The Supernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit – Part 4 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

You already have the fruit of the spirit in your spirit. So it’s a matter of beginning to understand them, renewing your mind to what God has already given you, and then walking in it.

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The Supernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit

When you believed in Jesus and chose to live for Him, something supernatural happened on the inside of you! You went from darkness to light, from death to life, and have a new nature. You have the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! These 9 fruit of the Spirit are supernatural and available to every believer. There are incredible promises available to us as we chose to walk in the Spirit! Keep producing these fruit and receive the full inheritance that God has made available to us!

The Supernatural Fruit Of The Holy Spirit Transcript

  Welcome friends to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’re with us today. We are going to be talking about the supernatural fruit of long suffering. Yes, I know that’s not a pleasant word, but it’s a great word and or patience. And when you begin to understand it, I believe that your life will bear fruit in many other areas like never before. So stay tuned. God bless you. Friends, it’s a great day, and I’m so glad that you’re connected with this. I’m really happy to have my son, Aaron here, teaching with me. I love having you, Aaron, on the program and teaching. Praise God, love having you here on staff. And we’re sharing from your teaching today on The Supernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit. And it really has been a great teaching as you’ve been teaching through this in church. And so I want you to open your heart, friends, receive the good word of God, and get this teaching down on the inside of you. You know, you’re not as a believer, you’re not trying to get the Holy Spirit. You already have the Holy Spirit. You already have the fruit of the spirit in your spirit. So it’s a matter of beginning to understand them, renew your mind to what God has already given you, and then walking in it.


  Amen. And we know the fruit of the spirit. It’s found in Galatians 5:22 and 23 it says, “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control against such there is no law.” We talked about how, yeah, these fruit, they are supernatural. They’re not normal. They actually come from the spirit of Christ that’s on the inside of you. It’s actually the byproduct of what has happened in your spirit when you were made a new creation.




  And you can actually choose to walk in these things. And you know, we talked about love, joy, and peace. And really those first three fruit really correlate to our relationship with God. We’re gonna start talking about the next three fruit, which correlate to our relationship with others. So long suffering, which we’ll talk about today, kindness and goodness. And the last three fruit correlate to our relationship with ourself, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. So it’s really important to remember that these fruit, they’re the byproduct of what happened on the inside of you when Jesus, you know, came and lived inside you. When you were born again, you were born again into his nature, not into the world’s nature, the corrupt nature, the sinful nature, the hateful, you know, anxious, depressed, that isn’t who you are.




  You might deal with those things, but who you really are. You have God’s love, you have his joy, you have his peace.




  You have his patience, his long suffering on the inside of you. And I love what Second Corinthians 5:17 through 21 talks about, you know, “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.




  All things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. You’re gonna start producing new things in your life.” You have a new nature. There’s a new life force on the inside of you, and it’s gonna be producing new fruit. And it’s not gonna be always be a struggle to produce these things either because it’s your nature.


  It should not be a struggle for any believer to produce fruit. It’s your nature. It’s the nature of God. You never see a tree out there, an apple tree. I’ve got a crab apple tree in my front yard, got a regular apple tree in my backyard. And I’ve never seen those trees out there rutting and groan and working, trying to produce fruit. The life of the, you know, vine flows through the branch and when it flows through the branch, the branch just naturally produces fruit because that’s the nature. It’s the same way with us as believers. Jesus said, “Abide in me. So shall you bring forth much fruit”, John chapter 15. And so when we begin to understand that, what Jesus was talking about in John 15 is really a new creation reality. And when you as a branch, he said, “I am the vine. You are the branch. Whoever abides in me brings forth much fruit. Herein is my father glorified. That you bring forth much fruit”. That is new creation reality. And when you have the spirit of Jesus Christ in you, and every born again believer has the exact same spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead. When we just abide in him, we’re gonna bring forth much fruit.


  And you know, we’re gonna talk about, you know, this fruit of a long suffering or patience and how this is demonstrated to other people. You know, in Galatians 5:21, the second half that this verse that’s talking about, you know, before the free the Spirit, he talks about the works of the flesh.




  And in Galatians 5:21, he says, “Just as I told you in time pass, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. He’s saying, if you’re practicing all these works of the flesh, you’re not gonna get the inheritance that God wants for.”


