Nevertheless, At Your Word – Part 3 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

God’s word has the power to literally change our life when we believe it, receive it, act on it, and speak it.

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Nevertheless, At Your Word

Prioritize the Word of God like your life depends upon it, because it does! There is no greater power than the Word of God. It is eternal, full of creative ability, is alive and powerful, and has the power to break through impossibilities! God has breathed His life into our spirit and He has also breathed His life into scripture. When the promises of His Word become alive in your heart, everything changes! Keep building your life upon the sure foundation of the Word of God!

Nevertheless, At Your Word Transcript

  Friend, I’m so glad that you’re with us today and that you’ve tuned into the broadcast. I believe that every word of God is full of power, and I believe that God’s word has the power to literally change our life when we believe it, receive it, act on it, and speak it. So stay tuned. We’re gonna be talking about releasing the power of God’s word in our life. Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us today, and we’ve been talking about the word of God and how when we believe the word of God. It literally has the power to change our life.


  And we’ve called this series, it’s a message I preached actually at a service here called Nevertheless at Your Word. So you might be experiencing something difficult, you might be going through a range of emotions, but you have to have this attitude that God’s word is a priority. If God says it, I believe it, that settles it nevertheless at your word. And that’s actually something that came from the story, the account of Simon Peter, when he first met Jesus. He had been fishing toiling all night, caught nothing. And Jesus spoke a word to him, spoke a now word, a rhema word, which is a command. It’s living, it’s breathing. It has the power of God. And he said, “Launch out into the deep.”


  And where does God, Aaron, usually speak a rhema word to you from?


  Oftentimes it’s from the logos, it’s from the written word of God, from a teaching, from a book of the Bible. That’s called the logos. And Jesus is actually called the logos. John said in the beginning was the Word of God, the logos of God. Jesus fulfills all scripture. He is the law. He is the prophets. He is the history. He is the logos.


  But here’s where God speaks to me most of the time. I read, and I’ve done this for years, three to five chapters of the Bible every day of the week. And I just go straight through the Bible and I never quit. Now, I read a lot more than that when I’m studying in different things, but I just keep reading. And it’s amazing to me how God will take a word from his logos and speak that to me. See, the Bible is not just a history, but the history of the Bible is perfect, but the Bible is life. The word is life. And God can take a word from his word and just speak that to your spirit. And one word from God can change your life.


  Yeah, I’ve met some people, the way they approach the word of God. They approach it like, it’s like they’re reading the encyclopedia or a dictionary when they talk about it. You can tell it’s not alive to them. And it really irks me. You know, when I was in college, I went to secular universities, but I would try to connect with other believers and go to, you know, bible studies where I remember some of these Bible, some of these students, they’re from different denominations, different beliefs, but the way they read, you know, the Bible and kind of talked about it. They talked, it was just like reading it, you know, Charles Dickens or something. And a friend of mine just said this about me. He just said, it’s so evident that you’re charismatic. And I never talked about, you know, in this setting, you know, to them, I didn’t just start praying in tongues right in front of them. But he just, he could just tell by the way I talked about the Bible, that I was, you know, there was power, there was life. Like it wasn’t just the encyclopedia, it was the word of God. And so we’re gonna talk about just the power that’s in the word. And this is my main statement for this show today, is that God’s word has the power to break through impossibilities.




  You might not have the power, you might not have the strength, you might not have the talent, the the knowledge, the finances, the expertise to break through this situation. But God’s word has the power to break through impossibility. So we’re gonna talk about how that happens and why we know it’s true. But first of all, I wanna say that this about God’s word. His word is life.




  His word is life. There is nothing, man. The word of God. It’s different than any other proclamation. Any other document, any other saying, any other, his word is life. John 6:63, Jesus says this, “It is the spirit who gives life, the flesh prophets nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”




  And I heard a minister right after God was speaking to me about this. He confirmed it like the next day. I was listening to a podcast from one of my favorite preachers. And he said something along these lines, but he said it, any word that comes outta your mouth that isn’t a word of God, it’s just wind. It’s just meaningless. It’s nothing but the word of God in your mouth. That’s truth. That’s what’s gonna stand. That’s what’s gonna last. Not just thinking about how that even relates to how I minister, but also how I parent. When I need to bring correction to my children, I wanna be hearing from God when I speak to them. I don’t wanna be just acting outta my flesh, acting outta my own frustration or what everybody’s  I wanna be hearing from God and speaking from God.


