The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 1 – Lawson and Aaron Perdue

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 1 – Lawson and Aaron Perdue

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 1 from Pastors Lawson & Aaron Perdue. In the first part of this series on Grace For Today, learn what gifts are available to you. Gifts from the Father, Jesus, as well as gifts the Holy Spirit gives to us.

Holy Spirit Package

Holy Spirit Package

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The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Part 1 Transcript

Friends, I am so glad that you’re tuned in. I’m so glad that you are with us today. God has gifts for you, and we’re gonna be talking about all of these different gifts today. We’re gonna talk about gifts that God the Father gives us. We’re gonna talk about gifts that Jesus gives to the church, and then we’re gonna talk about gifts that the Holy Spirit gifts. You do not want to miss this broadcast. There are great things that God has available for you today. Blessing. Welcome, friends, to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’re with us today. I have my son, Aaron. We’re teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I love this subject. And we’re gonna be sharing from 1 Corinthians chapter 12, where Paul begins with, now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you to be ignorant. And there is a lot of ignorance in the body of Christ about spiritual gifts. And there are a lot of different spiritual gifts, and we’re gonna talk about that in the program today. First of all, there are nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit that are given to every believer. When you’re baptizing the Holy Spirit, born again, baptizing the Holy Spirit, you have at least one of these gifts, But He’ll give you several. And then there are the motivational gifts, and they’re listed in Romans chapter 12, and there are seven of them, and then there are the ministry gifts. Now, when Paul talks about the ministry gifts, in Ephesians 4:11, 12, it says He gave some, speaking about Jesus, some apostles, some prophets, some evangelist, some pastors, and some teachers. So not everybody is an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher, but every born again believer who’s baptized in the Holy Spirit has spiritual gifts. And I believe when we talk about these motivational gifts, so they’re manifestations of the spirit motivational gifts, and then there’s ministries given by Jesus. I believe these motivational gifts, I believe they’re inborn and God-given. Now that’s just my personal opinion. I wouldn’t argue with anyone on that. And we’ll talk a little bit about those things today, but I think there’s a lot of ignorance about spiritual gifts. And I grew up in a church that really did not believe in the present day operation of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. But when we went to a Bible study in 1978 with Andrew Wommack, I got baptized in the Holy Spirit and I began to see the operation of these gifts, and it really encouraged me, and I believe this should encourage you, and we’re gonna share a little bit about this. In verse two, he says, “We know that you were Gentiles or even carried about with these dumb idols, these idols that do not speak even as you were led. But I give you to understand that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus a curse, and that no man can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Ghost.” So it takes the Holy Spirit to convict you of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Praise God.

That’s true.

So the church I grew up in, my grandparents actually helped start that church. When we ended up getting baptized in the Holy Spirit, a lot of us in our family were in these Bible studies. They asked us to leave that church. And so that church went from 75 to 100 people, it’s in a smaller Eastern Colorado town, down to 10 to 20 people, and stayed that way for years. And then they got a pastor that was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and the church went right back up to 75 to 100 people. A lot of people then were being saved, healed, set free by the power of God. But it we don’t wanna be ignorant of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. And so he says there are different kinds of gifts, in verse four, but the same spirit. So there are nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. They’re listed here in 1 Corinthians 12: 8-11. He says in verse seven they’re given to every man to prophet with all the whole body. God wants the whole body operating in the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, one thing I know about the Holy Spirit is if you really love Jesus, you’re really gonna love the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that, “I actually need to go that way I can send the Holy Spirit, I can send this teacher, this comforter.” And Jesus is a great giver, the Father is a giver, and the Holy Spirit is a giver too. I like that we’re talking about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has gifts he wants to give you. Just like Jesus is a giver, He gave us eternal life, He gives us salvation, He gives us forgiveness, He gives us joy, the Holy Spirit is a great giver. And really I think the Holy Spirit, Jesus wants us to have the Holy Spirit so we can be empowered-


To live the Christian life, to live the anointed life that He’s given to us.

In Acts 1:8 the scripture says you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes on you. And that word power is the Greek word dunamis. It means special, wonderful, miracle-working power, the same power that Jesus had We have, but we have it through the person of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. So we need the Holy Spirit.

