you wanna see Jesus manifested in your life and what he provided, you gotta believe the report. Amen.


  It also helps to be around other people who believe as well. Some people go to just all dry religious churches that don’t preach the power of God, that don’t preach about healing, that don’t preach about the Holy Spirit. It’s just a social club where people just come together to kind of feel good and have their ears tickled. But you need to go to a church where there’s other people of faith, other people who can pray the prayer of faith over you. Every now and then, I look online and I see people who are new to the area looking for a church, they’re looking for recommendations for a church, and they look, they list out what they want in a church, and what they’re listing out really isn’t a church. It’s like a social club. You know, “I want the music to sound this way, to be this style. I want this group, a golfing group for my husband.” They’re not really looking for the things that really matter, which if you’re looking for a good church or a good ministry to partner with, connect with. Number one, do they believe the Bible? Do they believe that’s the word of God? Number two, do they believe the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit? That’s for today. That’s how the church began in Acts 2. And I think if the church need the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, the church needs the Holy Spirit today. So that’s the number two thing to look for. Number three, do they have a revelation of grace? Do they understand it’s not about your performance, not about what you do, but it’s about what Jesus has already done. And number four, are there people who really believe it? Are there people of faith there? Because at some point in your life, you’re gonna need friends. You’re gonna need some people who are strong in faith to pray with you, to agree with you, to encourage you.


  Amen. Praise God. You know, Aaron, we’re gonna share a testimony in the second half of the broadcast. And inevitably, this man got healed a couple years ago in our church. He’s been coming to the church about two years, but recently he said, “I want to come tell you about what God did for me.” And he had a very, very negative report by the doctors, but God supernaturally healed in me. Actually, he had been raised in a traditional church and he was burned out on religion. His first wife divorced him and left him with the kids. And anyway, God restored him, restored a wife to him. And she started, they lived like 40 minutes away on the highway. So, but she started watching us online and just said, “Hey, we need to go to this church.” And he’s like, “I travel for my work. I drive 60,000 miles a year. I don’t want to go to a church that’s 40 minutes away.” And she said, “Come watch this.” So he started watching us. He said, “Man, they’re telling the truth.” And he came here and after having this terrible negative report from the doctor, the third week that he came, him and his wife came forward for prayer. One of our prayer ministers prayed for him and not on the, this man and his wife and his wife prayed for this man’s wife. And when they prayed for him, God supernaturally healed him. He went back to this doctor who was un-believer, and this doctor said it was a miracle. But you know, it’s important that you get the word of God so it can build your faith, so you can receive what God promised. And so we’ve talked this fourth reason that we’re talking about today is what Jesus did on the cross. And Isaiah says this in Isaiah 53:3-5. He says, “He is despised and rejected a man, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him. He was despised and we did not esteem Him. Surely He is born our griefs and carried our sorrows. Yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted.” And Aaron, here’s what you quoted, “He, Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him. And with his stripes, we are healed.” Now, when you look at that man, Isaiah said, “He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows.” In verse four, that word for griefs is the Hebrew word choli. It means sickness, disease, grief, malady, anxiety, and calamity. The word for sorrows is macove, pain, sorrow, or physical or mental pain. And then as you move on into verse five, it says, “With His stripes, we’re healed.” And that word is Rafa or Rafa, the same word that God used in Exodus 15:26, when he said, “I am the Lord your healer.” I’m Jehovah Rafa, or I’m Jehovah Rafa, or Yahweh Rafa. And the same word that God used in Psalm 103:3, when He said, “I forgive all your sins and I heal” Rafa or Rafa all your diseases. So it’s the same, it’s consistent. Then in Matthew 8:16-17 Matthew looks at Jesus healing the sick and said, “This is what Isaiah was talking about.” Himself bear our sicknesses.


  That it might be fulfilled.




  Matthew, I love reading through Matthew because he always says that it might be fulfilled. He’s always tying the life of Jesus, the ministry of Jesus to Old Testament and prophecy. And for Jesus to be the Messiah, He had to be a healer. And Jesus is still the messiah today. He is still the anointed one. His anointing to heal is still there today. He is still the Yeshua HaMashiach. The the anointed one.


