Insights Into Faith Part 2 – Lawson Perdue and Jesse Duplantis

Insights Into Faith Part 2 – Lawson Perdue and Jesse Duplantis

In this second special episode of Grace for Today with guest Jesse Duplantis, Pastor Lawson Perdue begins to unpack Insights Into Faith Part 2. You’ll be encouraged and empowered by these two faith giants to believe God and see your life changed.

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Insights Into Faith Part 2 – Transcript

Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with me today. I have my good friend, Jesse Duplantis. I asked him to come talk about the subject of faith. Jesse is a faith giant. I like to hang around Jesse, amen, because I believe Jesse’s been hanging around Jesus, amen. And when you hang around Jesus, praise God, the subject of faith becomes an amazing thing. So open your heart and receive the good Word of God today and get ready to be blessed.

Friends, I’m so glad that you’re here today. I’ve got my good friend, Jesse Duplantis.

Hey, can I shake your hand once again? You’re a blessing.

And we’re excited about the Word of God.

Thank you.

We’ve been talking about the subject of faith. Yesterday we talked about this.


We talked about, I heard you make this statement and this thing just goes to me and just-


But you said, most of the time, in the realm of faith, I made a decision.


And God backed it.

It’s so good. And I used to be worried about making the wrong decision. Have you ever been there? You know what the Lord told me? He said, “Jesse, I’m not gonna make every decision for you.” And think about that. If our mother and father wouldn’t tell us how to tie our shoes, show us how to tie shoes, we’ll be sticking our foot in their lap at 45 years old, saying, “Mom, can you tie my shoe?”


No. God said, “Make a decision and I’ll back it.”


And I thought, yes. I said, well, “Lord,” I said this, “Suppose I make the wrong decision.” He said, “I promise you, I’ll let you know.” And there’s been times I wanted to do something and I’d get this little-


Come on. And it was a good idea, but it was not a God idea.

Yeah, there’s a difference.

There is a major… See, good ideas, people get behind them, but they don’t last very long.


God ideas, they’ll stay with you.

Then there’s a lot of difference between that.

All day.

Now, I heard this years ago, talking about the same thing you’re talking about. And a person said, “A lot of people assume the light is red and they’re waiting for it to be green.”


But what you need to do is assume the light green and just go unless it turns red.


And I believe we walk by faith.


We live by faith.

That’s right.

You know, we walk by faith and not by sight. So we talked about this a little bit briefly yesterday, that faith is not a movement, but faith is a lifestyle.

Yes, it is.

The Bible says the just shall live by faith. And then in Romans 10:17, it says, “Now then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Or the literal Greek says something like this. “Now then faith cometh by declaration.”


“And declaration by the mouth of God.” That’s why our all preaching doesn’t build your faith.

Well, you just said that the just shall live by faith.


Well, you can’t live by faith unless you believe you’re just.

Now, how do you believe you’re just?

By faith.

By faith. Through grace.


God made me just.


You may not think I’m just, but I don’t mean this in a wrong way. It doesn’t make any difference what you think, but it makes all the difference what He thinks.


And He looks at me through the veil of the blood of Jesus Christ.


And all He sees is purity.


My God, that’s great.

Praise God. I was preaching about that this morning. I was talking about Ephesians 1:6 where it says, “We’re accepted in the beloved.”


But that first part of Ephesians 1:6 says this, “To the praise of the glory of His grace wherein He made us accepted in the beloved.” And if you study it out in the Greek, it says something like this, when God looks at you, He sees you in your full potential through the grace of God.

Ooh, yeah.

And then that Word wherein means to come to a fixed position in the grace of God. And when you come to a fixed position of rest, in the grace of God, God sees you in your full potential through the grace of God. And He says, “You’re accepted.” So He accepts you based on your full potential through grace.

That’s it.

Looking at you through the blood, and what the blood not only has done, but what the blood has the power to do.

And will do. And you know, He says, “Enter into the rest.” But see, the problem is people are trying… They’re waiting for the rest to enter into them. No, no, it don’t work that way. You have to enter into it. We couldn’t do these television programs unless we enter into the studio. The studio wasn’t waiting for us to enter it. We had to get into it. So people get mad at me ’cause I’m happy. Well, I tried sad and I didn’t like it, I tried sick and that hurt. I tried broke and that’s stupid. I said, “I am gonna live by the way Jesus said I could live.”


