Redemption – Part 10 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

Redemption Part 10 with Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue. In this episode of Grace For Today you’ll learn how the blood of Christ cleansed us, the spirit of Christ lives in us, and the blood of Christ brings us into the presence of God.

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Redemption Part 10 Transcription

Friends, I’m so glad that you’ve tuned into the broadcast today. We’re gonna be talking and concluding our message on redemption. I’ve been sharing on redemption, on what Christ has done for us, and we’ve got some great stuff that we’re gonna get into, talking about the blood of Christ cleansed us, the spirit of Christ lives in us, and the blood of Christ brings us into the presence of God. We get all the stuff, praise God, because of what Jesus has already done for us. Blessings. Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us today. We are sharing on redemption. Redemption is the result of the gospel. Righteousness is the condition of the gospel. And we talked about, yesterday, how righteousness is imputed to us when we believe. It says that in Romans 4:6, and it says in Romans 4:8 that God does not impute sin to us. That’s amazing. He gives us the righteousness of Jesus. He imputes it to us. He gives it as a gift. And then he’s not totalling up. He’s not keeping a record. He’s not keeping an account. What a marvelous gospel, what marvelous things happen to us. Now we’re gonna look at the very end of Romans 4:25. This is a very transitional verse, powerful verse. And it says this about Jesus. “All that came to us because of Jesus, who was delivered for our offenses.” So Jesus went to the cross for our sin, for our transgression, for our offense. But it says he was raised again for our justification. And you know, a lot of people wanna live on the backside of the cross. A lot of people wanna stay on the sin side and focus on the sin, the shortcoming, the failure, rather than moving over to the grace side, right? Rather than moving over to the new life that we have in Christ, where he’s been raised again for our justification. So today we can live just as if we’ve never sinned. And we’re gonna talk, really, today about the results of redemption. And the results of redemption are amazing. And he says in Romans 5:1, “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God.” We’re justified. What does it mean to be justified?

Just as if you’ve never sinned.

Right. Now, he goes on and he says, “We’re justified by faith,” in verse one. But then he says in verse nine, Romans 5:9, “Much more than being now justified by his blood.” And we talked about, if we’re just like we never sinned, the penalty for sin been paid, the power of sin has been broken, but praise God, the promise of God has been secured all by the blood of Jesus. He says, “We, now then, much more being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath,” delivered from God’s anger and judgment through him. Some people think God’s mad at you, but God’s not mad at you. He’s delivered you from judgment. Praise God, the price has already been paid. He says this in verse 10, “For if when we were enemies, we were reconciled, we were restored to right relationship to God by the death of his son, much more now that we’ve been restored to right relationship, reconciled, we will be saved by his life.” So we’re not only saved by his death, we’re saved by his life. We’ve got the life of God on the inside of us. Praise God, we’ll talk about that today. What are the results of redemption? Let me share them really quickly. The blood of Christ has cleansed us, the spirit of Christ lives in us, and the blood brings us into his presence. So we’ve got his life on the inside of us. But he says this in verse 11, “Not only so, but we join in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we’ve now received the atonement.” Aaron, the word atonement in the Greek there is the Greek word katallage and it’s talking about an exchange. And you’ve got a great definition for that.

Yeah, that word katallage, it’s actually kind of another accounting term. You know, we talked about on a previous show that Paul, when he’s writing to the Romans here, he uses a lot of accounting terms. He uses that word logizomai, which means to impute, to reckon, to account. So reconciliation or atonement, the Greek word katallage, it’s talking about, that word was used to talk about the exchange of currencies. Money changers. So Paul, like he lived in different areas where you would have to, you know, if you were gonna pay the Roman tax, you’d have to pay with the Roman currency, you’d have to pay with the coins that had Caesar’s imprint. But they also had shekels. When they’re paying the temple tax, they would pay with the Jewish currency, with shekels. So there was a business of changing money. And God, with his exchange, you’re always greatly benefited. You know, sometimes here in this earth, you can get hurt on an exchange sometimes. Like if you go to a car dealer and turn in your old vehicle, usually you don’t get a very good exchange on your vehicle.

