The Spirit Of Faith Part 4 – Lawson Perdue with Mark & Trina Hankins

The Spirit of Faith Part 4

The Spirit of Faith Part 4 with Pastor Lawson Perdue and guest ministers Mark & Trina Hankins. Having faith in God will change your life! Open your heart to God’s Word and be inspired to trust in God in a greater way than ever before!

Destined to Win 8-part CD series from Pastor Lawson Perdue

Destined to Win

When Jesus saved you, your destiny changed completely! He radically transformed us and brought us from death to life, from sin to righteousness, and from defeat to victory. Pastor Lawson goes through the book of Ephesians in detail and shows us exactly why we are destined to win. We are no longer fighting to be overcomers, we are made victorious through Jesus and any weapon formed against us will not prosper! Jesus came to give us life and have that life more abundantly! Because of God and his great love, we are destined to win!

The Spirit of Faith Part 4 Transcript

Praise the Lord, friends. I’m so glad that you’re with us today. I have my good friends, Mark and Trina Hankins, who travel all around the world, preaching the good news about faith in God will change your life. You don’t want to miss this broadcast. This is the last broadcast that we have this week with my special guests, Mark and Trina Hankins. So open your heart and receive the word of God so you can know how faith will change your life, blessings. Praise the Lord, we’re here, and we’re sharing the word of God. I have Mark and Trina Hankins with me today. And we’re talking about the spirit of faith.


You know what? You look a whole lot better in Christ than you do outside of Christ. I quote that from you too. Praise God, there’s so many good things that I’ve got from you, Mark. I’m so honored to have you and Trina here today, just blessed to have you. Thank you for taking the time. You had to drive a long way today, to get here before the program. And we appreciate you coming and spending this time with us.

Well, we are so happy to be with you. One of the things we love about you and your wife is y’all have the same spirit of faith. And we believe God, and together we fight the good fight of faith. And we’ve seen where the Lord started with you, I suppose. In some ways we were with you years ago and see what faith in God can do. If you can dare to believe God, then he just opens up the supernatural and things that look impossible. And now you’re living in the thing that 20 years ago looked impossible and you’re doing those things. So we have the same spirit of faith.

It’s so exciting to see your vision and to see where you came from. And we’re walking in this beautiful church you pastor, and you’re on the ministry, on television. You are doing something that was impossible years ago, but when you heard the message of faith, I believe, it’s evident that you took it to heart.


Hebrews 11 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” One translation, I think is Clarence Jordan said, “Faith is turning dreams into reality.”


It is betting your life on unseen reality.


Praise God, Barbara and I are gonna both be ministering this week during camp meeting, you’re here for camp meeting. Your son calls you the OG of camp meetings.

I found out that means the original gangster or something. I dunno what that means. I dunno if I was happy about that or not, but I love doing camp meetings and conferences and yours here last year was phenomenal and this year will be even better. So we’re glad to come in.

That’s our first one. I had it in my heart for five years to do that. And I just didn’t have the right people and my staff around me to do it. And then we did it last year. We have over 600 people that are already registered this year to come. And we have special children’s meetings, special youth meetings, exciting things that are going on. Last year we had a girl, in the youth meetings, a girl that was born deaf healed.

Wow, praise the Lord.

She’s 16 years old. And it was progressive. They prayed for one night, she got hearing in one ear, the next night she got hearing in the other. And then it improved on the last night. So she got better, she told her grandma, she said, “Grandma, I can hear the eggs frying in the pan.” She had never heard that in her whole life. And so it’s just wonderful the things that God does. I’ve seen a lot of people heal from deafness in one ear or a certain hearing improvement. In fact, we’ve got one person. He had like over 25 years of medical records from his work. He’s in Southern Oklahoma, and I went and preached there, and this showed in his one ear. He was like nearly completely deaf. And then I called it out by a word of knowledge. And he came forward and I prayed for him. And it shows that he went from like less than 5% hearing into like 98%, just like almost perfect.

So, they’re just progressive?