  You’re not gonna get love, joy, peace. Yeah. But like, you know, likewise, you can also practice the fruit of the spirit and tap into God’s inheritance that he has for you.




  A full inheritance. Especially, you know, these fruits that are demonstrated towards other people, which is a long suffering, kindness, goodness.




  When you make a practice of these things, this is how you tap into that full inheritance that God has for you. You know, when you go to heaven, people get different rewards. Everyone doesn’t get the same reward when they get to heaven.




  We all are rewarded. We’re not, you know, when you go to heaven, you’re not punished.


  We’re rewarded for what we’ve done with Jesus. That’s a judgment seat of Christ. It’s a reward seat for what we’ve done with our faith or what we’ve done with Jesus.


  But some, the God isn’t just gonna give out the same prize to everyone.




  The same rewards to everyone. You know, that you’re actually gonna be surprised at who has the greater rewards when you go to heaven. It might be people that you didn’t really.


  Yeah. I think some people you thought maybe were great believers, you know, some of ’em might not even be there and other people you might not have thought had much going and yet, they’ll be there and be getting great rewards.




  ‘Cause God is the only one that really knows the true condition of the heart, which is a combination of the spirit and the soul.


  So just talking about practicing these things, you know, practice doesn’t happen by accident.




  You know, some of you know that I have a background in classical music. I have a doctorate in music, I play the flute. But for years and years, probably 20 years, I would practice almost three hours a day, you know, practice to really improve. It’s something you have to do it repeatedly and do it intentionally. You don’t just do it by accident. You don’t just get better at an instrument by watching television and try to practice at the same time. Or you don’t get better. You know, studying, you know, for a test by just putting the book on your head when you’re sleeping, you know, practice and improvement.


  Doesn’t happen by us 


  It has to be very intentional. You know, I have a nine year old son, and I know he’s practicing soccer. He practices piano. And he doesn’t just, sometimes he says, well, that was an accident when he gets in trouble, you know, maybe he heard his little sister or said something he shouldn’t have said. He’ll say “That was an accident.” But I never hear him say, “Oh, I practiced the piano by accident, or I did my homework by accident.” You know, practice doesn’t happen by accident. It is always intentional. So you have to practice and intentionally exercise long suffering or patience. You have to intentionally exercise and practice kindness and goodness towards others. And when you do so, when you make it a practice, when you’re intentional about it and you do it repeatedly, you’re gonna like the inheritance.






  Aaron, about 20 years ago, I was gonna preach a series, and you boys and mama asked me what I was gonna preach on. And I said, patience. And you all laughed at me. And generally, then I was preaching three or four weeks series. And so at that point in time and so, I only preached two weeks on patience, but I think I’ve become much more patient or me, it’s not that I have more patience. I had the patience of Jesus in me. I was born of God and every born again believer does. But I have become much more mature in manifesting the fruit of the patients, but I’m still working on it.


  Yeah. And you just listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will kind of show you how to be patient towards others.




  It’ll give you wisdom on how to exercise this fruit and, you know, long suffering, kindness, goodness. It deals with your relationship with other people. So I know, I think the King James translation, its patience. I like the word long suffering because it 


  It’s actually long suffering.


  It’s long suffering is really dealing with other people. You don’t have to be long suffering towards God. You don’t have to like suffer with God. You do have to have faith and patience with your relationship with God, though.




  But towards other people, sometimes, it is long suffering. And I wanna talk about, you know, practical ways that you actually demonstrate it and make this intentional and, you know, your relationship with other people. But God kind of gave me this word in regards to long suffering this fruit that we’ll be talking about today. It’s this, it takes a lot longer to grow a tree than to chop a tree down.


  Oh, what a worry.


  It takes a lot. It takes a lot of patience to grow a tree. You know, recently, you know, I really like gardening and doing yard work and landscaping, but we had a very beautiful crab apple tree that died. This tree is, it was planted 20 years ago when our house was built. And it was a very beautiful, had gorgeous blossoms, but it got blight and we had it pruned and it did okay for one year, but then it came back again and just wiped the tree out. So we had to chop this tree down. And, you know, this tree that took 20 years to grow to be fully mature, it took 20 minutes to turn that thing into sawdust. And you know, relationships, some people, you know, there’s relationships that took years, maybe even decades to grow. And it’s a very God given, it’s an important relationship. And some people just 


  Destroy it.