  You know, Luke wrote the book of Acts, he said, he wrote this, he said, “This former treaty of our written oath, The oath of all that Jesus began to do and teach.” But the fact is Jesus is still doing these things. He’s still teaching them about what He’s doing it. He’s the head and where the body, He’s doing it through his body of the church. And if you believe these things, they’ll happen, they’ll work in your life. And for Peter, look back on the cross, I want you to read 1 Peter 2:24 just before we go off this, and we’re gonna come back in the second half of the broadcast and have this testimony. And I encourage you to tell your friends about this. This will encourage people and they can get healed when they begin to see what God’s doing for other people. 1 Peter 2:24


  Says, “Who himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree that we having died to sins might live for righteousness by whose stripes you were healed?”


  Yeah, so the difference in that is Peter’s looking back on the cross and he’s saying, “It’s already done.” You know, Jesus said three beautiful words on the cross. He said, “It is finished.” So not only have our sins already been paid for, our healing has already been paid for, you know what, God doesn’t have to move anymore to forgive your sin today or to heal your body than He does to forgive your sin. He’s already paid for it. And so what you do is God promised that this is who He is. Jesus paid for it, and now we just believe it so we can receive it. And when we believe it, then we can begin to receive the power of the Holy Spirit into our life and receive the healing power of God.


  I love that we have testimonies of people still receiving healing today through this ministry. Maybe you need healing in your body. Maybe a loved one needs healing. I encourage you to stay tuned for the second half of this broadcast. We have a powerful testimony of someone who received a tremendous healing. Even a non-believing doctor called and said, “This is a tremendous report.” And he said, “It’s a miracle.”


  Yeah, it’s pretty amazing when an unbelieving doctor calls and says, “It’s a miracle.” But we’ve had this happen more than once. I’ve been having this happen for over 30 years in my ministry, praise God. And you know, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


  Amen, and I love hearing about good testimonies, people who they’ve seen the power of God just impact their life. And you can be a living testimony as well. So stay tuned and watch this great testimony we have in store for you today.


  Friends, it’s great to have you with us today receiving the word of God, but we have so much more to share. And in these teachings, you can receive them either in downloadable audio or downloadable video off our website at CharisChristianCenter.com. They’re absolutely free of charge and we have them and many others. So go to our website and receive God’s word.


  I’ll tell you how to get your prayers answered. Jesus actually said this, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, you’ll ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.” You’ve taken up residence in Him. Let His word abide on you, praise God. And just call on the name of Jesus.


  Hi friends. So glad that you stayed tuned. We’re gonna go to this healing testimony right now. I believe it’s gonna encourage you in your faith. So stay tuned and I’ll be back at the end of the broadcast. Blessings. Hi friends, I’ve got my friend Rick that comes to church here at Charis Christian Center, and he just came down today to tell me his testimony and it was so good, but I said, “Hey, I want to tell a lot of people about this.” So just go ahead and kind of start from the beginning if you want to just tell them how you want to tell them.


  Yes, sir. The beginning was not good, was a very devastating diagnosis of cancer. And as everybody knows, when you hear that word from a doctor, your life comes to a complete halt. But mine changed very quickly, thanks to Charis Christian and everything that happened here. So that is my testimony. The reason why I wanted to do this, why I’m here talking to Pastor Lawson right now is because I was convinced through one of his sermons that my testimony is important and that everybody, it’s not just mine, it should be everybody’s. And that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get to this point where we can talk about this and it’s taken a couple of years, but now I’m here.


  Praise God.


  Yes sir.


  So just shortly before you came here, you were diagnosed with melanoma and you said it was a very negative diagnosis.


  Yes, well, if you read up anything and it’s a very difficult thing to do, but when they tell you what they think you have, you go and you become Web MD guy and you read up everything. So the negativity starts right there and it just kind of blossoms unfortunately in a negative way. And then you go to doctors who, their intentions are good but their words are not.


  They’re just natural people explaining it from a natural perspective. And many of them, I think, and I have good friends that are spirit filled doctors that I love that come here to church and we’re on the same page. We’re trying to get people healed, praise God. But they only can say what they see naturally. And many times, I think some of them wanna be almost tell you the worst case scenario.


