The Cross Is the Cure Part 2 – Lawson Perdue

The Cross Is the Cure Part 2

In The Cross Is the Cure Part 2, gain a revelation of how Jesus redeemed you from the curse of the law. When you understand what you have received through the grace of God, and not your works, it will release the power of God in your life!

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The Cross Is the Cure Part 2 Transcript

Friends. I’m so glad that you tuned in with us today. I’m gonna be sharing on the cross is the cure. And we’re gonna be talking about Jesus, redeemed us from the curse so that we can receive the blessings. And it’s not by our performance that we receive the healing power of God, that we receive the promises of God, but it is by the grace of God, through faith. And when you begin to understand that it’s not what you did, but what Jesus did, it will release the power of God in your life. Praise the Lord. Friends, we are teaching on the cross is the cure today. And I thank God for what Jesus accomplished for us at the cross. You know, Jesus at the cross, gave us forgiveness, Jesus at the cross, gave us peace. Jesus at the cross, gave us health and healing, and Jesus at the cross, made provision for us. And we can receive all the promises of God, essentially today, because Jesus at the cross, redeemed us from the curse. We’re gonna be sharing about that. We’re gonna begin today in First Corinthians chapter two. We talked about yesterday, in the broadcast, from First Corinthians chapter one, how the preaching of the cross is the power of God, but we’re gonna begin today in First Corinthians 2:1-5, where we left off yesterday and he says this, “I brethren, when I came to you, came not with the excellency of speech and of wisdom, declaring to you, the testimony of God, for I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ and him crucified, and I was with you in weakness and fear and much trembling, and my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.” When we read this word for spirit and power, it’s actually the Greek word, Dynamist, the word power, and it means, nature and ability. So when you believe on Jesus and you receive Jesus as your Savior, you receive a new nature and you also receive new ability. “If the Spirit of him that raised up Christ from the dead dwell in you”, Romans 11 says, “he’ll quicken your mortal body by his Spirit that dwells in you.” He says, “This is so that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” Thank God, we may have a simple message, but our simple message is backed with power, amen. And you know what? We need the anointing, we need the power of God to set people free. Hallelujah. I was just talking about this with one of my leaders here at the church the other day, and I said, “Some places, you know, they have this, you know, nearly perfection in what they do, but there’s very little anointing to get people saved or healed or set free by the power God.” And maybe what we do here is a little simpler, but listen, I wanna get people saved, I wanna get people healed, I want get ’em set free, I wanna get ’em filled with the Holy Ghost, amen. Because it’ll change their life for good. Just like God changed my life for good with the gospel, amen. Now, as we look at this and we begin to see, you know, we read yesterday that at the cross, and we’ve read all these scriptures, we found that Jesus took our death, redeemed us from the curse, that he reconciled us to God and that he gave us his life. But we’re gonna talk today about how Jesus secured the promises of God for us, at the cross, Galatians chapter three. Now, when you read the New Testament, in the New Testament, there are two overriding messages. The first message is the message of grace. That is what God did for us in the person of Jesus. Jesus is the grace of God. He’s the embodiment of grace. In fact, John says, “The word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory. The glory is of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” That’s in John 1:14. He goes on just in a few verses after that and said, “For the law came by Moses but grace came by Jesus and of his fullness we have all received grace for grace.” Grace upon grace or grace to live the grace that’s given to us. So there’s a lot in that. But I wanna talk about the grace of God a little bit today because really the grace of God was demonstrated to us at the cross. You know, the Bible says in Romans 5:8, “That God commended, God demonstrated his love toward us in that Christ while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” So Jesus died for us when we were in sin. Jesus died for us when we were doing all the wrong things, making all the wrong choices, saying all the wrong things, Jesus died for us in that state. And when you begin to understand the grace of God, then you can by faith, right, reach out and receive what God provided for you by grace. Now in the book of Galatians, the book of Galatians is a book about grace. It’s about what God provided for us in the person of Jesus when he died and rose again. But in Galatians chapter three, Paul is really writing about faith, and he talks about in Galatians chapter three, what you can receive by grace through faith, or what grace provided and you receive by faith. So all the things that are released to you, in the