Missions Ministry And Miracles – Part 2 Lawson Perdue and Mario Venzor

Jesus, the commander and chief of the church. He says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”

Missions Ministry And Miracles Transcript

  Hey friends, you don’t wanna miss this broadcast. I have my good friend Mario Venzor. We’re talking about missions, miracles, and ministry. And God has a part for you to play in this last day harvest. So stay tuned. You don’t wanna miss this broadcast. It’s gonna encourage you and it’s gonna empower you to go and share the good message of Jesus with others far and near, blessings. Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us today, and I’ve got my good friend Mario Venzor with me this week. We’re talking about missions, miracles, and ministry. We started yesterday by talking about the Great Commission, and in the great commission in Mark chapter 16. And like you said, it’s from the great commander, Jesus, the commander and chief of the church. He says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” What is the gospel?


  The gospel is the good news about the love of Jesus.


  Amen. The gospel’s the good news. Amen. And you said, you were kind of raised in religion and heard a lot of bad news and heard about all the stuff you weren’t supposed to do, but when you heard the good news, it changed your life. That God loves you. Jesus loves you, God’s not mad at you. And we talked about that yesterday. He said, “Go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes on me and is baptized shall be saved. He who believes not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow those who believe.” This is not just a message for public preaching and teaching ministry. This is not just for apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, but Jesus said, “These signs are gonna follow those who believe.” This is a message for believers to share. And then we went into 2 Corinthians, chapter five, where it really talks about the gospel. And you talked about how God just revealed to you that when you believed on Jesus, everything was new. And this is something that happened on the inside of you. He says, “If any person is in Christ, he’s a new creation.” In verse 17, and then verse 18, he says, “All things are become new,” the end of verse 17. And he says, “All things are of God who restored us to right relationship with himself.” What a marvelous deal. And then not only that, he gave to us the ministry. This is a ministry for every believer. Every person who’s received Christ as their savior, the ministry of reconciliation that’s telling the world, God’s not mad at you. Amen. He got over his anger. Where’d he get over His anger?


  At the cross.


  At the cross.


  At the cross. And then when he raised Jesus. And the good thing about it, pastor, is that the Lord equips the moment you’re born again, you’re equipped and you are an ambassador, and you got all of heaven behind you. Somebody says, “Well, when you’re born again, you got a target on your back.” You got a target on your back. Yeah, the devil will try, but lemme  He’ll try. But if he couldn’t do anything before you were born again, he cannot do anything now. I mean, he’ll try, of course, a few hiccups here and there, but I’m telling you what, you got the target of being between the father’s love and Jesus’ love. And you’re right in the middle, embraced by the  And he said, “Delight yourself in the Lord, in his good news, and he’ll give you the desires of your heart.” And I noticed that the more I spend time with him, he goes and gives me direction and just wherever I go, he just tells me, like, and one of our preachers that came here, he says, “Sometimes the Holy Ghost is saying, ‘Let me out, let me out, let me out.'” And I got that because whenever I see somebody that is sick, I offer to go and say, “Can I pray for you?” Whenever I see somebody with a long face, sometimes with the gifts of the spirit, that most of the time it’s just with simple faith and just talk to them about the love of God. And even sometimes you get addicted to those things that you’re just looking for places to let the Holy Ghost out. It happened the other day. I was coming out of Walmart and I seen a lady that had a patch on her face, and I just waited until she checked out. And I said, “What’s going on with you?” She goes, “Oh, I had some kind covid and I’m dealing with the after effects of it.” And I said, “Well, I’m gonna pray for you and the Lord is gonna heal you.” And she goes, “You are the man.” I say, “Yes, I am the man.” And she goes, “Well, let me tell you the story.” She goes, “I went to sleep last night and I was hurting so much and I had a dream. And in this dream there was this hospital full of people. And I heard a boy saying, ‘Whoever wants to be healed stand up.’ And so I stand up and he said, the boy said, ‘Tomorrow I’m gonna send you a man that is gonna pray for you.'” I was that man. So you know the Lord, he equip you, he’ll equip you with everything you need.


  What an amazing deal.


