The Favor Of God Part 14 – Lawson and Barbara Perdue

The Favor Of God Part 14 – Lawson and Barbara Perdue

The Favor Of God Part 14 from Pastors Lawson & Barbara Perdue. There is protection in His presence and in this episode of Grace For Today, you understand how you are no longer under the curse. Jesus freed us.

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The Favor Of God Part 14 Transcript

Welcome, friends, to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in today. We’ve been talking all week. I have my wife Barbara here with me today, but we’ve been sharing on favor and the life of Esther. And today we’re gonna talk about how there is protection in his presence and the curse has been reversed. I want you to know as the people of God, as believers in Jesus, you are no longer under the curse. Blessings.

Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us today. And I have Barbara, we’ve been sharing all week from the life of Esther. What a tremendous message on the testimony of the favor of God. And we began talking about the first testimony of the favor of God is the King loves me. The second one is there is a Kingdom purpose for my life. The third one is I am accepted in His presence. The fourth one, the King has granted my request. But now we are in Esther chapter seven. And it says, “The King and Haman came to a banquet with Esther, the queen. And the King again said to Esther” Now this is the second day in a row. This was a big request. This was a double dinner deal.

Do you like double dinner deals?

I like double dinner deals. So anyway, “What is thy petition, Queen Esther? And it shall be granted you. And what is your request that it shall be performed” Even she must have done a good job at the first one ’cause the King said, “Hey, I’ll come again tomorrow.”

We talked about how she set time aside to pray, how we can ask God for wisdom, he’ll give it to us liberally. She had the right attitude. She was gracious. Her uncle encouraged her saying, you are in this place, in this position, not just for your own life, but because of others. We talked about really when God… And God has a calling and anointing in all of our lives and it always is a domino effect. We always affect someone else.


And sometimes people don’t realize this. And this is what her uncle or, Mordecai, had really encouraged her saying, you are here for such a time as this and because of God. It was really through God orchestrating these events, getting her in this place because he knew that she was gracious, she had a good attitude, she had a relationship with the Lord. And so she found favor at each step. But I believe that she recognized that the favor she had was from the Lord. And it was for such a time as this. And so it’s very exciting that she had wisdom how to present with the information. She had information she really needed to get to the King. He had been deceived and manipulated.

[Lawson] Yes.

And so she was the only one really in the place who could really have that appointment or be able to talk to him and give him the information that he needs.

And this is something that’s really important to understand in the realm of favor. Sometimes people have something from God, but it’s not in their realm of influence to speak about it, so on and so forth. I’ve worked very closely with Andrew Wommack, Charis Bible College. I love Andrew. I was there when he began the meetings. Our ministry is really the fruit of his ministry. I was spirit-filled and called to preach. And his meetings, when he just had six Bible studies around the country in 1978. So over 40 years ago. And I’ve worked very closely with them the last 20 years teaching much more in the Bible school. And there’s little things sometimes that bother me, but in the last 40 years I’ve only approached Andrew about two different things that I thought really needed to be addressed. And he did both of them. And I wasn’t trying to be arrogant because, there’s times this is not my place. This is not my, not my time. I’m not in the position to speak into that and I’m not going to. And it’s very important that you understand where God gives you influence and maybe where he hasn’t. Good understanding, The Bible says, gives favor. And so we talked about how she was accepted in the presence of the King. There’s a kingdom purpose for her life. And the King granted her request. But when she goes in here and she’s doing the second banquet for the King. And the King asked her again. This is like the third or fourth time he asked her this and says, what is your request? And it will be performed even to the half of the kingdom. And the Queen Esther said, “If I have found favor.” She learns that she can rely on the favor of God. That she can rely on the grace of God. And it’s good to know that you can rely on the grace of God. She says, “In your sight, oh King, and if it please the King, let my life be given at my petition and my people at my request.” Do you know there is protection in His presence?