grace of God, that you receive by faith. And he says, he has a question, and I’m gonna just begin in verse one. We’re gonna go all through this, and see what faith brings to us, when we believe on Jesus, he says, “Oh, foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?” You act like you’re under a spell. “That you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus has been evidently set forth and crucified among you.” Jesus was set forth and crucified before you, he says, “I have a question for you, did you receive the spirit?” How did you get saved? In other words. “By the works of the law? By your performance or by the hearing of faith?” Did you get saved by what you did or by what Jesus did? Now, if anybody that’s got a brain, right, knows that they got saved, that they’re saved by what Jesus did. He then asked another question, “Are you so foolish having begun in the Spirit are you now made perfect by the flesh?” Since you were saved by grace are now you trying to perfect your salvation through works of the flesh? He says, “Have you suffered so many things in vain if it’s yet in vain? He therefore, who ministers to you, the Spirit. If we minister the spirit and he who works miracles among you, how does he do it? By the works of the law or by the hearing of faith?” So if we’re ministering the Spirit, right, and getting people set free, how do we do that? It’s again by faith, right? So this is what happens a lot of times, you come to church, you receive Christ, you get saved, you understand it’s just like you are, but then you get in church and they say, “You’ve gotta pray, you’ve gotta read your Bible. You gotta give, you gotta go to church. You gotta love your neighbor. You gotta do all these things.” And we start adding all these things to Jesus. And when it gets to ministry, we really dump it on. We say, “Man, if you’re gonna see miracles, you gotta fast and pray for 30 days. You gotta do all these things.” You know what? I just prayed for a man whose heart had stopped. He had quit breathing. He had no pulse. And he immediately, now that just happened, and I prayed for him immediately, they ran and got me to his church, and this man is a strong person of faith. So he’s been believing, speaking the word for years, but you know what? I hadn’t been making any special prayers. I hadn’t been doing any extra Bible reading, other than what I regular do. I usually read three to five chapters of the Bible a day. I hadn’t been fasting. I hadn’t been doing any of this. I was just called upon to pray for this man, and it was evident, he was under cardiac arrest. He was sweating severely. His color had all left his face, his slumped over, his eyes rolled back up into his head. I mean, by all medical reasons, they took his pulse, they said he didn’t have a pulse, but I spoke to his heart and I spoke to his blood flow, and commanded it to start flowing, and you know what? His heart started beating and his blood flow started pumping. But you know what? It was just like normal. And there wasn’t any special prayers that I did. There wasn’t anything that I did to prepare for that. You couldn’t be prepared for something like that. You know, it just happened. And I’m convinced that when Jesus raised the dead and healed the sick and did the things that he did, there was not a lot of special praying. Jesus went out many times and prayed all night to God. I’m not telling you not to pray, but I’m just saying, this is part of life as a believer. And when you start believing the scriptures, you can start doing the things that Jesus has done. And in Galatians chapter three, Paul just asked this question, “How did you get saved? By your performance or by what Jesus did?” Right, by the hearing of faith or by your works? Well, it’s evident, we heard the gospel, we heard about Jesus, we heard about what he did on the cross and we believed it. And then he asked another question. “He that ministers to you and works miracles among you, how does he do it?” Because he’s such a great person or by the hearing of faith? And the answer’s obvious, the way that you minister, the way that you fulfill your God-given ministry, the way that you flow in the gifts, is just like how you receive salvation. You receive it by grace, through faith. In fact, do you know what? The gifts of the Spirit are called grace gifts. Charismata, grace gifts. They’re grace gifts. You don’t receive those gifts because of… in fact, I’ve seen some pretty flaky people operate in the gifts of the Spirit at a pretty high level, and it’s not because of they’re so good, it’s because God is so good. Hallelujah. Now he says, he goes on, and he begins to talk about all the things that we receive by grace through faith. So he says essentially, in these first five verses of Galatians, chapter three, “Everything that you receive from salvation to the end of your ministry, is really by grace through faith.” It just simply, you heard about what Jesus provided and you believed it. Now he says in verse six, “Even as Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness.” So you receive righteousness or right standing with God, amen, by grace through faith. In fact, if you study Romans chapter four, the only way you can receive righteousness is by faith in his grace. He uses two examples there, he uses Abraham as an example of