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Confession Cards Printable Downloads

Download production-quality printable PDFs for free. Use these files to create as many confession cards as you want and watch the Gospel change your life!


In Christ Scripture Confession Card

The In Christ Scripture Confession Card brings together some of the Bible’s most powerful affirmations about who you are after receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord. Understanding who you are and what you have because of Jesus’ death and resurrection is key to living the Christian life.


Healing Scripture Confession Card

The Healing Scripture Confession Cards bring together some of the Bible’s most potent promises for physical and emotional healing. Declaring the words of this confession card over your life each day is like taking a dose of God’s prescribed medicine for your body. Jesus Christ took stripes, died on the cross, and rose again to pay for your physical and emotional health. As you declare these promises from God’s Word you will activate supernatural laws and manifest natural healing in your body and soul. Some of these affirmations are so bold that we found it necessary to include the scripture reference with each statement.


Provision Scripture Confession Card

The Provision Scripture Confession Card focuses on how God is our provider, His blessing, and financial provision. God wants you to have all of the resources and finances that you need to accomplish everything He called you to do. Each sentence comes directly from verses and promises in the Bible. The Provision Confession Card is a powerful tool to build your faith and overcome financial struggles and debt in your life.


Declarations for My Children Confession Card

The Declarations for My Children Confession Card is filled with scripture promises that you can speak over your children. God has a unique and fulfilling purpose for every person from the time they are born. Each sentence comes directly from verses and promises in the Bible. The Declarations for My Children Confession Card is a wonderful tool that will help you speak into their destiny in every stage of their life


A Prayer Over Our Children Confession Card

This confession card is inspired from a Holy Spirit imparted prayer that Pastor Lawson spoke over the youth of Charis Christian Center during the course of one of our conference events. We believe these confessions will impart wisdom and purpose into the hearts of your children and remind you of the Bible promises to you for your children.

Free Confession Cards

Free Confession Cards

As you believe and speak God’s word over your life, you will activate God’s promises! God wants you to live in His financial provision, health, and identity! Order your confession cards as our gift!

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