The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 2 – Lawson and Aaron Perdue

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 2 – Lawson and Aaron Perdue

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 2 from Pastors Lawson & Aaron Perdue. In the second part of this series on Grace For Today, learn what the gifts of revelation are “The gifts that see”. You need the Holy Spirit and His gifts to do what God has called you to do.

Holy Spirit Package

Holy Spirit Package

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The Gift Of The Holy Spirit Part 2 Transcript

Praise the Lord, friends. I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in today. I have my son, Aaron, with me. We are teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And specifically today we’re gonna be talking about the gifts of revelation or the gifts that see the Holy Spirit can reveal things from the past, reveal things about the future, and you need the Holy Spirit and his gifts to do what God wants you to do. Blessings. We’re glad to have everyone today. My son Aaron is with me. We’re teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And there are actually three different categories of these gifts of the Spirit. There are the gifts of revelation, first of all, and they are the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and the discerning of spirits. Secondly, there are the gifts of power, and they are the gift of faith, the working of miracles and the gifts of healings. And then the third category of the gifts are gifts that speak. And they are the gift of prophecy, the gift of tongues, and the gift of interpretation of tongues. Today we’re gonna be sharing specifically about the gifts of revelation and a lot of people don’t understand. Paul says this in 1 Corinthians 12:1. He says, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you to be ignorant.” And there is a lot of ignorance in the body of Christ about these gifts. And so we’re gonna share about these gifts of revelation, the word of wisdom. Now a definition of the word of wisdom. We need to go down here. He says in verse seven, 1 Corinthians 12, “The manifestation,” he’s talking about these manifestations of the Holy Spirit, nine of them in all, “is given to every person to profit with all.” So it’s given to every born again member of the body of Christ who’s baptized in the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is like a doorway into these gifts. And he says, “To one is given by the spirit the word of wisdom.” So it’s not all wisdom, but it is a specific word of God’s wisdom about the future given by the Holy Spirits, not naturally revealed. And then he says,” To another the word of knowledge by the same spirit.” Now when he says the word of knowledge, that is a specific word of God’s knowledge that is not revealed, naturally revealed by the Holy Spirit. And he says, “it’s by the same spirit.” And a lot of times people that flow in the word of wisdom will flow in the word of knowledge. And we’ll talk about this in the Old Testament. We’ll use an example from the life of Elisha. And they just flow together. Andrew Wommack is a current day person who operates a lot in the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge. Your mom, Barbara, operates a lot in the word of knowledge. And if she meditates, God will give her more revelation about the specific things in those areas. Then he says, “To another faith,” now this moves into the gifts of power, “to another gifts of healing.” We talked about those, “to another working miracle, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits.” Now, discerning of spirits means to discern the presence or activity of a spirit, whether good or evil. A lot of people make a mistake of thinking the discerning of spirits is the discerning of devils. And I love something Dr. Lester Sumrall said about that. He said that “if you think this is the discerning of devils, you turn that gift around, use it on yourself. You won’t use it on anybody else.” Because those people, they just got a critical attitude. It’s not having a critical attitude. It’s things that are revealed spiritually to discern the presence or activity of a spirit, whether it’s good or evil. So we’re gonna talk about these three gifts of revelation today. Now, I’m gonna go to 2 Kings 6 to this example in the life of Elisha, who was the follower really of Elijah. So Elisha served, he was a farmer. I mean, he was a big farmer. He had 12 yoke of oxen. I mean, Elijah the prophet came and threw his mantle on him. And Elisha went, and I believe he sold most of those and took the last yoke and boiled them. They had a big party. And then he went and followed Elijah the prophet and served him for 10 years. But then at the end of his life, Elijah said, “You know what? What do you want?” And he said, “I want a double portion of the anointing that’s on you.” And Elijah said, “Well, you’ve asked a hard thing, but if you see me when I