faith because Abraham really needed faith. And he uses David as an example of grace because David really needed grace. And that’s how we receive righteousness. He goes on and says, “Don’t, you know that those are of the faith, the same are the children of Abraham.” In other words, when you believe on Jesus, you’re Abraham’s seed by faith. The scripture for seeing that God would justify the heathen through faith. How do you receive justification? Right, you receive it by faith. We’re justified by faith. Romans 5:1, “Therefore, being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” By faith in Jesus. Romans 5:9, says, “Therefore being justified by his blood.” We put faith in Christ’s blood. We put faith in the work that Jesus did when he died on the cross, right? So he says, “God will justify, preach the gospel before to Abraham.” He preached the gospel. He preached the grace of God to Abraham in the Old Testament. Did you know, you could see the gospel all through the Old Testament, you can see the grace of God? When he preached and said, “Through you, all nations of the earth will be blessed.” This is in Genesis 12:1-3, specifically verse three. So when God was saying, “In you Abraham, all the nations of the earth will be blessed.” He was preaching the gospel to him. He goes on in verse nine and says, “So those who are of the faith are blessed with believing Abraham.” Anybody who believes is in the family, right, in God’s family and you’re blessed with believing Abraham. “For as many as of the works of the law are under the curse.” If you’re trying to receive the good things of God, by your performance, including healing, which is specifically what we’re talking about, you’re gonna find you’re gonna come under a curse because it’s not by your performance, right? The problem with performance is that nobody performs well enough. It’s like trying to, you know, say that you could long jump across the grand canyon. I mean, you know what? If you got a world champion long jumper that can long jump 30 feet, and you got a five year old that can only long jump five feet, and they try to long jump the grand canyon, the world’s champion long jumper is just gonna die a split second less then the five year old, right? Because you can’t long jump the grand canyon. Well, you can’t be saved. You can’t be healed. You can’t be blessed by your performance. You are saved, healed, and blessed by the performance of Jesus. And that’s what he’s trying to get across. He says, “For as many”, in verse 10, “who are of the works of the law are under the curse, for it is written, cursed is everyone who does not continue in everything that’s written in the book of the law to do it.” That’s a performance mentality, it brings a curse. “And the law is not of faith.” He goes on to say that, “No man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it’s evident, for the just shall live by faith, and the law is not of faith, but the man that does them shall live in them.” He finally says, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse.” Did you know, sickness is part of the curse that Jesus redeemed us from? And we’re gonna look at some of those scriptures and see what we are redeemed from today. But we didn’t get redeemed from the curse by our performance, we got redeemed from the curse by our faith in Jesus, because Jesus became a curse for us. I’ll be back right after this break. Praise the Lord friends, we are teaching and sharing on the subject of divine healing. Thank God, Jesus made provision for us at the cross. And we have just as much right to be healed in our body as we do to be forgiven for our sins. But how can we receive that in our life? We go through this in detail, and I have a healing bundle that I’m sharing with you. I wanna get this to you. You know, the Bible says, “that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” And I know these teachings will build your faith. I have, first of all, my series on “Covenant Of Healing”, and then I have my series on “The Cross is the Cure”, and then we have my wife Barbara’s series, and she’s a powerful teacher and ministers healing in a very powerful and anointed way, on “Present to Heal” and how to receive divine healing and health in your life. And I want you to call in today and get this. It will help you build your faith and receive from God. Blessings. Praise the Lord friends, we’ve been talking about what grace provided and what we received by faith, and we said, we received salvation, we receive our ministry, healing, working miracles, whatever that is, everything from salvation to the end of our ministry, is by grace through faith. In fact, we went on to look in Galatians chapter three, and found out that we received righteousness by faith, justification by faith and blessing by faith. Then he really talks about in verse 13, and this is where we’re starting out. Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.” He purchased us out of the curse of the law. “Being made a curse for us, for its written, cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.” And when you read the Bible, the Bible talks about this in Deuteronomy chapter 21, I believe it is, that Jesus was cursed, that whoever hangs on a tree is cursed. So Jesus went to the cross and he was cursed for us so that we can be blessed. That’s what it says in verse 14. “So that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.” You know what the blessing of Abraham really is? It’s this, the blessing of this new covenant, you’ve received the Spirit of Christ in you, and when you receive the Spirit of Christ in you, you’re already blessed. You know, if you begin to understand how powerful the Holy Spirit is in you, the Holy Spirit will lead you into the good things of God, it’ll lead you into health, lead you into blessing, lead you into life and so he says, “Christ took the curse so that we can be blessed. And how do we receive the promise through faith?” Again, faith in God’s grace, faith in the work that Jesus did on the cross. Now I said, we would go and look at what Christ redeemed us from as far as the curse. You know, if we go to Deuteronomy 28, which is the blessing and the curses of the law. In Deuteronomy chapter 28, when you read the first 14 verses, they’re the blessings, and I like to recite those and put my name in them, but I also read the curses, I don’t recite the curses, but I read ’em so I know what I am redeemed from. And the curse basically has to do with sickness, poverty, death, and slavery. Amen and so basically he said, “If you don’t follow my ways and do what I say, you’re gonna go and your enemies are gonna take you captive and you’re gonna be poor and you’re gonna be sick, and you’re gonna be a slave until you die.” Amen, it’s miserable. So the curse is miserable. Now, all those things are included in the curse, poverty, sickness, slavery to sin, right? That’s what we’re redeemed from in the New Testament, right? And physical death. Now Jesus has redeemed us from poverty, from sickness, from slavery to sin, and from spiritual death. When he comes again, he’ll put the last enemy under his feet of physical death. Now in Deuteronomy 28, as we read through this, it says in verse 22, reading the curses, “The Lord will smite you with consumption, fever, inflammation, and extreme burning.” You know what that is? That’s the curse, that’s sickness, right? That is the curse. In verse 27 it says, “The Lord will smite you with the botch of Egypt with emerods”, those are tumors or cancer, it says in some translations, “with the scab and with the itch that cannot be healed.” He says, in verse 28, “The Lord will smite you with madness and blindness and astonishment of heart. You will grope in noon day as the blind gropes”, you’ll be crazy in the head, that’s what that’s saying, it’s terrible, and he says, “and you will not prosper in your ways, you will only be oppressed and spoiled for evermore.” Poverty and sickness are the curse, right? If we go on over to Deuteronomy 28:60, it says, “Moreover, he will bring upon you all the diseases of Egypt, which you are afraid of and they will cleave to you, and every sickness and every plague, which is not written.” I’m redeemed from every sickness and every plague, not written in the book of this law. He says, “The Lord would bring them on you until you be destroyed.” And basically he says, “you’re gonna be poor. You’re gonna be sick. You’re gonna be slaves until you die. If you’re under the curse.” So praise God, Christ, everybody can rejoice, and say this with me, Christ redeemed me from the curse of the law. Hallelujah, I am blessed. Hallelujah, amen. Call God your Father and come into this covenant that he made, amen, with his children. We are the children of God and we’re redeemed from the curse. So God made promises to the seed of Abraham and we received these promises by inheritance. Now let’s go back to Galatians chapter three. And in Galatians chapter three, we read this in verse 15, “Brethren, I speak after the manner of men though it be but a man’s covenant, if it yet confirmed, no man dis-annuls or adds to it.” “Now to Abraham and his seed”, singular, “were the promises made.” God made this promise to the seed of Abraham, and he said, “Not to seeds as of many, but to one, thy seed, which is Christ.” So he made this promise to Jesus Christ. And when you come into Jesus Christ by faith, did you know what? The Bible says, “Therefore, if any person be in Christ, the same has become a new creation.” Second Corinthians 5:17. When you come into Christ, you are an inheritor of the blessing of Abraham that was given to Jesus, the seed, hallelujah. Now he says, “You received that promise by inheritance.” Look at this, he says, in verse 17, “This I say that the covenant that was confirmed before, of God, the law, which was 430 years after Abraham, cannot dis-annul that it would make the promise of no effect.” So Moses came 430 years after Abraham. But the law that Moses gave did not dis-annul, it did not do away with the promise that God made to Abraham. He says in verse 18, “For if the inheritance be of the law, it’s no more of promise.” You don’t receive an inheritance because of what you do. You receive an inheritance because of who you are. I’ve received an inheritance. It wasn’t because I worked and I sweated, and I toiled and I labored and I saved, it’s because somebody else worked and sweated, and toiled and labored and saved. Hallelujah. And you received these promises of God, not because you did all the work, but because Jesus did all the work, and you inherit it as the seed of Abraham, hallelujah. He says, “If the inheritance be of the