Lord Jesus, I was trying to trade cars one time and they had this great deal at a local dealership on a Subaru. It was like a home run deal to buy the new one. But I had a GMC Envoy and it was worth about $12,000. And their car, in those days, that new car might have been priced at like 18,000. It was an amazing deal, like on a Subaru Forester Outback, it’s pretty well loaded out. Now I’m talking about a number of years ago. And they came back and said, “Well, we’ll trade you for 12.” And I said, “You want 12,000?” They said, “Yeah.” They were only gonna gimme 6,000 for my car while wholesale was 12. And I went up in Denver at that same point in time, bought my first Ford or first Toyota 4Runner 2010. And it was six months old, it had 7,000 miles on it. And I bought it for, they gave me 12,000 for my car.

[Aaron] So they gave you a much better exchange.

Yeah, so I paid 18,000 in exchange, but I bought a much better car that was worth a lot more money. And so they gave me $12,000 actual cash value for my car. And I drove that car, actually, for five years, or 60 months, just less than five years, but I guess 60 months is five years. Drove that car for five years and they gave me 25,000 when I traded it in. So I drove that for five years for $5,000. 25,000 actual cash value on the trade, got a smoking deal.

[Aaron] And when God reconciles us or atone us, when he gives us an exchange, it’s an incredible exchange.

Oh, we were like, it’s like Hosea, right? When Hosea paid for Gomer and Gomer had went and got involved in prostitution and all this ungod-, and he bought her out of that, right? At first and married her. But then she went back to where nobody even wanted her. They despised her and he gave everything that he had for her and God gave everything that he has for us in the person of Jesus when he died and rose again. What a marvelous gospel that, you know.

You see redemption happening all through scripture. From Genesis through Revelation, you see great, great pictures of redemption all pointing to Jesus.

[Lawson] Yes.

You know, I was at a dinner with some friends of ours. They live in our neighborhood and our kids are friends and the wife works at a big ministry here in town, works at Compassion International, and the husband was a Presbyterian minister for a long time. So we’re kind of talking about different things in the scripture and she kind of mentioned, she was talking about the midwives that would save the baby boys that were born to the people in Israel when Pharaoh commanded that they’d be put to death. And she was talking about how that was a picture of redemption and I really liked that ’cause they were bringing life, saving life. And God blessed ’em and said that God gave ’em their own households because of it, so.