go, it’ll be given to you.” So they go down to the river Jordan, the sons of the prophets are sitting up in the hills watching, and Elijah takes his mantle and hits the river. And Elisha and Elijah walk through, and the river parts on dry ground. And then just a little bit later, they’re walking and a chariot of fire comes and picks up Elijah. One of the two people in the Old Testament that doesn’t die. I mean, he’s picked up and transported. The other one is Enoch. And they may be the two people in the Book of Revelation, the two witnesses. I don’t know that, but maybe they are. But then when Elijah is carried by a chariot of fire into heaven, his mantle falls and Elisha takes off his own mantle and tears it too. He puts on the mantle of Elijah and he goes over to the river of Jordan and the sons of the prophets are still up in the hills watching. He wraps that mantle together and he hits the river and he says, “Where is the God of Elijah?” And the river parts. And the sons of Elijah, they’re looking up in the mountains. He’s been faithfully following, serving Elijah for 10 years. They looked down there and said, “The spirit of Elijah does rest on Elisha.” So we see this example in the life of Elisha in 2 Kings 6. It says in verse eight will read verse eight through 17, “The King of Syria warred against Israel and took counsel with his servants saying, in such and such a place will be my camp. And the man of God sent to the king of Israel saying, beware that you pass not such a place for there are the Syrians come down.” So he would tell them before these things happen, this was the word of wisdom in operation. The Syrians are gonna be coming down here, so don’t go there. “And the king of Israel sent to the place, which the man of God told him and warned him and saved him there not once or twice.” So a number of times. Elisha warned the king of Israel and protected him. Therefore “the heart of the king of Syria,” this is in 2 Kings 6:11, “was troubled for this thing. And he called his servants and said, won’t you show me which one of us is for the king of Israel?” We have a spy. Now listen, one of his servants said, “No, my Lord, O king, Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedchamber.” In your bedroom. He said, “No, we don’t have a spy. Israel has a prophet.” Praise God. I thank God for the prophets. We have prophets that’s still in the body of Christ today. And so he said, “Go and spy.” Now you don’t have to be a prophet operating these gifts. God has given me things by the spirit of God that have brought great blessing to the church. I listen to people who operate in this gift, Andrew Wommack, I’ve had other people in the church. I listen because they reveal things. God reveals things by his spirit to different people. We need the body. And so the king of Syria said, “Go and find out where this prophet is, this Elisha that I may send and fetch him. And it was told him saying, behold, he’s in Dothan. So then the Syrian king sent horses and chariots, and a great army and they came by night and surrounded the city where Elisha was. And when the servant of the man of God, this was Elisha’s servant, rose up early, he said he saw this army that surrounded the city with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto Elisha, alas, my master,” this is in verse 15, “what are we going to do?” And Elisha said, fear not for they who are with us are more than they that be with them.” Now I’m sure he’s looking ’cause he doesn’t have a lot of revelation. I mean, this may be Gehazi, his servant that tried to get money for the gifts, which is, that is not something that we wanna do. And I know some people that operate like that. That’s not the way to operate. Anyway, “Elisha prayed for him and he said, Lord, I pray you open his eyes that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, his servant, and he saw and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around about Elisha.” So I’m sure his servant’s looking and he’s saying, “1, 2, 100, 200, 300, what are we gonna do?” And then when Elisha see, he saw into the realm of the spirit. And so he said, Hey, we got more for us than against us. And his servants looking, “My God, what are we gonna do?” And when the Lord opened his servant’s eyes, he saw. A lot of times people don’t see into the spiritual realm and we have to realize we have more for us than against us. And sometimes we’re fighting a lot of different battles. But here we see the word of wisdom. And the king of Israel is telling, or Elisha is telling the king of Israel news before it happens. That’s a word of wisdom. We see the word of knowledge about specific things that are in existence. And then we see the discerning of spirits. Now, this wasn’t the discerning of evil spirits, this was the discerning of the presence or activities. The mountains and the hills were full of angels, full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. Woo, and Elisha. Wow, isn’t that amazing?

That’s awesome.