So I’m not guilty. You gonna get some letters on that one? I am not guilty because, like we said at our last program, he didn’t impute sin to me


He imputed righteousness to me. Now I have to believe that by grace and I have to act on it through faith.

Right, accept it.

Yes, just that simple. You know, my mother and father says they were my parents. I had to believe it.


Because I certainly couldn’t remember it. I can’t remember. She could have picked me up on a step. I don’t know, but I know I’m her son. But that was not the issue. I just believed it.


I never once looked at my mother and said, “Is she really my mama?”


Well let me help you. I’ve never once looked at God and said, “Are you really my God?” He is my God.

Amen. Now, we talked about something yesterday.


And I said, “We’re gonna get into this today.” But we talked about when you believe on Jesus, you have the spirit of Christ that comes on the inside of you. Romans 8:9 says, “If any man has not the spirit of Christ, he’s none of His.” But since we are-


Right? Christ, the spirit of Christ lives in us. So since we have the exact same spirit that raised up Jesus-


From the dead and, “The fruit of the spirit,” Galatians 5:22, “is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentle, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.” So faith, is a fruit of the spirit. So we have the exact same spirit of faith as Jesus. We have the faith of Jesus on the inside of us.

Ooh, that’s good.

And there’s a lot of different scriptures that say that same thing.

Oh, yeah.

And it’s challenging for the religious mind, but when you understand that we don’t have a faith problem.


What we have is an unbelief problem.

Yeah. See, you gotta understand, what does God do? What is God’s job? Lemme tell you what God’s job is. He calls those things which be not, as though they are. That’s what God does. Now what is God? Watch this. God is love, joy, peace, long suffering, mercy, grace, tempers, and against such, there is no law. You see He’s the fruit of the spirit. That’s what He is.

That’s His character.

Yeah. But what He does, is call those things would be not, as though they were. And the Bible says in Ephesians 5:1, “Be therefore imitators of God.” So why you mad at me for if I’m acting like God? Do you know what I’m trying to say.

I get people that get mad at me.

Oh, yeah.

And you talked about people are mad ’cause you’re happy. I remember in high school I had a teacher that was mad at me because I was happy. “Why you so happy all the time?”

I know.

It’s because he was really… He needed to get born again.

That’s all.

And the spirit in me aggravated the spirit in him. But I’ve had some believers, even some that are pretty close to me, get mad because we got money. And, “Why do you have all this? And you should…” And Paul actually talks about this. This is a different subject but-

Go ahead.

In 2 Corinthians 8 he talks about it. And he says, “Well why are you blaming us in this abundance?” And really, I believe when you administrate the grace of giving right, you administrate finances right, it leads to abundance.

And lemme get you a lot of letters on your program.

Okay, that’d be great.

Listen, you don’t believe in prosperity, you ain’t gonna like heaven. You gonna get mad at Jesus buddy, ’cause you know what? You’re not gonna walk on concrete. You’re not gonna walk on asphalt. You gonna walk on gold and you gonna see diamond, beryl, jasper, onyx, ruby. And the Bible says in the our father prayer, “His will be done here as it is there.”


So what are you gonna do? When you get to heaven, you gonna tell Jesus, “No. Jesus. No, this ain’t right.” Well, He gonna say, “Go to hell.” That’s what he gonna say. “Go where there’s all the trash at.” Now in Louisiana, that’s not cussing, that’s a location. You understand what I’m saying? I am gonna live on earth like I live in heaven.


Because God said I could. Now I have to accept that by faith.

We have to believe it.

And believe it to the point that that grace comes on me to the point that it comes to pass. So I don’t make any excuses for the blessing of God in my life.


I will not do that. Deuteronomy 8:18, “Thou shall remember the Lord the God.” I do that all the time. “That is He that give it the power to get wealth.” Now if wealth is so bad, why’d He gimme power to get it? So it’s not my fault.

Well, then why are people trying so hard to get it if it’s a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing.

No. And to me it’s money to me is just simply a tool. You know, I just wish everything was free but it’s not. I don’t get mad when I go in the Walmart and they charge me for something I want.


You see what I’m saying? And lemme tell you something about money. If a dollar don’t buy much at Walmart, it don’t buy much a church neither.