No, it went immediately when I prayed for him. But he had 25 years of records from his work showing that this, I think it was his left ear, in his left ear, he had like over 95% hearing loss, almost zero. And then after I prayed for him, then when he went in the next year to the test, his hearing was like over 95%. Positive, they sent the test to us and showed us. We’ve seen a lot of medically-

And if you talking about, if you can believe, so when Jesus said, Mark 11:23, “Have faith in God,” verse 22, then he says, “Whosoever.” And then he ends with whatsoever. So Jesus said, when you have faith in God, anybody can do this. And it will work on whatsoever, anything. One of my favorite quotes come from Smith Wigglesworth and he said, “Any person can be changed by faith, no matter how they may be fettered.” But the word fettered is the English word for bound. What he’s saying is that any person can be changed by faith in God, no matter how they may be bound. That means the devil cannot make a bondage that your faith cannot break off of you. The moment you dare to believe God, and you speak the word of God and you come in contact with the word of God, and then that begins immediately, miracles begin to take place, and whosoever shall have whatsoever. Nothing shall be impossible to you. So whether it’s your healing or your hearing, or whether it’s your vision, your eyes, whether it’s any part of your body, but also in any area of your life. In other words, your mind, your emotions, or whatever the enemy may be attacking you, the moment you have faith in God, faith in the word of God, faith in the blood of Jesus. And one of my favorite scriptures is what I call the other 3:16, it’s Acts 3:16.

That’s a good one.

And it says, “His name through faith in his name has made this man strong, and the faith which is by him has given him perfect soundness in the presence of you all.” So your faith in God comes from the word of God, faith in the blood of Jesus and faith in the name that is above every name. I mixed faith with that name in the name of Jesus. And I used to hear Dad Hagin, he would say, he said, among the Baptist, he said, we’d come over and we’d use the name of Jesus. But I came amongst spirit-filled people, and they’d say, “In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood.” And people said, what does that mean? In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood? What you’re saying is that the blood of Jesus has won every battle for me. And he said, “In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood.” He said, “And I still use that to this day,” Dad Hagin said, and people don’t understand what it is, but I still use that. He said, “I got such good results.” That when the enemy’s attacking your mind or your body or your family or your finances, in the name of Jesus, I plead the blood. What tremendous authority you have as a believer when you dare to believe and speak, that’s how the spirit of faith works.

Amen, the scripture that’s coming to me is Revelation 12:11. And it says, “Speaking of the devil, they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” So Jesus blood paid for it, right? That’s the grace of God. But again, faith, the word of their testimony, faith is released through the spoken word. You’ve been talking the last couple of days a lot about the authority of the believer. And our authority is released from words. You cannot separate your authority from the words.

Nor can you separate faith from speaking. Actually, Dad Hagin said, in Mark 11:23, that it said, “Whosoever shall say, believe what he sayeth he’ll have whatsoever he sayeth.” So he said, “The speaking part is mentioned three times.” So he said, you can actually school yourself into faith with your own words. In other words, if you’re having thoughts and challenges come against you, if you’ll dare to take the word and speak the word, it will put you in a position of faith. So that whosoever shall have whatsoever.

Years ago we were in Kit Carson and I had this lady came to me and she had been to Bible school. She knew much better than this, but she started saying, “Hey, we’re gonna go on this trip and we’re gonna go about 700 miles. And we got this old car, it’s gonna break down and everything’s gonna be bad. And I don’t know if we have enough money.” She was just saying all these terrible things. And then she said, “Pastor, would you pray for me?” So I just joined hands with her. And I just said, “Lord, I know they’re gonna go on this trip. I know their car is old, I know it’s gonna break down. I know it’s gonna be bad.” And I don’t know, they don’t have enough money. And she stopped me right in the middle of my prayer. And she said, “Pastor, don’t pray that.” And I said, “Well, you don’t say that.” In other words, if you want your prayers to work, you need to get your confession. And we really speak what we believe. James 3 talks about it. And James says that our words, our tongue is like a fire that sets on fire the course of nature. He said, it’s like the rudder in a ship. You can turn a ship 360 degrees, it’s just a little turn. He says, it’s like a bit, a horse’s mouth. You can take a 1,200 pound stud horse and you can put a 60 pound five year old girl on him and turn that 1,200 pound stud horse with his six inch bit. Praise God. That is the power of our words. That’s the power of what we can use-

Now I tell this story a lot about pastor Yonggi Cho, and he’s present with the Lord now. And Dad Hagin, of course, has great teachings on faith. But Yonggi Cho said he was eating with a leading neurosurgeon in South Korea.

[Lawson] Oh, this is great .