And so we can see this gift in the life of Jesus. Jesus operated in the discerning of spirits. He operated in the word of wisdom. And certain examples, let’s go to John 1 just before our break. But in John 1, we see this instance where Philip has been following Jesus. Jesus has followed me in verse 43. “Then Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. So Philip went and found Nathanael and said unto him, we have found him of whom Moses,” this is in John 1:45, “in the law and the prophets did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. And Nathanael said unto him, can there be any good thing come out of Nazareth? And Philip said in him, come and see, look around. And Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him and said of him, Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit.” Here’s an Israelite, is no deceit. And so Nathanael said to Jesus, how do you know me? Jesus said, before Philip called you, I saw you sitting under the fig tree.” So this was the discerning of spirits. Jesus discerned the Spirit of Nathanael. And said, “an Israelite, in whom there is no deceit, there’s no guile.” And then not only did he do that, but he operated in the word of knowledge and said, “Before Phillip saw you, I saw you sitting under the fig tree. Nathanael answered and said unto him, Rabbi, you are the son of God, the king of Israel. And Jesus answered and said unto him, because I said to you, I saw you under the fig tree. You believe you’re gonna see greater things than these.” So this was amazing. And then notice what he said, he really moves into the word of wisdom. So he’s already operated right in the discerning of spirits and the word of knowledge. Now, the discerning of spirits, again, is to discern the presence or activity of a spirit, whether good or evil. The word of knowledge is to have a specific word of knowledge about something that is in existence presently or in the past that’s revealed by the Spirit. It’s not naturally known. Jesus didn’t see this in the natural, but he saw it in the realm of the Spirit. And then the word of wisdom is a specific word about the future revealed by the spirit. So he says in him, “Verily, I say unto you hereafter, after now you’re gonna see heaven open and angels ascending and descending on the son of man. So he’s really revealing the future by the word of wisdom. All of those gifts flow together. And these are the gifts of revelation. Thank God that we’re not on our own. That we have gifts of revelation. We’re gonna be back right after these break. Friends, I wanna share about the special offer that we have today. You know we’ve been teaching about spiritual gifts and not to be ignorant, and we have some great teaching available on this. I have a series on “Understanding Spiritual Gifts,” which is on the nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I have a teaching on “Gifts, Gifts And More Gifts,” which is talking about the nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It’s talking about the five ministry gifts given by Jesus, and also the seven motivational gifts, which I believe are given by God the Father. And so there’s a lot of instruction and teaching to help you move forth in the anointing that is on your life. And finally, with this package, I’ve included this book, “Absolute Victory in Christ,” where we talk about receiving Jesus as your savior, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, which is like a doorway into all these gifts and believing the Word of God. You don’t have to be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts. Praise the Lord, friends. I’m glad you stayed with us and we’re sharing among the gifts of revelation. Aaron, you’ve operated a lot in the realm of discernment, and I believe that that’s a gift of the Holy Spirit that you operate in. Praise God. Why don’t you talk about some examples of these gifts?

Yeah, one thing to understand about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they are to help you minister to other people. Just like Jesus said, I didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save the world. The Holy Spirit works the same way in his ministry towards people. He wants to help people, to minister to people, to save people. So these gifts aren’t meant to go around slamming people and condemning people. They’re actually to help you minister the love of God to people, minister healing and freedom, salvation to people. So the Holy Spirit isn’t condemning people in the body of Christ. He wants to minister and help people. So one thing about the discerning of spirits, that gift isn’t gonna cause people to go just slam people. It’s gonna cause people to understand them more and understand how to help them, how to minister to them.

Amen. I love what you just brought out. Recently, somebody in our church, one woman had a dream and she said, “Oh, I think it’s this one young man, and I think he’s doing all these sex. It was sexual things that were wrong.” And I know the young man, and I know he goes to Charis Bible College. He’s in love with Jesus. There is not even opportunity when he’s around here to be doing that. We check, we vet our children’s workers, different people. He’s not even really in with the children a lot. He works at the front desk. And then another person supposedly had this dream and another person had this dream and then they all wanted me to call him in. And I’m like, there’s no evidence. There’s nothing. There’s no accusation. There’s no evidence. And I’m not gonna go attack this young man. This is completely wrong. And then another person from that ministry talked to me and said, “Well, you just don’t respect prophetic ministry.” I don’t respect crazy and we don’t do crazy. And then I had another person who I’ve known for, we’ve been in the same circles for over 40 years, and he’s a on a church board with me in another city. And he said, “Lawson, if you go do that, and this young man has not done this, there’s been no accusation, you don’t think there’s any evidence whatsoever.” He said, “You know, you could get a lawsuit. They could sue you and sue the church. And, and sometimes people are just being goofy. Now they may have been seeing some things. There’s some things in the area that are like that. And we found out a leader that was in another large church here that had problems about the same time. It was found out he was doing it again. And in his church, these same things were happening. It came out in the local newspaper. So I think they saw something maybe in the spirit that was trying to control in this area, but it wasn’t about this young man and they made a wrong judgment. So they may have had some revelation, but they had it turned wrong. And you’ve gotta really guard against that. And I love what you say, Aaron, what you’re talking about, these gifts are used to build up the body. They’re not used to destroy.