That’s right.

You see, because the dollar is a dollar. It don’t have no faith. It’s just simply a dollar.

That’s all money is. Money’s a tool, right.

It’s simply a tool.

When you put money in the hands of a good man, he’ll do good things with it.

Well, if you start swallowing $20 bills, you gon’ die.


But if you take that $20 bill… See money’s worthless until you make it a commodity. If you go to the store and buy some food that brings nutrition to your body. If you go to a store and buy some clothes that brings warmth to your body. It’s worthless until it becomes a seed, until it you sow it into something.


It’s just that simple.


And, everything God said, as long as the earth remain it be seed time and harvest time. So when I see these things in the Old Testament and I see Abraham giving tithe, I say that I’m in Abraham’s loins on the art of Melchizedek. Jesus is still that high priest in the order of Melchizedek. When God said, “Jesse, I saved you by grace.” I don’t challenge that. I don’t debate that. I just believe it. And how’d you believe it? By faith.

Amen. You know, I’ve always said this, The Bible says in Psalm 1:19, the entrance of the Word gives light and gives understanding to the simple. And I just take a simple attitude towards the Word of God said it, I believe it.


And I think sometimes people have to be taught not to believe.


And when we’re born again we’re believers. That’s what we do.


And that’s our nature.

Well, I didn’t have to unlearn things.

Faith is the nature of God-

Yes. Oh God.

In us, talking about this, when we’re born again, we have the exact same faith of Jesus. So we don’t have a faith problem.


The deal is a lot of people have an unbelief problem because they’ve been feeding on the wrong information.

You got it.

So the church many times is feeding on the same information in the world and they wonder why they don’t have different results.

Right. Yeah.

So we’ve gotta begin to feed on what the Word of God says and begin to see from the perspective of God.

Amen. See, I don’t preach my opinions. God gave me a great definition. It was in a dictionary. Opinions are transitory forms of thought floating on the ocean of life. They change with every wave. So I preach God’s Word.


I don’t preach my opinion or my experience.

Right. A lot of people are preaching only experience.

That’s right. That’s so true.

Because that’s their knowledge. But they’re limiting people to their experience.

Yeah. So true.

And so I say that’s like trying to shoot for this roof and hit it. You’ll get it every time. But if you shoot for the sun and reach the moon, that’s a lot far. So I preach the Word, I preach the promise of God.


What I see in the scripture to be true.

It’s true.

No matter what my experience, I preach the Word of God. And I’m causing people to begin to experience.

And I change-

What God.

Yeah, and I change what I don’t like. We have that ability in us to change what we don’t like. You do. And you do it by faith, through grace. You just… “Yeah. But I tried that.” Trying didn’t get nothing. Trying don’t get nothing done. I didn’t try to come to this studio and do a program with you. We walked in the door. We’re doing the program.


So I didn’t try to come to Colorado spring, I did. Do you see what I’m saying? So He said, “Be you therefore a doer of the Word, not just a hearer. Deceiving your own self.” Why would people deceive themselves? ’cause anybody going… I mean if you deceive yourself, you the one gon’ get the problem.

Right. And if you really have faith, you can’t separate faith and action. And He’s talking about that in James chapter one, which is a great example of faith.


And in James 1, James is writing and he says, “Listen, don’t be like these waves of the sea that are driven with the wind and tossed because that’s like an unstable person. And don’t let that person think that they’ll receive anything of the Lord.”

I’ll show you something in the Bible that a lot of people don’t realize. Jesus is so wonderful and He saw His boys in a storm. Now what? He coulda took the boat to get to ’em, but he just kept on walking.


Now watch, he walking on the sea. Watch that. Now he told them to go to the other side.


Now, you know a lot of people hear things but they don’t really hit.


So watch this. They’re out there and the storm’s kicking. It’s getting rough. All of a sudden they see this person. “God!” Now you think they would know who Jesus is. He had just fed 5,000 people before that. I mean they’ve been with him all day.


Watch how powerful faith is. The guys in the boat go, “God! Man, this is a ghost. This is this.” And Peter, big old, brave Peter. “If that’s you, Jesus, bid me to come.” And he think He’s just looking at something that he ate. Maybe something is just staring at you there. And he didn’t realize. Jesus said, “Come.” Now watch this. He didn’t know who it was. Peter got out of that boat and start walking that water.