law, it’s no more the promise, but God gave it to Abraham by promise.” So we receive this inheritance. “What is the purpose of the law then? It was added because of sin, till the seed”, again, the seed should come, who is the seed? God had to bring the law, right? Because if God wouldn’t have brought the law, there wouldn’t have been a virgin left to bring the Messiah through. And so he said, “Till the seed had come to whom the promise was made, and it was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator. Now mediators not a mediator of one, but God is one, is the law then against the promises of God? God forbid, for if there had been a law given, which could have given life, righteousness would’ve been by the law, but the scriptures concluded under all sin, that the promise by the faith of Jesus might be given to them who believe.” So the promise is given to all who believe in Jesus. You know, how do you get the promises? By believing, believe Jesus, you receive righteousness. You receive justification, you receive blessing. You receive the Holy Spirit. You receive all the promises of God by faith in Jesus. He says, “But before faith came, we were under the law, shut up to the faith, which afterward would be revealed. Wherefore the law was our school master.” And I like to say this, we’ve graduated from law school to live the good life. “To bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. But after faith has come, we are no longer under the school master.” You know, my daughter-in-law Kendra, graduated number three at Duke Law, and before that, she graduated with honors at Princeton. She’s not going back to kindergarten guys. She’s already got her education. We’ve graduated from law school to live the good life. You know what? We’ve come into the grace of God. We’re not going back to the law to try to be justified since we’ve come to Christ. We’re not going back to the law to performance of the law, to try to receive the blessing of God, to receive healing or anything else. We just receive it by faith in Jesus, because Jesus took stripes for our healing, because Jesus took the curse so that we can be blessed. He goes on and says this, he says, “After faith has come, we’re no longer under this school teacher for you are children of God by faith in Jesus.” The reason that I get all the blessings today is because I’m a child of God. I’m a child of the King. He says, “As many of you have been baptized into Christ to put on Christ, there’s neither Jew nor Greek, there’s neither slave nor free, there’s neither male nor female, for you are one in Christ Jesus, and if you be Christ, then you’re Abraham seed and heirs, according to the promise.” Do you know what? We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus. And we came that way by faith in Jesus. And when you put faith in Jesus, you are the righteousness of God in Christ. You are justified by faith. You’ve received the goodness of God. You’ve received the blessing. You’ve received the Holy Spirit, and you need to quit asking God for what you’ve already been given, and start thanking him for what you have, and when you do that, did you know what? Your life is gonna get better and better and better. Praise God, I’ve been teaching friends, from my series on “The Cross is the Cure”. Praise God, at the cross, Jesus provided forgiveness for our sin. He provided peace for our anxiety, and he provided healing for our sickness, amen, and thank God for the cross, amen. We’re gonna be talking more about this tomorrow. Invite your friends to tune in the broadcast. But you can get this series. You can get my series on “The Covenant of Healing” that we taught on last week, and I didn’t even get through, you know, two lessons of this in four TV teachings. It’s crazy. And then we’ve also got in the healing package, Pastor Barbara’s teaching, my wife’s teaching, on “Present to Heal”, she’s a phenomenal minister of the gospel of the healing power of God, and so if you wanna get this healing package, we got a special offer on that, that’s available. If you’ll just give us a call, we’d like to get it. You know, the Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” And I want you to get this stuff. You know, I sell this stuff probably cheaper than it cost me to make it when I consider my help and all the different things, and the postage but you know what? I’m trying to get this message out so I can get the word of God into you, so you can receive the power of God, and the freedom that Jesus died for you to have. And if you wanna get this today, we’d love to get it out to you. If you need prayer, we have trained prayer ministers that are here today, that are ready to pray for you, that are ready to minister the grace of Jesus to you. Praise God. And so if you need prayer, give us a call. If you need salvation, if you need healing, if you need the Holy Spirit, just give us a call today. Praise God, God will hear you and answer your prayer. My prayer ministers are waiting to minister to you. We appreciate you, God bless you. It’s our prayer that God would bless you as you allow Jesus to live his life big in you. And I wanna say a great big thank you to all of our partners for helping us preach this gospel all around the world. Thank you and blessings.

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