They’re to bring unity. If you look at the context of 1 Corinthians 12, when all these gifts are mentioned, they’re to bring unity to the body, to strengthen the body, to equip.

That’s exactly what 1 Corinthians.

So if there’s like a word or if there’s something that people are trying to reveal and it’s bringing disunity.


Maybe that isn’t actually the Holy Spirit in action. And really to condemn someone biblically, Old Testament and New Testament says this has to be established by the mouth of two or three witnesses. That’s according to the Law of Moses, but also Paul reiterates the same thing. Let every word be established by two or three witnesses. So if there is zero witnesses.

Right. Here’s another example. If you’re gonna bring a word against an elder, a leader in the body, you do it in the mouth of two or three witnesses. And I know I’ve had different people make accusations that are crazy. I said, there’s nothing to that. If you wanna do this, you’d come before my leadership and just bring it on. But they won’t come to your face. They won’t even talk to you individually. And then they talk behind your back and it’s really wrong. And those things need to be addressed. There’s a proper way. And I know I was taught at a young age, if you’re gonna bring a word against a church and against leadership in a church, you don’t do that in public. You come to the leadership privately and you talk to them about it. And I remember when we started the church in Kit Carson and we were considering building a building and we were in a bible study. We were in the home of one of the members. And I was teaching through the Book of Acts and I was teaching one chapter of the Book of Acts every week on a midweek bible study on Wednesday night. And I remember when I got to Acts 19, so we’d been going 19 weeks, I remember we were in a member’s home there and I was the Lord said, you teach on what prophecy is. And prophecy by definition is given to exhort, edify, and comfort the church. Now we’re moving into another area really from the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and the discerning spirits. But I wanna share about this because it fits what you’re talking about. And so I taught this and I taught that night that if we’re gonna bring a word of rebuke, you bring the leaders to private. And you talk to the leadership in private, if you’re gonna bring a word of correction, so on and so forth to church. And as soon as I got done teaching, we had this new person that had come and there were five main families that were in our group. And there was a little, some of them were ready, about three of them were ready to jump into this building program. And two of them didn’t quite know yet. And we like to get people on page. And after I taught this, this person stood up and prophesied against what we were doing. And what happened, it caused all five of those families to join together and say, this is what we’re supposed to do because the Holy Spirit prepared them by showing me what to teach. And the Bible says, “He that prophesies speaks to men, exhortation, edification, comfort.” So I shared on that, talked about if you’re gonna bring a word or rebuke how that is to be done. And then this person did exactly what I taught against right after I did it. And it brought unity to those families that were together and it ostracized this person that was trying to cause a vision. And then we move forward and you know God reveals things. I know that same family, they invited mom and I to come over. They had kids to have a meal and God revealed things to mom by the spirit. And we got a babysitter, Carrie Nordquist, who’s now Carrie Picket, who’s the director, one of the directors of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park. And she grew up in our church and we had Carrie babysit you and Andrew and Peter while we went, or you and Andrew at that time. Peter wouldn’t have been born. While we went over in this family and they said, why you didn’t come, but mom, God revealed things to mom about this and so protected you boys. We know some really tragic things that have happened with ministers and leadership and their children because they weren’t warned by the Holy Spirit. So we listen when the Holy Spirit warns us.