Wow, yeah, there’s so many pictures of redemption in the Bible, all throughout the scriptures. Now, we’ve been justified by his blood, we’ve been safe from wrath, we’re reconciled to God through the price that Jesus paid through the atonement. But part of this is that the blood of Christ has cleansed us. Now, we talked about, during this week in Hebrews 9, how the penalty for sin has been paid, the price, the power of sin has been broken, and the promises have been secured. But not only this, the blood has cleansed us and it’s actually cleansed our consciousness. And that’s what Hebrews 10 goes on to talk about. You know, you can be in a condition, right? Spiritually and not realize it in your mind, right? So you can be made righteous spiritually where the penalty of sin been paid, the power of sin’s been broken, and the promise has been secured, but if you don’t understand it, if that’s never changed your consciousness and you’re still focused on all your sin, it’s gonna be hard for you to receive what God’s done. But if you begin to understand and renew your mind and your mind, your consciousness gets purged from that sin consciousness, it’s gonna bring you into a place where you can really walk in the promises of God. And I think that’s where a lot of people are. They might understand from a biblical standpoint, maybe, where they understand that their sins have been forgiven, but they don’t really understand that they’re qualified for the blessings of God and they don’t really understand that the spirit of God is now living on the inside. So let’s go to Hebrews 10. It says in verse one, “The law, having a shadow of good things to come,” so the law was like foreshadowing grace or the gospel. He says, “But not the very image of those things can never, with those sacrifices, which they offered year by year.” We talked about how the high priest went into the most holy place once a year with blood for his own sin, right? An offering for his own sin and for the sins of the people. But he can never continually make them perfect in their conscious. For then they would have ceased to be offered. If they were made perfect or if they were cleanse completely, they wouldn’t have to continue to offer ’em because the worshiper, once purged, would have no more consciousness of sin. But in those sacrifices, every time they made those sacrifices, there was a remembrance of sin. So it didn’t purge them, it actually, you know, they were more in bondage to it. That’s what the law does, makes you more in bondage because it focuses more on the sin than what God’s done. He says, “For it’s not possible that the blood of bulls and goats take away sin.” But then he says, “Jesus came, he came into the world. He said, ‘Sacrifice an offering you would not, but a body you have prepared for me.'” So we have a better tabernacle, a better offering, the better tabernacle’s the body of Christ, the better offering, the blood of Christ. And he says, “In all those Old Testament sacrifices, he had no pleasure.” And so he said he came in the volume of the book, written to do his will. Jesus came to do the will of God. Now, we’re to do the will of God, but how do we do the will of God? From the heart, from our spirit. And so he says, “In those Old Testament sacrifices, he had no pleasure.” But then Jesus said in verse nine, “Lo, I come to do thy will, oh God.” And he took away the first, he took away the first covenant, right? He fulfilled it by living perfect and shedding his blood and paying the price for all those sins. He said that he might establish the second. Now he says, “By the which will, by this new covenant, we are sanctified, this New Testament, last will and testament of God, through the offering of the body of Jesus once for all.” Jesus doesn’t have to be offered again and again and again. He is the one sacrifice for sin, for humanity forever. “And every priest,” he’s talking now about the old time, old covenant, “stands daily ministering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sin. But this man, Jesus, after he offered one sacrifice, his blood for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God.” You know, we are complete in him, who’s the head of all principality and authority. He said, “Expecting, from that point, his enemies to be made his footstool.” Jesus is seated in heaven, waiting for his enemies to be made his footstool. Now, how do we do that? We understand who we are, we begin to take our authority in Christ. “For by one offering, he has perfected forever them who are sanctified.” This word for perfected in the Greek is the Greek word . In Hebrews 10:14. This is an amazing verse, and I didn’t write it, right? “By one offering he’s perfected them forever, sanctified,” that word means make perfect, finish, fulfill, be perfect, consecrate, complete, carry out, accomplish, bring to an end, to bring to a close by an act or event. Praise God, Jesus finished our sin when he paid, when he died on the cross. It is finished, it is paid for, it is done. Praise God, and when you begin to understand that, man, the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed us. And there is no more remembrance of our sin. And you know, I had a man get mad at me years ago, and he got mad at me because he said, “When you serve communion, you don’t focus enough on sin. You need to talk more about sin.” Well, we’ve been forgiven. We need to talk about righteousness, redemption, justification.

Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me,” not “in remembrance of you.”

And what’s amazing, this guy was a Bible school student, right? And I got a call one night and I went to his apartment. He had a gun, he was drunk, he had drank a big old jug of wine, and he was talking about killing himself. I had to call the police and give the police his gun until he got sobered up and they gave it back to me. You know, he was too sin focused. You need to get not focused on sin, but get focused on righteousness and walk out of the darkness into the light. You were darkness, but now you are light of the Lord. Walk as children of the light.