  Fair enough. And they do. And unfortunately I use this as as the path, but they show you charts and graphs and there’s no upswing. Everything’s downhill. And it’s not a matter of when the downhill, it’s when you get to the bottom is what usually is the end result with those types of diagnosis, especially with a skin cancer that is so devastating. And it was in my ear. And that’s just a really bad place to start just because it can spread very easily to your brain. And that’s usually the first place that it goes. So that’s what they were talking these words over me, more than one doctor. Not all of them. I was blessed with two doctors. One of them was very faith-based, was a very Christian strengthened man. And come to find out, the doctor who coordinated my care told me in the very end that he also is a believer. And he heard me every single time I came in, talk about my faith and that’s where I’m going with this.


  Praise God.


  And so there are doctors out there, of course, that have that, but they can’t explain themselves because they have to go with the medical diagnosis, so to speak.


  And about the same time that you were diagnosed, your wife had found our church-


  Yes, sir.


  Online and began to watch different things. And she told you, “Hey, I want to go to church.”


  She did, she said, “We’re going to this church.” And I mentioned that I drive for a living, a lot of miles, 30 to 40,000 miles sometimes. And it was in Colorado Springs. We live in Castle Rock. And I just asked her, I said, “Can’t you find one that’s a little bit closer?” So we don’t drive on Sundays. But that became nothing and not of importance and not implied as anything that was a negative, it’s just the distance. We thought, “Well, we’re gonna go try.” So we listened to your sermons on Charis website and we were intrigued and thrilled and we heard the truth and we need a lot of truth at that time in our life.


  Praise God.


  And we needed that guidance. And I do know that my wife from day one never believed that there was anything, and her belief and her strength is what carried me. But I needed more.


  And so you said you came here and you know, we give altar calls every Sunday. So the first two weeks your wife’s like, “Let’s go forward, let’s go forward.” And you’re like, “No, we’re not going forward.” But the third week you’re like, “Let’s go forward.”


  That’s exactly what it was. I stood up and I looked at her and I said, “I’m going, this is the day.” And we did that and it changed my life.


  Praise God. And one of my couples here prayed for you. And this is, so, I love this testimony because I’ve prayed for a lot of people and seen them healed in a lot of places and different things. But we have a whole prayer team full of people that have seen miracles and that minister miracles to other people. But you went to one of my prayer team and you said, it was Danny and Tanya and Danny just hugged you and said, “Hey, this is a victory story. I’m a cancer survivor.” And then he just laid hands on you and spoke in tongues and praised God.


  He did indeed.


  Just go ahead and tell us the rest.


  That was it. But that was just the beginning. Because everything that happened thereafter is my story and my testimony. But yes, I did walk up and Danny is just wonderfully accepted me into his arms. I hugged him, I cried a little on his shoulder. My wife and Tanya embraced, we all embraced together. And it was a moment that I’ll never forget, it’s like it happened yesterday and Danny continued on and he looked at me and he said words I’ll never forget. He said, “I am a cancer survivor and I’m a victor and you’re going to win this victory.” And pastor, from that moment forward, I absorbed everything that I ever knew and everything I’ve ever thought of in life of being a victor just changed. But being a victor and not a victim.


  Amen. Praise God.


  And that’s the difference. Not just being a victor in life or accomplishing this or setting this goal or having this accomplishment with a career. It’s about not being a victim ever again.


  And we are not victims.


  No, sir.


  The Bible says we’re more than conquerors through Him who loved us. And that’s the true gospel.


  Truly is. So Danny put his hand on my ear and he spoke in tongues and he blessed me and he started everything new for me that day.


  Yeah, then you had to go-


  It was wonderful.


  You had to go back to the doctor, you had to have surgery. So tell us about that.


  So everybody involved in this, I had a team of doctors ’cause this was a pretty serious event. And this team, there was a battle going on between, was, wasn’t, is, isn’t, where is it? But in the end it was a diagnosis. And the doctors unfortunately told me that when they did the first removal of all this in my ear, that there was some residual cancer left over and that it was there and that I should be prepared for that. And that that’s gonna be a devastating news for me. Even after I go through all this process and this surgery. It was still there. And I struggled with that. And my immediate response was, “Let’s just go get it out right now.”




  Well that wasn’t happening. They’re on their own schedules and the longer you wait, the more probability that you could have the cancer spread. And that was my fear. And I was living in that fear and I was living in a very dark place, unfortunately. And my wife did everything that she could, every minute of the day to get me out of that. And she was successful. But I fall back until I saw Danny and Tanya. And that was the change. That was the moment.