Psalm 91 says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” And I will say of the Lord, what are you saying about God? So many people are just saying their situation. I’ve done it myself. I have to watch that thing thing between my teeth called my tongue. But we need to be saying what the King says. What King Jesus says, what the word says. If you say what you always had, you’ll always have what you’ve always had. So if you want to change that around death and life are in the power of the tongue. So you’ve gotta begin to speak what God says. And so it says in Psalm 91, “He that dwelled in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” And I will say of the Lord, what are you saying about God? He is my refuge, He is my fortress. He is my God. In Him will I trust. Thank God we can trust in Jesus.

[Barbara] That’s right.

Amen. It’s so good. And so she says, “Let my people be given my petition and my people at my request my life. For we are sold.” She goes on and begins to tell the King what’s really happened. Sometimes those in authority do things and they don’t really know what’s really went down. “To be slain into parish.” But if we’d been sold for slaves, you know, slave boys and slave girls, I would’ve held my tongue. I would’ve held my peace. “Although the enemy could not counter veil the King’s damage. Then the King Ahasuerus answered and said to Esther, who is he and where is he that does presume in his heart to do this? And Esther said that adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman.” Man, she had him right there. And Haman was afraid. Boy, how the tables turned. How the tables turned.

We talked about really how he came up with a significant amount of money, how he used that money to really manipulate and maneuver his plans for wickedness and really deceived the King in the first place to hate people and kill people just because he didn’t like them. And we just talked about there’s nothing new under the sun, as it says in Ecclesiastes. And we don’t wanna fall for these devices of the devil to hate people and to allow division in our communities, in our nation, in our families, just because people are different or think different or look different. It’s just horrible, wicked devices of the devil ultimately. But I wanna bring something out that I see in the Bible. And that is light always overcomes darkness.


Truth will prevail and will eventually be.


What has been done in the dark will be brought to light.

Amen, praise God. “And so the King, when he heard this, he rose from the banquet of wine in his wrath.” He was really mad about what went down. “And went to the palace garden. And Haman stood up to make request.” Now Haman’s in a different place. He’s requesting of his life to Esther the Queen. “For he saw that there was evil determined against him by the King.” The King was mad when he figured out what really went down.

How he had been deceived.

Yes. “And so the King returned out of the palace garden into the palace place of the banquet of wine. And Haman was fallen on the bed where Esther was.” Oh my God, you talk about trouble. And boy, he’s here with the queen on her bed.

In his moment of fear he lost his sense of what’s ethically correct to do and not to do. You could say.

“Then said the King, will he force the Queen also before me?” He was so mad he couldn’t even think straight in his house. “And the word went outta the King’s mouth. As the word went out they covered Haman’s face. And Harbona one of the King’s Chamberlain said, behold also the gallows 50 cubits high.” They all knew the story. “That Haman has made for Mordecai who had spoken good for the King.” Who protected the King, who saved the King’s life.

Yes. Haman built gallows for an innocent man who had done nothing wrong. An innocent good man.

Yes. “He said they stand in the house of Haman. And then the King said, hang him there on.” If God’s grace doesn’t intervene, what you sow you’re gonna reap. We still live in that time. The Bible says in Galatians chapter six, be not deceived. Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap. Now it actually says it in a positive context. He says, “He that sows to the spirit shall, of the spirit, reap life everlasting.” And in the overall context to that Galatians six through 10 is positive. However, he does say he sows to his flesh. And boy wicked Haman had been doing a lot of sewing to his flesh, shall, of the flesh, reap corruption or death. And so it says the King said, “Hang him there on.” So the gallows 75 feet high that Haman had just constructed the night before to hang Mordecai on. That when he came in that morning, or the day before. When he came in that he was planning, right, on hanging Mordecai on were used to hang him on. So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he prepared for Mordecai. You better watch out what you do to others.

[Barbara] Right.