And I mean, I heard Cho preach twice in my life. And both times he preached a similar sermon. And so he tell this story, I was eating with the leading brain surgeon, neurosurgeon, in South Korea. And then the brain surgeon said, Dr. Cho or pastor Cho, he said, “We have a new discovery in the study of the brain. We have discovered that the speech center in the brain exercise dominion over the whole body and the whole central nervous system. So much so that when we’re doing surgery on a person’s brain, if we probe different parts of the brain, different parts of the body respond. But when we touch the speech center, the whole central nervous system responds.” And he said, “This is a new discovery, so that if we’re going to the surgery and somebody says, ‘I’m so afraid,’ we make them stop saying that before, because it will affect the surgery.” He said, if a person says, “I’m so weak,” we tell ’em, stop saying that, because that sends a message to your whole body to be weak. Matter of fact, even God said, “Let the weak say I’m strong.” So he said, “If a person says, ‘I’m getting so old,’ speech center sends a message out to the body to prepare to die.” So he said, “This is a new discovery in the study of the brain.” And pastor Cho says, he says, “I know this long time.” And the neurosurgeon says, “How could you know long time new discovery?” He said, “From Dr. James,” pastor Cho says, “Dr. James.” Neurosurgeon says, “Who Dr. James.” He said, “Dr. James, new Testament.” Tongue, tiny member, control whole body. So in other words, pastor Cho made it so clear that the neurosurgeon thought he had some new discovery. He said, “No, this is in the Bible, 2000 years.” Your tongue and your words affect the direction and the quality and the destination of your life. And so the importance of putting God’s word in your mouth while it would determine the quality direction, destination, no matter how bad the storm is, you hold fast to your confession of faith. You keep speaking the word of God and it’ll direct you into everything God has said.

Praise the Lord, we’re gonna be back in just a few seconds, stay tuned. We’re gonna continue to talk about receiving from God what you desire by believing and speaking his word. Friends, this week we’ve been sharing on faith in God will change your world. And I am so happy to be sharing with you this faith package. I have this book from my good friends, Mark and Trina Hankins, on “The Spirit of Faith”. We have “World Changing Faith”, one of my best series. We have “Four Keys to Faith”. And then finally we have “Have Faith and Doubt Not”. These are some of my very, very best teachings on the realm of faith. And if you begin to understand faith, I believe it will literally change your life. It’s changed mine. Praise God. It’s changed my financial position. It’s changed my spiritual condition. It’s changed my physical condition, and it’s all good. God wants to do good things in your life. And he does it through grace and faith. So if you want to get this teaching, just give us a call today or check us out online. Thanks so much and blessings. Praise the Lord, friends. We’re so glad that you’re here today. We’ve been talking about the power of our words. You were talking about the words of Dr. James, how Dr. Cho told this neurosurgeon that thousands of years ago that James knew this. But a thousand years before that, Solomon said in Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it will eat the fruit of it.” And you know what? We talked about earlier this week in the broadcast, we talked about Joshua and Caleb, and the other 10 spies. Now, we don’t know the names of the others, but they all got what they believe and spoke. Do you know what, the 10 that believed that they couldn’t do it got exactly what they believed and spoke. And Joshua and Caleb believed that they could do it. And they said, “We’re well able, let’s go do it.” They got exactly what they believed and spoke. So we need to keep believing and speaking the word of God.

So, we’re talking about the spirit of faith. 2 Corinthians 4:13. David had the spirit of faith when he was 17, killing a giant. What inspiration he brought to the whole nation as a teenager at 17? So David had the spirit of faith at 17. Joshua and Caleb had the spirit of faith at 80, right? So you say, “Well, I’m getting old. I’m just gonna go rock on a porch somewhere.” No, your best miracles could happen when you’re seven, you’re 35 or 80. So you don’t wanna quit and give up. In other words, David had it at 17 and Joshua and Caleb had it at 80. In other words, when Paul says, “We have the same spirit of faith.” In other words, 1 John 5:4 says, “Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” When you have a spirit of faith, you’re declaring, I have victory, I live in victory. And so the spirit of faith is an attitude. I believe and I speak, I’ve been born of God, I have the life of God on the inside of me. And this gives me victory. I was born into victory when I got born again, when I made Jesus my Lord, I became a new creature in Christ, old things passed away. Everything became new right at that moment. So you don’t have to wait 20 or 30 years just to declare, I am who God says I am and I have what God says I have, the spirit of faith, I believe and I speak.

And it’s good for women too.