I know there’s probably people watching this program right now from different backgrounds. Maybe you have a different background than you might have heard about this, but the Holy Spirit is not limited to a certain denomination. Really the Holy Spirit is there for every believer.

I have good friends who are Baptist, my granddad was a Baptist, and I have certain Baptist pastors I know that are baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. Of course, they probably don’t teach their denominate, their church about it most of the time. But I had a good Baptist pastor friend and many people came to him from different pastors, and he would pray for them, and they would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I’ve had different friends who were Methodist, and my grandmother was raised Methodist. Your mom’s family was Methodist, and they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. What a lot of people don’t realize, John Wesley, who was the founder of the Methodist Church, the Wesleyan Church, the Methodist is the sanctification movement. John Wesley was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. And so most of these movements started in the power of God. I’ve had good friends who were Lutherans who were open to the baptism, the Holy Spirit. When we moved to Kit Carson, we had a Lutheran pastor, Catholic pastor, and a Methodist Church, and then us. We were the new church. And the Lutheran pastor came to talk to me in a little bit. He moved there shortly after I did. And he said, “Will you come to my church and teach what you believe in my church.” I said, “Sure.” He said, “Can I take a copy of your beliefs?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “I know that this is real” He said, “My aunt and uncle are Pentecostal. I know that this is part of Christianity.” But he said, “My people are just always complaining.” He didn’t really want me to come teach, but he told his church if they didn’t quit talking about us, he was gonna have me come and teach in their church, which was the last thing that they wanted. And he quieted them down a little bit, and he told them, “This is what they believe and it’s in the Bible, so leave ’em alone.” But we the Catholic priest that was there 10 years while we were in Kit Carson 13 years was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Well, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was there at the upper room. When the Holy Spirit fell.

Praise God.

And people spoke in tongues, so I know.

She received a baptism.

I went to college in Pittsburgh and the pastor that of the church that I attended, my pastor there, his name’s Pastor Mark Moder. It’s a Berean Fellowship Church in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, but his mom was Catholic. There’s a lot of Catholics in Pittsburgh, but she was filled with the Holy Spirit during the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. So at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh in the ’70s, there was a big movement of Catholics receiving the Holy Spirit, praying in tongues, and there still are today. Even one of our Supreme Court justices, Amy Coney Barrett, is a spirit-filled-

Catholic, praise God.


born again, baptized in Holy Spirit, just like the priest that was in Kit Carson while we were there. He actually helped me a lot, and he said he went to church on Eastern, and said, “Why do you people look so dead? And Jesus is alive, and thank God that Jesus is alive.” Dr. Lester Sumrall, who I studied under, they had him go right there in South Bend, Indiana to the big Catholic university, and speak,

Notre Dame.

Notre Dame. And we had a big conference at Notre Dame while I was in Bible school there, and it was amazing. But he went and spoke and they asked him to speak on creation. And he said, well… And of course he was a great evangelist. And so he was talking about creation. He said, where you came from, where you’re going to is a lot more important than where you came from. And as he was sharing on creation and these different things, he said… This little Catholic girl raised her in and said, “Mr. Sumrall?” He said, “What?” She said, “Can you tell me how to get saved?” And he led her to Christ in front of the whole class. And that was during the Charismatic Renewal. And you’ve had many Catholic friends. You have some now, and they’re being saved, being filled with the Holy Spirit. They’re moving into the gifts of the Spirit, into the things of God. You recently went to a fellowship, men’s fellowship in this town that was mostly Catholic people, but they’re born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit. So we thank God. it doesn’t matter where you came from so much.

Yeah, no, the speaker that was sharing just said, you need to… If you’re not praying in tongues and not desiring to be in the Bible, you need to get fired up.

Hey, that’s more charismatic than some charismatic churches.

Yeah, it really is.

It’s really a tragedy when churches that start in the power of the Holy Spirit move away from it or try to hide the power of the Holy Spirit. And so I have more grace really for people that are moving out of these denominations into the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit than churches that start in the power of the Spirit and they’re moving away from it.

And I like what Paul said, “I don’t want you to be ignorant concerning these gifts, concerning what the Holy Spirit wants to give to you.” I think people are probably ignorant of these things for several reasons. Just as in Paul’s day they were ignorant, today, people are certainly ignorant of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. But I think one reason, like you said, people are ignorant is because it’s not taught. I think that’s one reason.