Because it might come back to you. And the then the King’s wrath was pacified. Judgment was made, judgment was determined, judgment was carried out.

I like what you’re bringing out really how the Lord protects us. There is a protection in his presence. And that’s where we see Esther. There was harm intended for her and all the Jews. But she had favor. And really what you’re talking about in this point today is how the Lord, there is protection in his presence.

And how many people in time passed have tried to exterminate the Jews and kill them and wipe them out? And at the end it turns back on them.

That’s right.

And we said this same spirit that was in Haman was in Hitler. We see this same spirit in Putin most recently. We see this spirit in Mussolini, these different world leaders who had no regard really for innocent human life. It is a terrible, terrible thing.

[Barbara] That’s right.

And I don’t believe we should stand for this kind of stuff.

[Barbara] No.

In a society in which we live if we have power to do something about it. So many times people have come against the people of God. But in the end, the people of God will prevail.

That’s right.

God changed Jacob’s name. He was the father of the nation of Israel. He had 12 sons. Their 12 families were the 12 tribes of Israel. And God changed his name from Jacob to Israel. As a prince, you have power with God and power with men and have prevailed. I like to say I have favor with God, I have favor with man, and I have a good understanding. Praise God. We put that on a coffee cup and then we added, and I have supernatural increase. One of the guys in my church he started saying that every day. He said, “Pastor, you can’t believe how much increase has come to me since I’ve done that.”

That’s awesome.

Praise God. There’s something happens when you believe and speak God’s word. “On that day, King Ahasuerus…” Now we’re in chapter eight, verse one. “Give the house of Haman, the Jews enemy, to Esther, the Queen.” He gave it that day. He hanged Haman, this very wealthy, very rich man, and gave all of his property to Esther. “And Mordecai came before the King. And Esther had told what he was under her. And the King took off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, the Governor. And he placed it on the hand of Mordecai.” He gave it to Mordecai. So Mordecai became the governor. This was amazing.

That’s a very interesting twist.

“And Esther put Mordecai over the house of Haman.” Mordecai took care of her property. Glory to God. So promotion comes through the favor of God. The Bible says this in Psalm 75. Don’t look to the east or the west or South for promotion comes from the Lord. It doesn’t say to the north because right on the north side of David’s house was the temple and that represented God’s presence among his people. He said, God is the one who promotes. He said He puts one up and he puts one down. Amen. And thank God for the promotion of God. Thank God for what He does and how He promotes people and how He brings people into what he has for ’em. We’re gonna take a short break for just a few seconds and then we’ll be right back. So stay tuned. We’ve got more to talk about. You don’t wanna miss the last half of this broadcast. And we’re gonna talk about how the curse has been reversed and you are not under the curse. So stay tuned. Blessings. Friends, I wanna tell you about some products that we have available that I believe will help you move into God’s plan, to God’s destiny for your life. The first one is my book Uncommon Favor. This is my life story. And there are a lot of just really simple stories, things that have happened in my life for the last 30 years. And really how God has blessed us and helped us move into what He has for us. And I believe that God is no respecter of persons. What God has done for me, he will do for you. I have so many people read this book. It’s a very simple read. And they’ll tell me, “Pastor, I was so encouraged.” “That really helped me and gave me hope for my life.” And so you don’t want to miss getting this book Uncommon Favor. And we packaged it together with my teaching on the favor of God. And this is a three CD teaching on the favor of God. You can get this by calling our office or you can check us out on the web at Praise the Lord. Friends, I’m glad you stayed with us. We’ve been sharing all this week on the favor of God. And we’ve been sharing from the book of Esther. This Jewish orphan, beautiful Jewish orphan girl, who became queen of the largest empire in the world. And God took her from absolute necessity and poverty and brought her into a very high position of honor and brought great wealth and great riches to her. But not only did he do that. Through Esther, he spared the people of God. He spared the Jewish nation. And this has happened over and over again. In fact, there are many people who’ve set out to destroy Israel and they’ve lost their preeminence and power. And Israel remains a nation to this day by the grace of God. Some people don’t believe that God has a plan for Israel, that God has promised to Israel that he made in the Old Testament. And Jesus fulfilled about a third of those promises in the Old Testament to Israel. But about two thirds of them are yet to be fulfilled. And they believe that God’s all done with that. And my question to you is, if God doesn’t keep his promise to Israel, what makes you so special? Because if you study it out, it’s not only in the Old Testament. Right in the middle of of the book of Romans, we find God’s plan for the Jews and the Gentiles. Romans 9, 10 and 11. We see that laid out.