You had the young men, you had the old people, Well, you got Mary, she was just a very young woman, just loved God, And the angel appeared to her and said, “You’re gonna be the mother of Jesus.” “How should this be?” And the angel said, “The holy spirit will come on you.” And she said these words, she had a spirit of faith. She said, “Be it unto me according to your word.” And those words received the power of God. She opened up her heart. She became a partner in redemption, bringing Jesus, just a young woman. Doesn’t matter our age, doesn’t matter our gender, just having this spirit of faith, whatever God says to you, it’s possible. And say, “Be it unto me.” And then the holy spirit, when you say, Lord, I believe your word, the holy spirit comes on that word. And he is the one who brings it to life, activates it, it becomes a rhema word, and it shall come to pass. The angel said, “Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe.” Or without the ability to perform it, God watches his word to perform it. And that moment, the word became flesh inside of her. ’cause Jesus was inside her womb and she brought forth the son of God

Praise the Lord

with the spirit of faith.

Did you know what? If she would not have believed, God would’ve had to find somebody else.

He’d have had to find somebody else.

He had to have her cooperation of faith. I was in Burlington years ago and your sister was preaching.

[Trina] Patsy.

Patsy, yeah, Patsy was preaching. And she was talking about her daughter when they were in Italy. And how she was in kindergarten, and she was struggling. They called her in, and she was struggling academically. And so she had her daughter start saying, “I have favor with God, I have favor with man. And I have a good understanding.” And how 30 days later after she had her daughter say this, every morning, every day when she came home from school, every evening, the teacher called her in and said, “We don’t know what’s happened, but your daughter went from the bottom of the class, to the top of the class.” And it was by a confession of the favor of God. Now, I taught a class for years at Charis Bible College. I taught it in Chicago, I taught it all around the world in different places, on the favor of God. And I would speak these words. And I’ve seen this work in many, many places, but I would share this testimony of her. And then I would have people confess, “I have favor with God, I have favor with man. And I have a good understanding.” And I was teaching in Chicago, and there’s an African-American grandmother at the meeting. She said, “My grandkids are always making C’s, D’s and F’s. I’m gonna take this home, and I’m gonna share with them, and she did. And I came back the next year. She said, “I had my grandkids start saying this. ‘I have favor with God, I have favor with man. I have a good understanding,’ every day, every morning, every night, speaking that word.” She said, “They went from making C’s, D’s and F’s to making A’s and B’s through a confession of the favor of God.” I had a young man in my church. He was about eight years old, his dad brought him to me. His dad still comes here to church. And this was years and years ago. This had to be 20 years ago nearly. And he said, “Pastor, my son is lagging in math. He’s several sections behind.” Ideally in his class or something in the realm of math. So I had him start saying this, “I have favor with God, I have favor with man. I have a good understanding.” And in a little bit, his son caught up and went ahead of the class. He went from the bottom to the top by a confession of the favor of God. My own son, Peter, he was in geometry, took algebra one in sixth grade in Colorado Springs at Cheyenne Mountain. And then in seventh grade, he was in geometry, and he told me one day when I was driving to school, he said, “I’m struggling with this geometry.” And so I said, “Peter,” I prayed for him, and I said, “Peter, you have the mind of Christ.” And I said, “Now, I want you to say this. ‘I have favor with God, I have favor with man. I have a good understanding and I have the mind of Christ.'” And a couple weeks later I was driving him to school. I said, “Peter, how you doing in geometry?” He said, “Oh, I’m the top of the class, I got it.” He believed and he spoke those words. In fact, he went to Princeton University and it was supernatural. God directed him and God put him there and he graduated with honors. And then got a word… And listen to this, when he got out of Princeton, it was in the downturn of the nation economically. But he said, “I’m gonna go to work for Burger King.” It’s part of the 3G Capital group. And this owner is from South America, from Brazil. And he says, “They have a bunch of young people working there. And I’m gonna get promoted very quickly.” So he only had two jobs offered to him, one at a small investment firm in New York city. And one to go to work for Burger King in Miami, Florida, where their headquarters was then. Then after Obama came off, they moved to Toronto. But anyway, he went to work for them and he was making $50,000 a year. Now, he came in the second year where they went from a corporate downsizing from a 1,000 employees to 200, and they hired 50. And he was on the second year of that. So in one year they called him in and they said, “Peter,” and he’s making $50,000 a year, which isn’t a lot of money in Miami, especially for his education, so on and so forth. But they said, “Peter, you’re our number one new hire out of 50 last year. And we’re gonna raise you as much as we can. And then your next move will be management.” And then in December they called him in. So he’d only been working there like a year, four or five months. And they called him in about the middle of December. And they said, “Peter, we just bought Tim Hortons coffee. And your boss has become the CFO of Tim Hortons. And we gave him the choice of taking one employee from here and he wants you, and we think you’re the one to go. You got 24 hours to make a decision.” Now he said to us, “I’m gonna take this job at Burger King in the corporate office,” because he said, “I’m gonna be promoted very quickly.” So he got what he confessed. And you know what? Then, they said, okay. He came in the next morning and he said, “I’m taking the job.” And so he flew home for Christmas and New Year’s and then he flew back to Miami on like Friday. And Sunday, they flew him to Toronto and he went to work Monday morning in Toronto. I mean, it was like that. And then they moved his stuff and caught up with him. And he worked right under the CFO. Then he worked right under the CEO. They moved him over under the CEO. And then as he was under the CEO, the head guy that owns all these 3G Capital, he was, I checked him out, he was the 25th richest man in the world, when I checked him out, I think 25 billion or something. This was years ago. He personally met with Peter and all this. And then Peter was marrying this girl that he met at Princeton. She got born again in the Bible study at Princeton. Her mom was a Catholic and her daddy’s a Jew, but she went on to Duke Law while Peter was working. And she graduated number three at Duke Law Achool. But when they were gonna get married three years later, when she was graduating from Duke Law, she could not work in Canada without getting more education, unless Peter tell them early, you got lots of favor. And so he told them, and so they said, “We’re gonna open up a position.” So they opened up a position in California, put him over 200 Burger King stores. Then they opened up another position, put him over 2,000 stores in 11 states. Then they opened up Asia and they put him over 11 countries in Asia. And he was in Asia during the pandemic and living in Singapore. Yeah, well, we’re gonna eat just a little bit, but while he was in Singapore,