And we act accordingly. Praise God.

That’s awesome. And the Holy Spirit will protect you. But we have these wonderful gifts and we got this church, this building, and it was by the Holy Spirit. And I was actually ministering for Dean Milton on, I think it was Wednesday, November 4, 2015. It was the first Wednesday of November 2015. And I was preaching at his church in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I got done, he jumped up and pointed his finger at me and he said, “2016 is your year and God is gonna give you a building.” And he said, realize you’re gonna have to pay something for it. And it shot through me like fire. And I thought, man, that is the Word of the Lord. And then a few weeks later, Dr. Doug Weiss walked into my office. He was coming to our church at that point in time. He said, pastor, I’m gonna build a building. Right now we were on Elkton Drive. I said, Doug, how big? He said, 20,000 square feet. I said, how much is it gonna cost? He said, $2 million. I said, well, Doug, here’s the deal. By the time you build this building by two lots, put in the street, put in the government pond, put in the parking lot, it’s gonna cost you over 3 million. Probably a little bit over three and a half. But I said, if you want to, you could buy this building because I’ve had a word from God. We had 27,000 square foot. We had made it all like brand new. It was right there. And so he walked around in a little bit and he said, “How much would you sell this to me for?” Now I had 2.35 million in that project and I’m very good with money. And we did it in the heart of the downturn. We built it out in 2010. This was 2000, the end of 2015. When he was in my office. And he said, what would you say? I said, Doug, because of what you do for the body of Christ in the world and in this community, I’ll sell this to you for $2 million. And so for a year nearly, he sent me stuff and I’m like, nope, nope, nope, and every door was closed. And then in January 2017, I told Doug and Lisa, listen, we didn’t get something so you guys go ahead and do what you need to do. He said, “No, it’s just been delayed, pastor, just wait.” And then Saturday, March 4th, I got an email from Doug about 10:30 in the morning. And with this building that we’re in 10285 Federal Drive, it was on a bank auction. Now we had heard about the building. We heard it with the people owed over 12 million. So it cost over 12. I said, listen, I don’t really wanna be that far north. I don’t wanna, I’m not gonna spend 12 million on that building ’cause it had to be built out. But on the email, it was a bank auction. And Doug said, “Pastor, God woke me up this morning and he told me to go look on the internet for a building.” He said, “God, I’m tired. I don’t wanna look for a building.” He said, you get up right now and go look Doug, obey the Lord. He went and found this building. He emailed it to me about 10:30. He said, pastor, this is not my new building, but I believe this is our new church. I went and looked at it and the Holy Spirit said inside me, “That is your new church.” And we bought this building 30 days after it foreclosed it. It had foreclosed five days earlier. On March 29th, we won the auction and it was a bank auction and we won it for 5.4 million. Then there was a $300,000 bank fee. So it was 5.7 and then it took us 2 million to build it out. So 7.7 million were all in. And the day we moved in, were cashed. Praise God, we owned it. That was a miracle of God. They sold the two buildings next to us, built at the same time, about the same square footage in their normal, they hadn’t been redone for $15 million or 15 million each, 30 million. So this was probably worth about 15 million before we built it out, but we bought it for 5.7. That’s a miracle of God. That’s the Holy Spirit. I’ve had many words in business. We’ve had words about family. Bobbie Jean Merck was a prophet of God, prophetess. Came to our church, spoke words over you boys. Mom has mailed those to you in the past. Those words have went on years and years and in our life, and they’re so true.

The Holy Spirit, these gifts of revelation can help you in a lot of ways. They can help you ministry. They can help you in business. They can even help you in your family. Maybe you’re a parent and you don’t know necessarily how to raise your kid or they can help you in your marriage even. God can reveal things to you that’ll help strengthen your marriage. So these gifts are to empower you to live the anointed Christian life.

And you know what? If you have not received the baptism of Holy Spirit as a believer, it’s like a doorway into these gifts. And we talked about some last week on the broadcast with Pastor Bobby Crow from Mexico. Give us a call today and our prayer ministers will minister to you. Thank you for tuning in. If you want product, if you want prayer, give us a call. Blessings.

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