Now, he’s stepping over waves.


Watch this. But his eyes is on Jesus.


What is he seeing in Jesus? Faith. The minute he takes his eyes off of Jesus and looks at the waves that he’d been stepping over, he begins to sink.


Jesus’ faith was holding Peter up in his fear. See that? Think about that for a minute. Oh! “And when he saw the winds, he was afraid.” But as long as he had his eyes on Jesus.


I don’t care how much fear he had, Jesus’ faith was holding that man up. And then Jesus, when he got to him, he was right close as I am, he said, “Why’d you doubt?”

Right. “What’s wrong with you? I’m with you right here?”


And then they walked back to the boat and as one of the gospels say, immediately they was at the shore. I got to thinking, “How can some people do what they do, and they’re in fear because their eyes on Jesus? You focus on your priority, you eliminate all confusion. But the minute Peter took his eyes off of him, remember he’s in fear. He don’t know who Jesus is till he gets there.

[Lawson] Right.

He sees the waves. He’s not in fear. He’s eating his lunch, but as long as he’s walking through that man, he’s walking on top of the water. So a person called me the other day, you’ll love this, very, very important person in the faith and a very big, big, huge ministry. And they said, “Brother J, we want your opinion or we want know what you think about this. And I said, “Okay.” “We about ready to jump up.” Now watch this. “By faith,” that’s what he said. So I smiled. “And we’re gonna have to walk some through some deep water,” which means it’s gonna cost a lot of money. “We’re gonna have to walk through some deep water.” You know what I said? “Now, why would you walk through deep water when you can walk on top of the water? Why are you already believing for the resistance?”


“Why you already believing for the trouble? Why don’t you just get on top of the water?”


“You got a choice.”


And it set them free. I said, “You worrying about something that’ll never happen.”


If you’ll believe, how can you say that? Grace, faith, love, truths of the spirit, clean, righteousness, they’re all mine.

Amen. I know some people are saying that, “Who do you think you are?” If you go in every verse of that Bible, you gonna find Jesse in there. I’m gonna find Lawson in there because that Bible was wrote for us ’cause in the beginning was the Word. See, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have any doubt. Doubt is mental anemia. I don’t have any of that. I don’t want any of that. Doubt is a form of atheism. I said that the other day at at Lawson’s church. In the beginning was the Word, Word was God, Word was with God. You doubt God’s Word, you doubt that He exists. That’s why Jesus told those Pharisees that, “This woman has been bound for 18 years, ought not you been loose.” He mad about that. So if he took your infirmity, why do you want it?


If He bore your sickness, why should you have it?

Praise God. You know what? We’re gonna be back right after a short break and stay tuned and we’ve got some great things to share

On this subject of faith.

Amen. Thank you Jesus.

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And I love it.

And I’ve got my good friend here, Jesse Duplantis. And we’ve said a couple things. We’ve been talking about this aspect that we have the exact same spirit of faith of Jesus. I wanna go over here to this scripture in 2 Corinthians 4:13. And Paul writes and he says, “We, having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed and therefore have I spoken, we also believe and therefore we speak.”


Now Paul’s talking about David who said, “I believed and therefore I’ve spoken.” And I believe David got it from God when He created heaven and earth.

Sure, sure.

But anyway, he says we have the same spirit of faith. If you study that out in the Greek, it says, we have the exact same spirit of faith.

Amen. And we begin to understand we have the exact same spirit that raised up Jesus from the death. We have the exact same faith of Jesus. So we, as believers, do not have a faith problem.


What we have is an unbelief problem.

That’s correct.

Because we’re feeding on the wrong… In fact, the disciples came to Jesus and they said, “Lord, increase our faith.” And Jesus said, “If you have faith, you would say to this sycamine tree, ‘be thou cast into the sea,’ and it would obey you.”

See, I’m sick of mine, are you sick of yours?


See you gotta get sick of yours so you can get the sick of mine.

And he says, “For which of which of you having a servant who’s plowing or feeding cattle.”

You got it.

“You tell that servant once he’s been out in the field comes in, you don’t say, ‘hey you go take care of yourself and then come take care of me.’ You say ‘you take care of me,’ then you go.” In other words He says, faith is your servant.