Time to fly something over.

we got in the pandemic and they locked everything down. They said no promotions and no wage increase, job increases. They gave him two promotions, put him over all of Asia. And they gave him two pay raises and doubled his wages, while they said nobody’s getting this. And then they moved him back to the US. We prayed, one day his wife called us and we were just visiting. And she didn’t complain, she didn’t whine, she didn’t say anything negative. When we got off the phone, Barbara said, “She’s done, let’s pray.” We joined hands, we didn’t tell our son. And we prayed that God would open the door and bring him back, and this was like in June last year. And then, Peter called us the next week. And he said, “My old boss called me.” And he’s now the CEO for Popeye’s Chicken. And he had worked with him, and it’s part of their circle of companies that they own. And he asked me, he said, I said, “Yeah, we need to come back to the States.” Now, we didn’t tell our son, Barbara, we just prayed. We told God, praise God. But God, he said, I opened the door within two months. Then we got to call the first week of July, we were sitting in church on a Wednesday night. And we got a text from Peter, he said, “They just named me vice president of finance of Burger King of the Americas, and we’ll be coming back in September.” Which we told people, we were believing they get back by December, but we were really believing they got back by September. They landed in LA at 11:00 PM, September 30, his birthday is on September 4th. But he told his mom the other day, he said, “My position is really hard.” And he said, “A lot of times I don’t know what to do.” But he said, “I say, I have favor with God. I have favor with man, I have a good understanding. And I have the mind of Christ. And I believe that God gives me wisdom and I know what to do.”

So you put that word in his mouth-

Yeah, years and years ago when he was in seventh grade and now he’s 30-one or two years old. And he’s still speaking that word and that word is still working.

So he was overcoming.

By the word

by the blood of the lamb

And the word, his testimony of his word.

So this works, this will work, this will promote you, this will bring finances, increase, abundance to you, bring health and strength to you. It’ll get you saved, healed, free, blessed, when you begin to understand exactly what Mark teaches in this book, “The Spirit of Faith”. And you can get this book at and we’ll offer it also in a package. And you can get the whole package together. Or you can just get this book by going to Mark’s website, I wanna say a special thank you to both Mark and Trina for being with me. I’ve known you guys for about 40 years, praise God. And I’m so glad that you’re with me today. And this week during the program, sharing the word of God, the word will work for you. If you need prayer, gives us a call.



[Announcer] What is faith? Do I need more of it? And how do I exercise what I have? In this package, containing Mark Hankin’s book, “The Spirit of Faith”, and CD series, “World Changing Faith”, “Four Keys to Faith”, and “Have Faith, Doubt Not”, you’ll learn the answer to these questions and more. You can get this special package for $59 when you call 719-418-4000. Or visit

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