Yeah, or they close their mind to it sometimes, or they’ve been taught against it. This happened to your mom. She grew up in a traditional church and the pastor got up and read the scriptures from the Book of Acts on speaking in tongues, and said, “Now this is no longer for today and this is not of God.” And your mom, she was seven or eight years old, she thought, “That’s for me, that’s in the Bible.” And then when she was about the same age as me, 13 or 14 years old, she went to a church, a new church that started in the Charismatic Renewal in about 1978. And she, shortly after that, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And it was really interesting. This was Dave Duell’s church. It was held in a cattle sale barn. It’s years before she met me. I got started with Andrew Wommack in 1978 in a Bible study in Lamar, Colorado. She got started with Dave Duell. it was a few years before Andrew and Dave got together. And then a few years after that, they got together, and they ministered for years together. And then mom and I got together, praise God, when she moved to Wiley, Colorado. And they ended up going to The Foursquare Church in Lamar, Colorado, wonderful, full of gospel church. And I went to the Assemblies of God church there, had a great pastor, Pastor Kenny Davis, in Lamar, Colorado. And he recognized immediately. Andrew Wommack moved to Colorado Springs, so our Bible study had stopped and we tried to start a church, didn’t know what we’re doing, but we ended up going to this Word of Faith Assembly God church, and he recognized the gift on the inside of me. And he actually prophesied over me immediately and recognized that I was called by God into the ministry, into the fivefold teaching and preaching ministry. And then we ended up going to his church, and he started developing these different things, these gifts. So thank God for the gifts we have-

That’s awesome.

Of the Holy Spirit. So we’re gonna take a short break, and we’re gonna be back, and we’re gonna talk just right after we’re back about these three different categories of the gifts. There are the manifestations of the spirit, there are the ministries given by Jesus, and there are the motivational gifts given by God the Father. So this is in verse four, five, and six from 1 Corinthians chapter 12. We’ll be right back and talk about that. Thank you so much for staying tuned. friends, I wanna share about the special offer that we have today. We’ve been teaching about spiritual gifts and not to be ignorant, and we have some great teaching available on this. I have a series on “Understanding Spiritual Gifts,” which is on “The Nine Manifestations of the Holy Spirit.” I have a teaching on “Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts,” which is talking about the nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It’s talking about the five ministry gifts given by Jesus, and also the seven motivational gifts, which I believe are given by God the Father. And so there’s a lot of instruction in teaching to help you move forth in the anointing that is on your life. And finally, with this package, I’ve included this book, “Absolute Victory in Christ,” where we talk about receiving Jesus as your savior, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, which is like a doorway into all these gifts, and believing the word of God. You don’t have to be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts. Praise the Lord, friends, I’m glad you stayed with us. We are right here in 1 Corinthians 12:4. It says there are diversities of gifts or different kinds of gifts, but the same spirit. That’s actually talking about these nine manifestations of the spirit that are listed here. And there are really three gifts of power in those nine manifestations of the spirit. There are are three gifts of revelation and there are three speaking gifts. And he talks about the three gifts of revelation are the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the discerning of spirits. The three gifts of power are the gift of faith, the working of miracles, and the gifts of healings. That’s a plural gift. And then the three speaking gifts are the gift of prophecy, the gift of tongues, and the gift of the interpretation of the tongue. Now we’re gonna be talking about all of those nine manifestations of the spirit in the broadcast later this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We’ll be covering those gifts. But today we’re gonna go ahead and share a little bit more about these different ministry gifts in verse five that are given by the Lord Jesus Christ. So there are nine manifestations of the Spirit given by the Holy Spirit to the church. There are five ministries. It says in verse five, there are differences of administrations or ministries, but the same Lord. Now in Ephesians 4:11, 12 Paul talks about these ministry gifts that are given by the Lord Jesus Christ to the church. And he says he gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors, and some teachers. He says, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. So he gave these fivefold public preaching and teaching ministry gifts Jesus did to the church to mature the saints so that they can do the work of the ministry or works of service so the body of Christ can be built up. And we need all of these fivefold ministry gifts. And I like to talk about ’em like your hand, like the apostle is like the thumb. It looks very close with all the other fingers. The prophet is like the pointing finger, a true prophet, what’s called a seer in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, we had three of these gifts. They were prophet, priest, and king. But in the New Testament, there are five ministry gifts. So a prophet’s like a pointing finger. A prophet would, by definition, operate in two of the three of the gifts of revelation, which are the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, discerning spirits. Then the evangelist is like your middle finger, reaches out farther than all of the others. Now there’s only one New Testament named evangelist, and that’s Philip, and it talks about it in Acts of chapter eight. Philip went out and did great signs and wonders among the people. And many people when they heard the demons come out and when they saw the miracles, which he did, because many that were lame were healed, and those who had the palsy were healed, they believed on Jesus, and there was great joy in that city. So an evangelist goes, ministers the power of God, preaches the good news of Jesus, gets people saved. Then there are pastors. Now the pastor is like the ring finger. He’s married to the church. A true pastor’s always focused on the church because that’s what a pastor does. He takes care of the church, He takes care of the flock. The Bible says feed the flock of God, which is among you and take oversight willingly. Not for money’s sake, not because somebody made you do it, but because this is what God’s called you to do. And notice he says some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers. He doesn’t say some pastors and some teachers. And I believe that’s because if you’re a pastor, you have to teach people so they can mature. And the teachers like the little finger, it goes in your ear. Now, a true Bible teacher takes hard things and makes them simple. And it’s not like you don’t understand it, just like breaks it down and makes it simple, just like we’ve done with these fivefold ministry gifts. And then… But you can be a fivefold ministry gift teacher without being a pastor. But if you’re pastor, you must teach to mature the body. So Jesus gave these, and what’s it say here in Ephesians 4? he gave the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to mature the saints for the work of the ministry or works of service that the body of Christ might be built up, and then he says in verse 13, till we all come in the unity of faith. So these gifts are still operating in the body today, all of them. The ministry gift of the apostle has not been done away. In fact, some people think there are only 12 apostles. But if I’m reading the scriptures correctly, there are 24 New Testament named apostles. Jesus is called the chief apostle. He’s the head of all these. He’s called like a prophet, like under Moses. He is the greatest a evangelist, healing the sick, preaching the gospel, preaching the good news. He is the chief shepherd. He’s the shepherd of the sheep. And of course we know he’s the greatest teacher of the scriptures that ever lived. So thank God for Jesus. He’s the one who gives these gifts. You can’t give ’em if you don’t first possess ’em.