  Because like our friend said, he said, “If you get addicted to giving, if you get addicted to leading people to the Lord, to praying for people, the Lord will supply, will support your habit.” So I love these habits because these are-


  Hallelujah. Yeah, the Bible talks about that, those who have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints, and that’s Mark Hankins. He says, “If you get addicted to giving, God will support your habit.” But it’s really talking. It’s in Corinthians talking about, those who have addicted themselves to the ministry of Saints, addicting yourself to ministry. And we talked about this, we are all ministers. Every born again believer, every person who knows Jesus as their Lord and Savior is really to be a minister of the message of salvation, of the message of reconciliation. That God’s not mad at you, that God loves you, that he already paid for your sins. Now, something you said early when you were first talking, you talked about how God has made us ambassadors. I’m so glad we’re not worms. In the Old Testament it talks about that, but no, now we’re not.


  No, we’re not.


  He is raised us up and seed us in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6 says that, but it says right here in 2 Corinthians 5:20, where we left off yesterday, that he’s given to us the ministry of reconciliation. Telling people, “God’s not mad at you. He’s already paid for your sins. All you gotta do is believe it, to receive it.” But then he goes on to say that, now then we are ambassadors for Christ. Now an ambassador goes in the authority of the nation who sends it.




  I like something my son Aaron talked about, that years ago, I forget who was president, but it’s the Louisiana purchase. And one of the presidents here in the United States sent them to Europe, this ambassador to purchase just, I think it was Madison. Okay. Dolly Madison’s husband. Whoever that was. And they sent him to France. To purchase a port in Louisiana. And they gave him a certain amount of money to do it, well, for just a little bit more money. He bought about half of the United States. And so he couldn’t call back and get that approved. But it was a great deal. So he not only got the port in Louisiana, he got a clear up to Michigan and all up the Mississippi River Valley and all of that, the center of the United States was purchased, it called the Louisiana Purchase. So it was a great deal. He went as an ambassador and we go as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we go in the power and the authority of God. I’m reminded of Joshua, you talked a little bit yesterday about authority, and we’re gonna talk about how we have authority as ambassadors in a little bit. But Joshua was out fighting a battle one time, and he could see some of the enemies were gonna get away. So I don’t think God even really spoke to him. But he spoke to the son and said, “You stand still.” And the son stood still.


  There you go.


  Hallelujah. Because he was an ambassador doing God’s business till he destroyed all of his enemies. That reminds me of something. Mark Hankins was here the other day. We’ve had a few battles. But Mark Hankins right in the middle of his message, he said, “And God is gonna beat down your enemies before you face them.” And I stood up and shouted, “Lord find God.” And I’ve been saying ever since, God’s gonna beat down my enemies before my face. And I already know what’s coming. They’re not gonna know what hit them, but they’re gonna get hit big, Hallelujah. Because God is on my side.


  Inside information pastor.