  Just destroy it. And because they really, because they got into the flesh. They got offended or prideful or just impatient. They didn’t get what they wanted. They, they.


  Yeah, I’ll tell you what I’ve seen people get in absolute sin and then come blame somebody else that tried to help them because of their sin and just come and destroy a relationship because they got in the flesh. And you know what, that’s a terrible thing. And you know, I don’t, people don’t value relationships like they should. You know, my dad told me when I was a kid, “Hey, son, you’ll be really doing good if you have three good relationships in your life. And I can tell you I’ve had a lot more than three. But you actually got something from Pastor Ed Young, a great Baptist minister in Dallas that was preaching not long ago. And he was talking about how the average pastor loses 70 key relationships in their life. And they said, the average person only loses seven key relationships in their life. And so we’ve gotta learn to really manifest some of these long suffering, gentleness goodness, or long suffering, kindness and goodness as it says in the new King James, fruit of the spirit in our life. And that’s not always easy to deal with, but you gotta learn how to deal with it.


  And I’ve heard this quote, and I think it’s a really great quote to mention, “But new friends are silver, old friends are gold.”




  And God really caress about relationships. He works through relationships. You can’t do what he’s called you to do on your own.




  You know, God really cares about relationships. He and the way that you demonstrate patience and long suffering towards other people is by consistently being a person of honor.




  And honor, honor is a big deal. And actually, we’ve talked about how these fruit of the spirit, when you walk in them, it affects your life. It affects your health, it affects your longevity.




  You know, joy, joy, you know, the joy of the Lord is your strength that actually brings strength to your body. But honor, it’s the first commandment where there is promise attached to it. The promise deals with longevity.




  I think honor, it says, honor your parents, honor your mother and father. And you know, God will give you a long life. But that principle of honoring God given relationships and longevity, it extends just beyond that type of relationship.




  You know, when you honor your spouse and honor is giving of yourself. It’s a giving of substance. So it might be a financial thing, in some relationships, it might be a time type of thing. Man, time is a huge thing. Time is very substantial. And when you give of your time.




  You know, I know when I’m giving of my time to my children, to my wife, it’s an important investment. It’s a way I can honor my children. But by spending quality time with them, there is longevity attached to it. You’re gonna like the fruit, you’re gonna like the inheritance of when you invest time


  Amen. Praise God.


  into people that God has placed in your life.


  Amen. We’re gonna take a short break. We’re gonna come back and we’re gonna be talking, Aaron’s gonna be sharing more about how you can manifest the fruit of patience or long suffering in your life. And it’s gonna be great. So, stay tuned. We’ll see you just in a few seconds. God bless you. Friends, I certainly hope that you’ve been enjoying watching this broadcast. My son Aaron taught this series on The Supernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit here in Church Live. And it is fantastic teaching. In fact, I had one of my staff say that’s one of the best teaching that he’s ever done. So you can get these live teachings from the church by accessing our website free at


  Past, present, and future tense sin we’re paid for on the cross by the blood. There is no other payment that needs to be paid for your forgiveness as far as God is concerned. He got over your sin at the cross. And you need to let it go. You need to get over it. That is the gospel.


  Friends, it’s so good to have you today and so good that you’re with us and glad to be sharing here on the supernatural fruit of patience. So Aaron, go ahead and jump into the word of God.


  Yeah. So I love what the Bible says in Hebrews 6:12. It says, “Imitate those who through faith and patience in here at the promises”, you know, we really preach a strong message of faith. But faith, it has to be mixed with patience.


  You won’t get much with your faith if you don’t mix it.


  You know, when you go and read through Hebrews 11, read through the faith hall of fame about Abraham and Sarah and Noah, Enoch, Moses, all these people. It was faith in patience.


  You know, I recently shared a message where it talked about Abraham of 50 years of faith in God. And I could tell you there’s things that God told me that they were well over 20 years before they came to pass.


  You know, when Noah built the arc, he didn’t just build it overnight. He didn’t.