Yeah, I think a lot of people are familiar with pastors of course ’cause there’s a lot of pastors and a lot of local churches. But yeah, throughout scripture, we see there are apostles, there’s prophets. All of these offices are present in the New Testament.


There are named prophets and prophetesses in the New Testament.


And these ministries are important for the body of Christ.

An they’re men and women. The Bible actually says there’s neither male nor female in the spirit. So some people get weird about this and say, “Well, a woman can’t be a pastor, or a woman can’t be a apostle, or a woman can’t be a teacher.” But they’re not reading the scriptures correctly because Anna was a prophetess that prayed over the Lord Jesus and gave words over Him. And in the Old Testament, we had the Prophetess Deborah. So if a woman could be a prophet, that’s the second highest ministry office in the church. So if a woman could be a prophet, she could certainly be a pastor, and she could certainly be a teacher. Praise God. I believe Andronicus and Junia, in Roman 16, it says they are of note among the apostles. I believe that they were apostles. And there’s different ways that you can look at that scripture. I’m not gonna fight with anybody about it, but there were a lot more than just the 12 apostles of lamb. So Jesus is the chief apostle. We have the 12 apostles of the lamb. We have foundational apostles, right? Paul said, “I built on the foundation the apostles and prophets?” And we have continuing apostles. And so these are ministry gifts. Apostle means ascent one. Prophet, again, reveals things, shows things, operates in gifts of revelation. An evangelist preaches the good news, operates in the power of God. Philip was an example. And then pastors, again, they take care of the sheep. They feed the flock of God. And teachers teach the truth. We need teachers. So we need all these, but there’s not only the fivefold ministry gifts. If we go back to first Corinthians 12, he says there are diversities of operations. There’s different ways that people operate, but it’s the same God. So I believe Jesus gives the ministry gifts. The Holy Spirit gives the nine manifestations of the Spirit. Jesus gives the five ministry gifts, but I believe God the Father gives these motivational gifts we call ’em, in Romans chapter 12. And we’ll read about it in verse six through verse eight. Romans 12:6-8. It says having then gifts, brethren, different according to the grace that is given to us, so the grace on our life. He says whether they be prophecy. I believe this is a motivational gift of prophecy, and I believe if somebody has that, they see things black and white. And it differs from the last one. The seventh one on the list is mercy. Mercy gift, they come and just pat people on the back, “Oh we love you.” We need people like that, but we need sometimes people that say, “This is just how it is. You gotta straighten it up.” Praise God. And then he says, after prophecy, he says let us prophesy according to proportion of our faith or ministry. That’s really talking about serving again. Let us wait on our serving. I believe that there are people who have a ministry gift of serving or helps. We couldn’t do what we do in the church without help and without people that really have a gift to do that, or he that teaches. Now, I believe that you can have a motivational gift of teaching without being a fivefold ministry gift of a teacher. Like I had teachers in high school that I know they had a gift to teach, and I don’t even know what they were saying, but I know they had a gift and I believe it was from God. I believe God gives people gift to help them succeed.