So focusing on sin won’t free you from sin, but focusing on Jesus will. So we need to focus on Jesus and what he’s done for us and it will change where we’re going, amen? We’re gonna be back in just a minute. We’re gonna talk more about what the blood of Jesus has done for us, praise God. It cleansed us, amen? And what redemption has done for us. So stay tuned, we got more great things to share. Blessings. Friends, I’m so glad you’ve been watching. Today, we’ve been teaching on the subject of redemption and who we are in Christ. This is some of my best teaching. In fact, I got a revelation of this over 40 years ago in Andrew Wommack’s meetings when I was just a child and it revolutionized my life. And I believe if you get a revelation of who you are in Christ and what happened in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, it will literally transform your life. And so we have a lot of great teaching on redemption, what Jesus did for us in his death, burial, and resurrection, and who we are in Christ. I encourage you to get this teaching. I believe just like it transformed my life, it will transform your life. So get on the internet, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much and God bless you richly as you lie his word, first place. Friends, we’re so glad that you stayed tuned. We’re gonna continue talking about what the blood has done for us. We said the blood of Jesus has cleansed us, we are redeemed by his blood, we’re cleansed from sin and from even a consciousness of sin. Praise God, we need to get over a sin consciousness. You know, 1 John 3, at the end of the chapter, says, “If our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart. But if our heart does not condemn us, then we have confidence toward God.” People who are great people of faith are people who live with a pure conscience and they live with a pure conscience, I believe it’s not only because of what they’re doing, I believe it’s because they really understand what Christ has done. Hallelujah. Now the second thing is that the spirit of Christ lives in us. We read it the first of the broadcast in Romans 5:11, how we’re not only saved by the death of Jesus, but we’re safe by his life. We’ve received this atonement, katallage, this exchange, an exchange of life. Our life for his life, right? Our righteousness for his righteousness. Our sin for his righteousness, really, is what it means. Our lack for his abundance, our death for his life, our sickness for his health, our poverty for his wealth. So we’ve got this new spirit and we’ve got a brand new nature in Christ. Romans 8:10 says, “If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the spirit is alive because of righteousness.” Our spirit is alive under God. We live under God. And then the very next verse, and some people will fight with you over this truth, if the spirit of him who raised up Christ from the dead dwell in you, he will quicken, he will bring to life your mortal body by his Spirit that dwells in you. My goodness, what a marvelous thing. So we’re dead to sin. Sin doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t wanna sin. I don’t wanna commit adultery. I’ve never committed adultery. Praise God. Got born again, baptized in the Holy Ghost, married your mom, I’m in love with your mom. Committing adultery means having sex outside of marriage when you’re married. Man, not gonna do that kind of stupid.

The Bible says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” So when you’re just in relationship with God, and that’s your delight, that’s-

[Lawson] Amen.

At his right hand are pleasures forevermore. He’s gonna give you just incredibly good and beautiful desires. And he’ll give them, he’ll give ’em to you.

So we have the nature of God in us. We have the spirit of Christ in us. We have the ability of God. Paul says, “I labor according to his working, which works in me mightily,” in Colossians 1:29. “Christ in you,” in verse 27, “is the hope of glory.” Now, this word atonement that we’ve been talking about, katallage, the business of money changers exchanging the difference. Aaron, you talked about when we were talking about that, when you’re preaching on this, it was amazing. But you were talking about how when you first got married, you and Heather went to Italy, and when you went to Italy, you exchanged your money at the airport and you found out later that’s not the thing to do ’cause you get ripped off.

I had about 1,000 US dollars that I just changed at the airport and I didn’t really realize this, but at the airport you get a terrible exchange rate. So a couple of days later I realized I probably got ripped off $200 on the exchange, so.

[Lawson] Yeah.

But like I said, God is a great exchanger. He is the atoner. He is the reconciler.

Not gonna rip you off, so by him, we’ve received the atonement, we’ve received this exchange, we’ve received an exchange of life. And you know what? It’s for our sin, we got righteousness. For our death, we got life. For our sickness, we got health. For our poverty, we got wealth. What an exchange. Calvary is called the great exchange. You know, another name for, or for our anxiety, we receive peace. Not only did we receive an exchange of life and all these things, but we come into authority. Romans 5:17 says this, in Romans 5:17, that those of us who’ve receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ. Did you wanna read a scripture?

Yeah, I like just talking about the exchange. What happened at the cross, what happens when you believe on Jesus, there’s an incredible exchange that occurs. And one of the greatest passages of scripture talking about this exchange, I think, is Ephesians 2.