  It took him 100 years. Noah was 500 years old when God spoke to him and told him to build the arc and gave him very specific instructions on it. And him and his family, his three sons and their wives and Noah’s wife, spent the next 100 years building that arc. And they were 100 years in building the arc. And then after they built it, God put ’em in it and shut the door. And the rain began to come. But, you know, I believe people actually mocked Noah for years. The Bible actually calls Noah a preacher of righteousness. It calls him a man of faith. And by faith, he built his heart to the saving of his house. But I believe people were mocking him. You know, most Bible scholars believed that it had never rained on the Earth until after the flood. And so the dew came up from the ground and watered the Earth, so on and so forth. So could you imagine building this huge arc, 450 feet, no power tools, you know, 450 feet long, 150 feet wide, 70 foot high, three stories. I mean, you talk, that is a major, major endeavor. Taking 100 years of your life and your families and their families, building this arc while people are mocking you and making fun of you and ridiculing you and Noah, the whole time, I believe was preaching righteousness, preaching a right relationship with God through faith. Wow.




  What a life of faith.


  Yeah. And just dealing with patience and long suffering. Just how to demonstrate towards people in your life. We talked about just consistently being a person of honor, honoring those relationships that God has given you, honoring




  your spouse, honoring your family, honoring your children, honoring even your boss. You might even have a non believing, just a son of a gun type boss. But man, if you listen to the spirit and God shows you how to honor that person and to work unto the Lord, God will take care of you and you’re gonna like the inheritance that he has for you. Maybe this boss is holding you down, not promoting you, but if God’s called you there, keep working is unto the Lord.




  And you’re gonna like the inheritance that he has.




  For you and honor, it goes beyond what you think someone deserves.


  Amen. You know, Andrew, Aaron, I’ve had a relationship with Andrew Wommack for over 45 years. And you know, that relationship has changed my life. And I have honored Andrew to the best of my ability for over 45 years. And you know, there have been things, you know, we had our ministry in his building and there’d be different people do different things. And there’ve been opportunities to be offended. Not intentional, but sometimes, somebody says something and forgets about it. In fact, I realized the other day that person came to me about another person that has a ministry in the church and said, “Pastor Lawson, you made a promise to this person and and you didn’t fulfill it. And I said, you know what? That’s right. I said, I forgot it. And this person had told them. And this person actually grew up in a ministry family. And so I said, You know what, you need to tell that person to come and talk to me.” But I went and talked to that person and I went right then and I wrote a check right then within the next 10 minutes to give to this man’s ministry that, or this ministry that he helps with that I, because I just forgot about it.




  And I know that there’s things, sometimes people are human beings and they just forget something that they say they’re busy. And years ago, I had a situation in a very close relationship where a very close minister friend of mine made some promises and just forgot about ’em. And, you know, I just said, “You know, they forgot” and I didn’t get offended and they didn’t get upset and I didn’t draw attention to it, and I didn’t go to ’em about it. And, you know, that person came back on the backside of that and did for me 100 times more than what that ever would’ve meant Because, you know, but if I could’ve let offense draw, you know, destroy a relationship. And offense is like a one way street out of the ministry, out of your purpose, out of the plan of God for your life. And I’ve seen people get offended and let the devil take advantage of them when they should have just suffered long. And that’s what it is. It’s long suffering. Sometimes, it’s difficult, sometimes, it’s painful. You know, I grew up in the cattle business. When the cow kicks you, you want to kick it back. But, you know, I mean, we’re not talking about cows. We’re talking about people. And you know, sometimes, you gotta learn how to be more long suffering. And I can tell you I’m more long suffering today than I’ve ever been. I’m not the best. I still have issues. I still have challenges. I think we all do and we have to deal with. We’re all growing in grace. We’re all growing in that, in the fruit of the spirit in these things. But we have to develop these things. And if you develop ’em, you will like the results.


  And it’s not always easy.




  Either. But when you consistently honor other people and are long suffering and keep doing what God’s called you to do, going where he’s called you to be staying, where he’s called you to stay. A lot of people, yeah. Like you said, just get offended ’cause they didn’t have their way or there’s a misunderstanding and just chop down relationships in a 




  You know, that sometimes, God calls you to move on from different situations. But a lot of times, people just are very quick to chop people off. And 


  I’ve had a couple people that I’ve really helped, that I’ve really blessed. I’ve blessed them financially, I’ve blessed them spiritually, and they have gone on the backside and sown so much strife and so much discord and tried to destroy us. And you know what? We’re going forward. God’s with us. God’s helping us. You know what? It’s crazy. But people that do that, you know what, if you don’t repent, you’re gonna get the same fruit back in your life and you won’t like it.