  Yeah, that helped you.


  And from that moment on, all of the news changed.


  Amen. Amen. When you went in for this second surgery, tell the people what all they took out and then about your doctor who was not necessarily a believer.


  Yes, I brought up the word a couple times to this surgeon. He’s a world renowned surgeon. He is the man for this. And he just never really absorbed what I was talking about with my faith with this. And so I backed off and I didn’t really say much more, but he was a good man and an excellent surgeon. So I put my faith in him or my trust in him, and I trusted my faith. And we moved forward with the surgery and it was very extensive surgery. They took out quite a chunk of my ear. And I mentioned my, you know, we joke about sometimes my wife, if I took out some of my brain, I don’t think so, but I think I’m smarter today. I’m definitely more blessed.


  You said they took out like six lymphs?


  Yeah, they took out a chunk of my ear, then they skin graft and patched me all up. And I had this whole deal going on and then they took out six lymph nodes. They cut my neck open. I looked like a little Frankenstein there for a day, for a couple months. And it was quite an event. It was quite the surgery. So fast forward about a week later I get a phone call from my doctor and you never get phone calls from the doctors. It’s usually it’s online or it’s their assistant or somebody. And he calls me up and he says, “You know, Rick, I have to tell you, I’m calling you because I have good news, but I want you to know if this was me and I were in your shoes, there’s no better outcome.” He said, “There is nothing. Everything is gone. There’s no cancer. And even the cancer we thought that was there is gone.” And he said, “It’s a miracle.” And I thought, “I haven’t heard a doctor say it’s a miracle before. That’s the first time in my life.”


  That’s great.


  And that’s what he said to me. And I knew it was healing power, it was divine healing and that it was Jehovah Rafa and it wasn’t a cut in my neck. It was about what we did, what my wife and I put together. And then it was all about coming to Charis Christian Center and being a part of this church. It’s a healing church and this church gave me blessings that I never knew that I could ever have.


  Well, it’s really about Jesus.


  Yes sir.


  And we wanna make it all about Jesus. And you know, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And when we study the Bible and read about Jesus, we understand that they brought unto Him all who were sick and He healed them all. And He is the same. So we constantly believe God for this very same thing. I hope this encourages you. Rick told me that him and his wife, since they’ve come here about two years ago, they drive about 40 minutes and they have either been in service every week or online if they’re not able to attend physically-


  Not missed one. And just getting built up in the word.


  And you were raised in a traditional religious church and you really didn’t want to have a lot to do with the church. So that’s a great testimony too.


  It’s a wonderful testimony. And that’s a very long story. But that gets me to where we’re at with this church and the divine power and everything that we feel here. And yes, it’s our connection with Christ and has been strengthened and we know that we have place here as we call it home.


  Awesome. It’s great. Thanks so much for testifying today. Friends, I trust that this has encouraged you in your faith. And if you need to receive healing in your body today, I want to encourage you to call in. We have our prayer ministers waiting to minister to you and pray for you and encourage you in your faith. So give us a call. If the phone lines happen to be busy, just leave a message or call us back. Blessings. Hi friends. I wanna invite you to go to our website, CharischristiansCenter.com, where you can receive hundreds of hours of teaching free of charge, downloadable audio, downloadable video. We’ve made this available for you and we’d love to have you go there and check out what we have available. Thanks so much. God bless you.


  Healing is just one of the many things that Jesus paid for on the cross. Just like forgiveness of sins, healing is paid for and it is your covenant right. In this teaching, you’ll learn how you can step out in faith to trust him, to heal you, by His stripes you were healed. We’d like to bless you with a digital copy of this four part teaching, The Healing Covenant, a $20 value free of charge. Download your copy today at CharisChristianCenter.com.


  Friend, pray with me right now. Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus died for my sins and He took my sicknesses. And right now I receive your forgiveness of sin and I receive healing in my body. Thank you, Jesus, that you are my savior and my healer. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  Thanks for watching Grace for Today. This broadcast has been made possible by our faithful partners. If you would like to become a partner, need prayer or have a question, please call us at 719-418-4000 or to partner online, go to CharisChristianCenter.com/give. You can write us at PO Box 63733, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962. See you next time on Grace for Today.

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