  Yeah. Hallelujah. The Holy Ghost is with us. I had that happen about a month ago, I was preaching on a Wednesday night, my son Aaron was gone. So I was preaching and we had some people, and they’d been fighting a battle for a few years. And their son actually was brutally murdered. And there was a charge coming up and it was going to court. And the first court case got thrown outta court. But when I was preaching, God gave this dear woman here in the church, Carla Gifford. God gave her a scripture. And she came to me. She said, “God spoke to me tonight.” And that happened about a month and a half ago or something. And in this court case just got over and this person was found guilty and praise God, justice was done in this case. But I believe in this case that’s coming up. Hallelujah. God’s gonna beat down our enemies before our face. And so he says this, “Now, then we are ambassadors for Christ. We’re ambassadors, and we’re going in the authority. We have the authority of heaven behind us.” And Paul says, “We pray you in the place of Jesus, be reconciled to God.” Now we read Mark chapter 16, which is kind of an evangelistic side of the great Commission. But if you go to Matthew 28:18-20, “Jesus came and spoke to his disciples and he said, ‘All power, all authority is given to me in heaven and in earth, go ye therefore and teach, make disciples of all nations. Baptizing them. Immersing them into.'” This is what we’re doing when we’re teaching. We’re immersing people into who the Father is. Who the Son is, who the Holy Spirit is. We just developed a new curriculum and I oversaw it all. Praise God. And we’ve got the first four laid out and actually written. I think we’ve only got one or two on the internet right now. Quarters, but the first quarter is who is God? The second quarter is who is Jesus Christ? The third quarter is who is the Holy Spirit? And the fourth quarter is, who are you? Man you need to know who God is, who Christ is, who the Holy Spirit is and who you are. And you know what? I’ve been paying over $900 a year for a downloadable curriculum for my children’s church. And I got the same person writing for me that writes for this company. And they would not allow, she’s been in my church for 10 years. They would not allow her to write on what we believe about the Holy Spirit, what we believe about healing, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and put it in these children’s curriculum. We’ve become so seeker sensitive in the church that we’re dangerous, we’re dangerous to ourselves, churches that were started in the power of the Spirit are apologizing for the power of the Spirit. We’ve put this children’s curriculum out and we’re making it free of charge. You can find it under downloads on our website, free of charge. God, actually, hundreds of hours of teaching there on our website. Praise God. And so this is the first thing we’re teaching. He says, “You make disciples. And this is what you’re gonna teach the disciples. You’re gonna teach them who God is, who Christ is, who the yes Holy Spirit is. And then teach them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you, teach them who they are. And at low, I’m with you always, even to the end of the world.” So Jesus not only gave us a commission, Jesus gave us authority. He said, “All power’s with me, and now I’m with you. So you go in my authority” and we’re to go in the authority of Jesus. And in John 14, 15 and 16, we’re gonna come back and talk about this after the break. But in John 14, 15 and 16, Jesus was preparing his disciples for his departure. And when he was there, Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure. He talked about primarily two things. Number one, he talked about their authority in the name of Jesus. And number two, he talked about the power of the Holy Spirit. And there’s some things that we need today. We need to understand our authority as believers. And a lot of churches have completely left this out, our authority as believers in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. So we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna be talking more about our authority. This is Jesus giving his authority to us as believers to act in his place. So we’ll be back right after this break. Stay tuned. God bless you.


  Three different doctors. And they said, “Oh wow, have you messed up your mouth?” Well I asked another orthodontist. And he said, “That means she’s probably gonna break your jaw and you’re gonna have to have jaw surgery” because my hinges here had come out. We believe this is a house of miracles. Lasa looked at me and I said, he just grabbed me. Literally, I felt his faith. And they are people of healing. So I went home, looked in the mirror, nothing. Then I thought, “Wait a minute, who are you in Christ? What do you teach and preach?” We stand on the word of God. We walk by faith and not by sight. There’s a battle going on, folks. Do you think he wants me healed? Do you think he wants this church to be full of praises? No, he does not. Just said, “I thank you, Lord. Whatever I have to do to get this fixed, you’re gonna do it.” And I said, “Can I see those x-rays?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “Well, there they are. The hinges are where they should be.” You guys understand, this is what we call a miracle.


  Friends, I’m so glad that you’re still with us. We’ve been talking about the ministry of believers and we’ve shared the good message of the gospel, the good news of what Jesus has done for you. That God’s not mad at you, but also that God has restored us to right relationship. He’s told us every believer to share this message.


  Yes, yes.