  And man, when you just say, I’m gonna be long suffering, I’m gonna do what God’s called me to do, you know, you’re gonna tap into the supernatural life of Jesus. You know, your roots are gonna tap into the supernatural life of Jesus. And when I shared about long suffering, I used this example of a, actually like a spiritual mother to me when I was gonna school in Pittsburgh for undergrad, I went to a church, though, it took me an hour and a half to get there. I had to take two buses to get there. I didn’t have a car. But there were two older ladies at the church, one of them would gimme a ride back to campus. And they did this for four years, every Sunday. So it would take, and they’d always take me out to lunch, you know, it was a half hour drive by car. So they’d take me to lunch, drive me, then have to drive. So they spent at least two hours every Sunday of their time.


  Aaron, you know, when you preach this, I just, I was watching online. I was on the East coast preaching that night, and I got home in time just to turn the service on and hear you preach your message. So, it would’ve been about 9:30 there, 7:30 here. But when you shared this, I just wept for the goodness of God to me and how God has taken care of you, how God has taken care of your brothers, how God, and you know, God really moved on me. We’ve been talking about honor, but God moved on me. And you know, I came home and wrote $1000 check to that ministry and said, “Take care of this person. Bless this person. This person is healthy, they’re strong. They’re over 90 years old, they’re still in the ministry.” And you know what? You wrote ’em a note and sent that out there. And you know, I think a lot of times, we don’t honor people the way that we should and it’s really wrong. And one aspect of honor is finances. And, you know, I thank God for my relationship with Andrew Wommack, Jesse Duplantis, mark Hankins, older ones that have invested in me and I, even other people that have invested me. I know I should support one missionary’s wife and I give her, you know, $100 a month, you know, and this missionary’s been dead for years, but this woman grew up and she was the daughter of Chinese missionaries. And I’ve supported them for 30 years. But you know what, I honor relationships. And you know what, when you do that, you will reap the rewards and the rewards will be good. The rewards will be beautiful.


  Well, and like I said, longevity is actually attached to honor. So you mentioned,




  this woman who often gimme a ride, but she was actually on staff at the church. She was over all the pastoral care ministry and she was in her 70s, but now I believe she’s 90 and she still, you know, works in ministry, still does pastoral care, helps at the church and she 


  Oh, really? It really touched me.


  You know, she’s doesn’t age. She, you can tell she’s tapped into something supernatural, but…


  Praise God.


  You know, she 


  The Bible talks about that in Psalm chapter 90. “You’d be fat and fruitful, buried fruit in your Father.”


  But she’s a person of honor and has exhibited long suffering towards others. She married a Greek man in Pittsburgh and his family was very against it. The mother in law was so against it. She showed up at the wedding wearing all black in, you know, mourning, you know, her Greek Orthodox, you know, attire. But, you know, years down the road, the mother in law got sick and would have to live the last months of her life in the hospital receiving intensive care. But this woman, Carol was a full time nurse. And she chose to quit her job to be able to do, provide in home care for her mother in law. And during that process, God just restored that, redeemed that relationship really. And that mother in law really loved her daughter in law for the first time. And was just, you know, just told her how thankful she was for her.




  But that’s given longevity to this woman.




  She’s, you know, 90 and just fully producing fruit for the Lord.


  Praise God. Well, we’ve been talking about honor and you know, one thing that’s attached to honor is finances. And I would ask you to consider becoming a partner of Charis Christian Center, Charis Ministries, and Grace For Today. I believe that this ministry has a strong anointing of increase. And I believe if you connect with us in the area of giving, you’ll also connect with us in the area of receiving. So if you wanna do that, call us or get online lessons.


  We have access to this Supernatural Fruit of the Spirit as believers. When we choose to walk in the spirit, we will receive the inheritance that God has made available to us. We’d like to bless you with a digital copy of the teaching, The Supernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit, a $20 value, free of charge. Download it today at


  Friends, I certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed the program today and it’s ministering to you to move into that which God has for you. And I wanna say a great big thank you to all of our partners for helping us share this gospel across the United States and across the world. It’s because of our partners that we can take this message of grace and faith around the world. If you would like to join our partners and receive that blessing, give us a call today. Blessings.


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