So it’s exciting. We live in exciting times as we continue to see things unfold. And I like what we’re bringing out with what the chapter we’re on now that we are redeemed from the curse.

Yes, every curse has been broken. So Esther came in before the King, fell down at his feet.” This is in Esther eight, verse three after Haman was hanged. And the King gave Esther Haman’s house. Haman was this very rich, one of the richest men in this Kingdom. The largest Kingdom that’s ever been on the planet. And Mordecai, she put Mordecai over it, who Haman was gonna kill. And they hanged Haman on the gallows that he prepared for Mordecai. And so she fell at the King’s… She still had ultimate respect for the King after being in relationship with him for a period of time. And she besought him with tears to put away the mischief of Haman the Agagite and his device because he had this plan to annihilate the Jewish people.

Well we talked about how he bribed and manipulated the King. And so it was already signed in place that the Jews were to be killed. And that was a law that cannot be reversed. So Esther’s like we still have to have a plan. There has to be something for the Jews. So this gets pretty exciting. Because, again, that law could not be reversed. But how God orchestrates this change, and it gets very exciting here. We have been redeemed from the curse. Jesus hung on that cross on that tree and exchange places with us. So it’s very….

And took the curse for us. That’s why God’s not putting the curse on you.

That’s right.

He’s not cursing you today.

That’s right.

He’s not putting sickness on you.

That is right.

You’re not cursed if you don’t tithe. You limit God’s blessing. You know what, that’s you hinder… God wants to bless you and help you, but you need to get involved in the plan. We’ll not talk about that, that’s another thing. But Jesus took every curse on him on the cross. And God is not putting the curse on his people in any way, shape or form, period.

[Barbara] That’s right.

Amen. And so Esther came and she said, “If it please the King, and if I found favor in his sight.” This is Esther eight, five. “And the thing seem right before the King, and if I’m pleasing in his eyes, let it be written to reverse these letters devised by Haman, the son of Haman, the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the Jews which are in the King’s province.” So this curse was reversed. And Galatians 3:13 says, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

Amen, that’s exciting.

Being made a curse for us. For it is written cursed everyone who hangs on a tree. So that verse 14 says, “The blessing of Abraham might come on on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ. That we might receive the promise of the spirit through faith.” So we are redeemed from the curse. We’re free from the curse and we’re blessed with the blessing of Abraham.

[Barbara] That’s right. And so she said, she goes on. And you can see her heart for Israel, the people of God, her compassion. “How can I endure to see this evil come to my people? How can I endure to see the destruction of my nation, my kindred and my family? And the King Ahaseurus said unto Esther the Queen, Mordecai the Jews, I’ve given Esther the house of Haman and they hanged Haman on the gallows because he laid his hand on the Jews.” You don’t want to touch God’s people.

That’s right.

Boy, you know what God told Abraham in Genesis 12 verse 3, I think it’s verse three, but verse 1 through 3. I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. I’m never going touch the Jewish people. I’m gonna keep my hands off them. And I’m never going to touch somebody who’s a child of God.

That’s right.

You do not curse who God has blessed. That’s just the Bible, okay. Write also for the Jews in the King’s name and seal it with the King’s ring. For the writing which is written in the King’s name is sealed with the King’s ring. May no man reverse.