  Right. The message of reconciliation. But he also said, “When you go, you go in my authority, you go in my power, these signs will follow them that believe.” Praise God. This is for all believers. And then we talked about Matthew 28. Jesus said, “All power is given to me, therefore, you go in my power and I’m with you.” Praise God. So we go in the authority of Jesus. Now, when we look at John chapter 14 and 15 and 16, we talked about this just before the break. Jesus was preparing his disciples for his departure. He says in John 14:1, “Don’t let your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe in me, in my father’s house. There are many mansions. If it were not so, I would’ve told you. And I go to prepare a place for you.” He goes on and tells them, “I’m the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” But then he begins to talk to them about their authority. And he says in verse 11, he says, “Believe me that I’m in the Father and the Father in me, or else, believe me for the very works sake.” Jesus used his works to back up his words. They brought a lame man. Jesus was teaching, the place was so full of religious people, nobody could get in. These guys got to the meeting late ’cause they went and got their sick friend. And so that man, they brought, he was sick of the piles. He was on a stretcher. They carried him. They get to the place and they can’t get in. So they tear a hole in the roof. Jesus sees sawdust and dirt, straw, all this stuff flying down there. He’s like, “Man, this is gonna be an illustrated sermon today.” Hallelujah. And they let this lame man down on a stretcher, four of his friends. And Jesus looks up and it says, He saw their faith. And he looks at the lame man and he says, “Son, cheer up. Your sins are forgiven.” You can find this in Mark chapter two. And Matthew chapter nine. And the religious people in the crowd began to question and say, “Who is this that forgives sin?” And Jesus said that, “You may know that the son of man has power on earth to forgive sin.” I’ll tell you, the sick of the palsy, get up, take up your bed and go to your house. So when you look at that, Jesus and he gets up, takes up his bed, he’s healed. Praise God. And so Jesus uses work. He said, “If you can’t believe me for my words, believe me for my works.” But then he goes on, he tells us the same thing. And he says this, we read this in Mark 16, but right here in John 14:12, he says, “Verily, verily, truly, truly, I tell you, he who believes on me, the works that I do, shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do. Because I go to my father. And whatsoever you ask in my name” that word ask if you, it’s aiteo in the Greek, it means to make it a man based on a rite. That’s one of the meanings of that word. He says, “That will I do. So I’ve given you authority in my name to take my authority in the name of Jesus, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. And if you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” This word of aiteo means ask, call, desire, require, “I give you authority.” So you talked about in the broadcast, I believe it was yesterday, delight yourself in the Lord. I’ll give you the desires of your heart. You’ve seen lots of miracles. When you go out witnessing, testifying, you see lots of people healed. Lots of people saved. Lots of people baptizing the Holy Spirit.


  Well, we’re peculiar people. We’re peculiar people. So when I first got born again, I learned about authority. My goodness, we authorized it is not, whatever will be will be. God is in control of everything. No that type of stuff doesn’t cut it anymore. You are the sheriff in town and you enforce the laws of the kingdom, and you do what the Lord tells you to do. It is your an ambassador. You are not gonna act like, “Well, Lord, if you want this, if you don’t,” you know the Word. So we just act on the Word and then the Holy Spirit hooks up with us. And so I remember when I first got born again, my mom, I used to work in the community college in Garden City.


  Oh, wow.


  Yeah. Cleaning the buildings. And I was just leading people to the Lord, all the basketball players and everybody, because it is fresh. I’m so grateful for the Lord brought me out, says in him what life. And that life was the light of man. Light stands for development. Just when the Lord spoke into the darkness and the Holy Spirit start hovering and over that chaos, when you’re born again is the Lord is speaking over you and just ordering your life and getting the chaos out of your life. So I remember, and my mom, she was a very devout, denominational person. So she come and talk to me, trying to kind of get me to calm, why don’t you become, “Why don’t you become normal like the rest of us?” And she goes, “Don’t you know we have a reputation to uphold. Your older brother is a priest and says, ‘You are just ruining your reputation.'” I say, “Mom, my reputation is I’m the drunk of town. I get into fights and I do all kinds of things.”


  Woo, you’ve changed.


  “If you only knew how much you hurts that old lifestyle,” now I serve Jesus, my mom look at me. And she’s like, “Son, if this is helping you, it’s okay.” But she watched me for about a year, and then she start ask, “I need prayer.” One of my sister, she was into witchcraft or whatever, and she didn’t get out of her room, say, “Pray for your sister.” And I pray for her to get born again. I share the gospel. And she just let that go. And then she couldn’t find a husband. So I pray a husband in, and then she couldn’t have children. And while we were praying and-


  A lot of people calling for prayer.


  You know the power of the testimony says, “God will do it again.” God will do it again. So anyway, my mom says, “She cannot have children.” And we were praying, and the Lord said, “Twins,” nine months later, she had twins, girls.




  So that made a believer outta her because the gospel should be accompanied by the love of God. Signs and wonders and things like that. So we’re not just saying things just for saying it, but we’re sharing our testimony so the Lord can do it again in your life. Like he did it in our lives.