[Lawson] Yeah.

That we went from death to life. We went from sin to righteousness. We were walking according to the course of this world. You don’t wanna walk on the course that this world is going. And you know, this world gets worse and worse according to the prince of the power of the air. You know, we’ve had an exchange of who we serve.

[Lawson] Amen.

You were serving the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, that’s talking about the devil.

We were dead in trespasses and sins, but we’ve been made alive in Christ.

Yeah, you know, you’ve been talking about, too, how we just having an exchange in our heart’s desire. Like we don’t wanna sin. It said, “Before, though, we conducted ourselves in the lust of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind.” That’s really part of the world’s course. If the lust of the mind, if you think something is right, then it’s right.

[Lawson] Ugh. Perversion.

“And we’re, by nature, children of wrath. But God,” I love that, verse four. This is showing what we’ve been given in exchange. “We’ve been given mercy. We’ve been given this great love with which he’s loved us. We were dead in trespasses, but he’s made us alive together. By grace you have been saved and raised up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the ages to come, he might show the exceeding riches of his grace and his kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.” And I love that in verse nine, he says, “It’s not of works, lest anyone should boast.” We’ve been talking a lot about that.

Amen. Now, not only did the blood cleanse us, does the spirit of Christ live in us, but the blood of Christ brings us into the presence of God. And we’re gonna just really get down to it in these last verses in Hebrews 10:19. But these are powerful. And if you begin to understand this, Hebrews 10:19-23, he says, “Having therefore brethren boldness to enter the holiest by the blood of Jesus.” Man, we can run into the presence of God because it’s not about us, it’s about the blood of Jesus. And he says, “By a new and living way, which he has consecrated,” Jesus consecrated, it’s not our consecration, it’s not our goodness. Jesus consecrated for us through this veil. When he died on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. And God was saying, “Hey, listen, I wanna come live in the hearts of men. You can come into my presence.” “That is to say, his flesh, having this high priest.” Who is the high priest over God’s house today?

[Aaron] Jesus.

Jesus. “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of the faith.” We run to the presence of God with a true heart. A true, true heart is established in his grace. It’s established in the work of Christ. It’s established in what he’s done. “Having true heart in full assurance of the faith, having our heart sprinkled from an evil consciousness.” It’s not about our performance, it’s not about our goodness, it’s not about what we’ve done. It’s about what Jesus has done. It’s not about what we’ve done right or what we’ve done wrong. It’s not about our performance, period. And he says this, “And our bodies, washed with the pure water.” What pure water is our bodies washed with? The washing of the water, the Word. Praise God. So the Word has changed the way that we approach God. And he says, “Let us hold fast to the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful, who promised.” We boldly confess, “Jesus is Lord,” we boldly profess, “Jesus is my healer.” We boldly profess, “Jesus is my deliverer.” We boldly profess, “Jesus is my provider.” We boldly profess, “Jesus is my righteousness.” We boldly profess. We boldly profess. Thank God that Jesus is my peace. Praise God. He says, “Why? Because he is faithful with who promised.” It’s not about our faithfulness. When we’re unfaithful, he remains faithful. He cannot deny himself. Man, we get all of the blessings because of Jesus. Say a few words, Aaron, and then I’ll close her out.

Amen, yeah. Man, we have the greatest exchange because of Jesus. He took the curse upon himself. He took sickness upon himself. He took sin upon himself. He took anxiety upon himself so we could have righteousness, joy, peace, salvation through him. That’s an amazing exchange.

Amen. You know, I’m gonna encourage you today to go to our website. We literally have hundreds of hours of teaching. All this week’s teachings are up on the website. Next week’s will be up on Monday. But you can go to our website at We got hundreds of hours of teaching there available absolutely free of charge. And so I encourage you to go to, go to our website, and get this free teaching. It’ll help you walk in what God’s done for you in Christ. Blessings.

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