Even in a scripture, Paul writes to Titus that the older women are to teach the younger women, older men are to teach the younger men.


Everyone who’s teaching isn’t necessarily a pastor teacher, but they’re just helping out.-


Helping other people in the body.

Exhorting. Aaron, who is one of the greatest exhorters encouragers in the body of Christ?

There’s a lot, but I think of Joel Osteen as a great exhorter.


Great encourager and…

You went to his church for seven years.

Yeah. Very encouraging person.

Some people misunderstand him, but that’s who he is. That’s his gift. We need to all operate in the gifts that God’s given us so that we can build up the body, and we work together to do that. He goes on. I just met with some people from Joel’s church that have been on staff for years yesterday. And they love Pastor Joel and they really minister to a lot of people there. He sees lots of people saved. They were talking to me about different things that he does. He says exhorting, he says giving, I believe some people have a gift to give. They have a supernatural ability to give, to make money and to give. And Ashley Terradez is a good friend of mine, and he was really condemned about this gift. And then I told him, “This is a gift from God. Don’t be condemned.” Hallelujah. Then he says, him that wrote, “I believe that’s a gift of administration.” We hired a person recently. He says, “The only gift that I know that I have is administration, and I know when God gave it to me.” And he administrates at a phenomenally high level. He is able to figure things out, get systems, get things in order, get people doing the right thing, make the whole thing run smooth. So we need all of these ministry gifts, these motivational gifts. So there are nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. They’re given by the Holy Spirit to the church. The Holy Spirit’s a giver. Amen. There are seven of these motivational gifts that are given by God the Father. I believe to the church, I believe they’re inborn. Different people have different beliefs about that. I believe that’s how people succeed. I don’t believe God created anybody to be a failure. And there are five ministry gift, and there’s only some people that have those given by the Lord Jesus Christ. But I like what you begin the program with, Aaron. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all givers.


And we need to receive the gifts that He has for us.

That’s awesome. Yeah, and if you’ve never heard teaching like this before, I just really encourage you to stay tuned throughout the week. We’re gonna be sharing a lot about these gifts of the Holy Spirit. And like I said, it’s not… The Holy Spirit isn’t limited to a certain denomination, and sometimes people like to put God in a nice little simple box, but God wants to break out of those boxes that different denominations, different people might have tried to put Him in. And the Holy Spirit definitely breaks out of the box often. And I just think we’re gonna just be sharing from the scripture. We’re not gonna be sharing anything besides scripture. We’re just gonna be teaching you about the Holy Spirit from scripture, and that’s how I learn best.

Amen. Now, if you have never received, if you received Jesus as your Savior, but you have never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we want you to give our prayer ministers a call today if you want to receive that gift and get your personal prayer language. And the wonderful thing about praying in tongues is you don’t understand what you’re praying, but your spirit is praying to God the perfect will of God, and it’s a marvelous gift to help you in your Christian life, to encourage you, and strengthen you, and give you power to be a witness. If you wanna become a partner, if you want the teaching, just give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks so much. Blessings.

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