  And so-


  Praise God.


  That authority of the believer, pastor, that authority of the believer is not like-


  We have authority in the name of Jesus. And then he says in John 15:7, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, you ask whatever you want.” You say, “What, you ask whatever you want? “Yeah, whatever you want. There’s a condition. If you abide in me, in my words, abide in you.” There’s only two conditions on that prayer. You shall ask whatsoever you will. And it shall be done unto you. Glory to God, whatever. What do you want? Delight yourself in the Lord and he’ll give you the desires of your heart. What do you want? Hallelujah. I want some good things. Hallelujah. I’m asking God for some good things. I wanna see sinner saved. I wanna see sick people healed. I wanna see people filled with the Holy Ghost. And set free by the power of God. I wanna preach the gospel around the nation and around the world, which I have been for years, but it’s increasing in Jesus name.


  Yes, yes, yes.


  Hallelujah. We are hearing about revival in the Middle East. We’re hearing about, I talked to a man yesterday, he was so excited. I’ve helped him before. He had been to Nepal and we’re hearing about signs and wonders and miracles and healings. He was over there baptizing literally hundreds of people. And he said, “While I was doing it, my 11 year old son raised up his hand, said, ‘Daddy, I wanna be baptized too.'” Amen, we’re hearing a revival in India, Nepal, the Middle East, in Africa. And you know what, in Russia. We have Philip Renner, he’s coming here this Sunday to be at our church and to lead worship. And he was in Russia and he was a major worship leader, released a CD that went a lot of nations went, exploded. And the Russians said, “Why are you going back to America? There’s nothing happening there.” He said, “Listen, America sowed seed in my dad and in different people so they could come here and preach the gospel. And don’t you think that we’re gonna get a harvest off of this seed. I believe revival is coming to America.” And I like something that Mark Hankins said when he was just here, “Don’t you see a blood wash to America?”


  There you go.


  And I believe, just like we’re seeing revival, you’re going to Mexico and seeing hundreds of people saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and healed and praise God. We’re seeing people. We had five people last Wednesday night baptizing the Holy Spirit and speak, you were there. Speaking in tongues. I had you come up and pray. I had a number of people come up. Hallelujah. We’re seeing people filled with the Holy Ghost, seeing people healed and set free by the power of God in Jesus’ name. Seeing people come to Christ. I believe that we’re gonna have many, many more people. People are gonna get tired of dead religion. Tired of work. Tired of going to a church that claims to be spirit filled. But we have no signs. We have no wonders. I was called to pray. My cousin goes to a church that’s supposed to be spirit filled, but they never operate in the gifts. They never speak in tongues. They never preach boldly on healing. But her son had a blood clot and it went to his brain and he’s 40 years old. And he was laying there and the doctors basically said, “He’s gonna be a vegetable.” And she had a vision this April, just after Easter of me coming and laying hands, she called me on Saturday morning and said, “Would you come pray for my son?” I said, “I’ll pray for him.” He started moving that day. Praise God. Now he’s up and he’s walking and he’s talking and the doctors are saying, “This is a miracle. He should have died. And now he’s alive.” I wanna tell you, Jesus is alive. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And if you need prayer, I want you to call in today. If you need to be saved or healed or filled with the Holy Ghost or if you need to partner with this ministry, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you. And bless you.


  Thank you.


  The church is the best thing that has ever happened to the world. I’m so thankful for the church. I’m so thankful for the global body of believers. I’m so thankful for local church bodies like this. I love the local church because Jesus loves the local church. This is the thing that is holding our country together.


  Friends, I certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed the program today and it’s ministering to you to move into that which God has for you. And I want to say a great big thank you to all of our partners for helping us share this gospel across the United States and across the world. It’s because of our partners that we can take this message of grace and faith around the world. If you would like to join our partners and receive that blessing, give us a call today. Blessings.


  Thanks for watching Grace for Today. This broadcast has been made possible by our faithful partners. If you would like to become a partner, need prayer or have a question, please call us at 719-418-4000 or to partner online, go to CharisChristianCenter.com/give. You can write us at PO Box 63733, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962. See you next time on Grace for Today.

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