And your faith will do what you command it to do.

Well see, people don’t understand that word, same. You see, same spirit, same faith, same everything. Do you understand? He gave you the power of attorney to use the name of Jesus. Lawson, I’m not a Lawson Perdue, but if you gave me power of attorney, I become you. I can sell your house.

That’s right.

Because I am Lawson Perdue. Because he gave me power of attorney. Jesus gave us the power of attorney. Listen, the glory of God is on Michael, on Gabriel on the seraphims, the cherubims, the archangels the wheel within the wheel, call it what you want but the glory of God and the name of God is not on you, it’s in you. Same spirit. That’s why Jesus said in Saint John 14:12. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me,” not on Christianity, that’s manmade. “He that believeth on me the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do ’cause I go to my father.” And he took it stronger. “Whatsoever you should ask him my name.” Oh! That will I do. Why? “That the father may be glorified in the son.” Then he went super radical. “If you ask anything-“

“Anything in my name.”

You know why he could say that? Same.



So to me, what He’s saying there in John 14, when He is talking about the power of attorney to use the name of Jesus is the name of Jesus will get for you what redemption paid for.

That’s it.

He’s saying, you’re gonna get this because I go to my father.


And that’s the first aspect that he’s talking about the name of Jesus. Then he goes on in John 15:7 and he says, “If you abide in me, and my Word abides in you, you shall ask whatever you will and it’ll be given to you.” Only two things get all your prayers answered. You abide in me and let my Word aide in you.

That’s so simple. You need a good theologian to help you misunderstand that.

Right. So what redemption promised then number two, what the Word of God promises. Then he, says this in John 15:16, “You have not chosen me, but I’ve chosen you and I’ve ordained you that you should go and bring forth your fruit. And your fruit would remain that whatever you ask The Father in my name, He’ll give it to you.” So whatever God called you to do. So what Redemption paid for what the Word promises what God’s called you to do and then what’s given to us when the Holy Spirit came. If you go over into John 16:23-24 He’s saying the same thing. “In that day you gonna ask me anything I’ll give it to you.”

You know what I’ve noticed? That Word of god’s in you.

Amen. But it can’t come out of you unless it’s in you. See, you start quoting the scripture before you know another coming out and the another was coming out. See, we don’t just believe this. Lemme tell you something about unbelief. Very easy to get rid of. Just take the un off. Just two letters U-N. Watch this, compromise. But you take the C-O-M off, it’s promise.

Amen. It’s good.

It ain’t not hard. It’s not. You see what I’m saying? So you gotta understand. This is so simple, but you can’t use intellectual activity or range in research or induction in reason. You got to walk in that law of faith.


And out of that law will come what you need, desire, want. You’ll understand grace, everything you can possibly ask or think beyond human reasoning.


And it’ll come.

It’s called faith in God.

That’s it.

Amen. Faith in God will change your life.

It sure changed mine.

Hallelujah. It changed mine.

Only thing that could change me.


‘Cause I didn’t want changing. You know why? I was blind. But when I got born again, I saw sin for the first time. I had never seen it before.


But buddy, faith will open your eyes.

Amen. Now, if you’ve never received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you need to do that. You need to receive Jesus. And when you receive Jesus, you become a new creation.


You have the faith of Jesus. All these things come on the inside of you. And it’s not hard to believe God.


Why? Believers believe. And so Jesse, I want you to take just a few seconds and just pray for those who need to receive Jesus as their Lord.

Look at me. Look at me. Father, I ask you today, save people that need saving, heal people that need healing. All they gotta do is believe with their heart. Are you believing? Right now, I’ll put my agreement with your faith right now with your prayer. Thank you Lord for a new brother and a new sister ’cause you believe with your heart. Welcome to me and Lawson’s family, the family of God.


Glory to God.

We’re so glad that you tuned in with us today. And Jesse, thank you you so much for taking this time-

Oh, it’s our pleasure.

Being with me. And if you need prayer today, personally, we have trained prayer ministers that are here. They’re waiting to receive your call and we wanna just let you know that you can call in. They’re here, they’re ready to pray for you. They’re ready to minister for you and so just give us a call today and receive prayer. If you want product, you can get the product or if you want a partner with us, we’d love to have you partner. Thanks so much for being with us and blessings to you.

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