Okay. You just read in verse eight. This is chapter eight in verse eight where it said that no one can revoke. And so we’re really bringing this up to what this means in the New Testament. That because of what Jesus did, dying on that cross for our sins and and taking stripes on his back for our healing, that cannot be revoked.

Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah, it’s amazing. So they called him and they wrote a new thing and Mordecai commanded the Jews and the rulers of the provinces in these 127 different nations. And everyone, every people, after their own language. And he wrote in the King’s name, in Ahasuerus’ name, sealed it with the King’s ring and sent letters by posts on horseback riders, mules and camels and young diameters when the King granted the Jews, which were in every city, to gather themselves and stand for their life. You protect yourselves. If they come to against you, to kill you, to cause you to perish. That you stand up for yourself and you destroy them.

They gave them the right to be armed and to protect themselves.

And so this was sent throughout the whole Kingdom that the Jews could be ready to avenge themselves on their enemies. I’m telling you, God has the last word. Amen. And it says this, that was in verse 13, chapter eight, verse 14. So the posts that rode on mules and camels went out being hasten, pressed by the King’s commandment and the decree was given at Shushan the palace. And Mordecai went out from the presence of the King in royal apparel of blue. Blue is really talking about the heavenlies, white righteousness. A great crown of gold, great wealth, was given unto him. And a garment of linen and purple, righteousness and royalty that’s talking about. And he says and the city of Shushan rejoiced and was glad. You know what? When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. That’s what proverbs says.

Well, I like what you just brought out in that verse 15. And I want you to talk a little bit more about that. Again, we’re talking about what this means for us in the New Testament. Because the Bible always gives these details how Mordecai was in the royal apparel of blue and white with a great crown of gold. And again, what it meant when Jesus died for us…

Well now we’re accepted in his presence.

That’s right.

Right? That blue is talking about heaven, gold is talking about wealth and riches has been provided to us.

That’s right.

White is talking about righteousness, fine linen. And purple is talking about royalty. So that’s, you know who we are in Christ.

That’s who we are.

We have glorified position in Christ. And it says the Jews, the people of God in verse 16 had light and gladness and joy and honor. Now, if you understand, a New Testament says Galatians 3:29 says, we’re the seat of Abraham through faith in Jesus. You put your faith in Jesus, your heirs of this covenant.

That’s right.

And you enter into this blessing. So don’t be jealous. Just join with them and rejoice in God’s provision.

I like what you used the term enter in. We can enter in to what Jesus has already done for us.

Amen. And he says, in every province, every city where the King’s commandment is decreed King. The Jews had joy and feast and gladness and a good day. Glory to God. The Bible says in Psalm 1:18, I believe it is, this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice in it. talking about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Glory to God. We can rejoice in the work that Jesus has done. And many of the people, the land became Jews. That they came into the covenant. Isn’t this amazing? When Israel left Exodus, there was a mixed multitude went with them because they believed. There are two Gentiles in the lineage of Jesus, Rahab and Ruth. Praise God. So it’s never been an exclusive deal. It’s inclusive.

That’s right.

I’m glad that God is an inclusive God. And many of the people of the land became Jews for fear of the Jews fell upon them. If you need prayer today, I want to encourage you to call us. We have trained prayer ministers. We see lots of miracles, different… We’ve been seeing amazing miracles recently.

We have.

And I saw three manifestations of miracles in the area of healing just last week that I know about. I pray for a lot of people. But these people came back and told me within days of when I prayed for ’em and it’s amazing. But if you need healing, if you need provision, if you need prayer, if you want to become a partner, or if you’d like to get this great product on favor, give us a call today or check us out on the web. God bless you.

[Announcer] The favor of the Lord has the power to change your life. In this favor package, you’ll learn how you already have more than enough favor. Because God loves and cares for you. Get the Favor CD series along with the book entitled Uncommon Favor for $24 when you call 719-418-4000 or visit

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