  I have a very good friend, and years ago, and he’s had major challenges with his children, but, and I have tremendous, tremendous respect for him. But he would just, when he would talk about his children, it was just like very negative. And I told him, I mean, I said, listen, you need to stay. He’d say it’s easier to raise the death than raise children, which may seem like it sometimes, but I said, you need to start speaking the word. And you know what? He changed and he started being positive and saying good things. And you know what? We need to be aware of our words. Our words have power, and our words have life. And we need to be speaking God’s word out of our mouth. And I know we talked about this yesterday, but we developed actually a tool in the area of children, confessions that I spoke over my children. Your mother did this. And there’s like 14 scriptures on it. It’s on our website, and you can call in and we can mail them out also for free. But you can download these things for free. And we’ve got it in that area, in the era of healing, in the era of finances, and also in who we are in Christ. But you know what? You need to be conscious of your words. Jesus said you that we would give account for every idol, every non-working dead word that we spoke. And sometimes I hear people speaking and saying things over their children and they are just terrible. And I am very, very aware.


  God’s word is so powerful. You know, I love what the Bible says in Jeremiah 5:14. “Behold, I’ll make my words in your mouth fire.” You know, God’s word in your mouth is fire. And you have to, it can’t just be in, you know, Pastor Lawson’s mouth and Pastor Aaron’s mouth and you know, Andrew Wommack’s mouth. That word of God has to be in your mouth. And that’s what’s fire. That’s what brings the power. It can’t be just what someone else is saying, someone else is believing. It has to be in your mouth. You know, that’s why I love that. We just have that tool, these confession cards, you know, things to confess over your children, things to confess over your health. God’s word in your mouth is fire.


  You know, there’s a scripture, and I’m thinking of it in Romans, I think it’s Romans chapter four, verse three. And it says, shall their unbelief? It might be Romans three, verse four, I think it’s Romans three, four. But, “Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” And you know what? Nobody else can make your faith without effect. Paul answers that question and says, God forbid. And a lot of people think, well, I’d be going places, but I’m married to this person, or I’m working for this person and this person. So you have power over your own life. You have power over your destiny by what you believe in, by what you speak. And I love this verse in Jeremiah that you just quoted, Aaron. Jeremiah, chapter 5, verse 14. “I will make my words in your mouth fire.” You gotta let the word of God, you know, fill your thoughts, meditate the word of God. And as you begin to meditate the word of God, you begin to speak the word of God. You begin to act on the Word of God. And the word of God will bring good success into your life. I know years ago, you know, your brother went to Princeton University, and the first year Peter came home, he spoke at the youth group, and he spoke to the youth about how to succeed. And he used Joshua chapter one, verse seven and verse eight, which basically says, “Meditate the word, speak the word, act on the word.” You know, “Do the word and you will prosper and have good success.” And you know what? Peter has lived that out. And if you’ll meditate the word and believe the word, and speak the word and become a doer of the word, you know, the Bible says, “Don’t be a hearer only of the word, deceiving your own self, but be a doer of the word.” And if you continue in the word of God, you’re gonna be blessed. The word will work.


  Yeah and we’re gonna be sharing today about how the word of God has the power to break through impossibilities. You might be facing a situation that you need victory in it. And just looking at it, you think this is an impossible situation. It might be something with your family, it might be a relational difficulty. It might be a legal difficulty, a financial difficulty, a health difficulty. But God’s word has the power to break through the impossibilities. You know, maybe your banker, your lawyer, doctor, can’t find a solution. But God’s word has the solution, it has the power within itself to break through the impossibilities. And we’re gonna spend some time just looking at actually the story of Gabriel. When Gabriel spoke to Mary, and you know, Gabriel spoke to Mary, you know, this promise, this declaration, and she didn’t know how it was gonna happen, but Gabriel said something really powerful. And he said, “Nothing with God is impossible.”




  Nothing is impossible with God. And in the Greek, the no thing, it’s no rhema. So saying, no anything that’s spoken by God, that rhema word of God, you can look it up in the Greek yourself there in Luke one. But nothing is impossible with God. No rhema, no spoken word, no declaration, no promise, no command. It’s nothing is impossible with God. So any promise, any word that God has given you that’s alive, that he’s speaking to you right now, it has the power to break through the impossibilities. That word, that rhema word, that promise of God that he’s spoken you, that’s alive to you. That within itself has the power. God is placed within it, the power to break through the impossibilities.


  Amen. You know, I heard this years ago, and I want you to study this out, you’ll have to do it after the program here. But in Romans 8:38, it says, oh, in Romans eight, at the end of the chapter. It says, “All things work together for good to those who love God and who are called according to his purpose.” And we know that all things work together for good. And I heard one time somebody preach it, and they said that word things is the word for word.


  For rhema.


  It must be the same thing that you’re talking about right here in Luke chapter one, verse 37, for with God, “Nothing, no thing, no word of God will be impossible.” You know, the Bible says all things are possible with God, and all things are possible to him who believes. And so when Gabriel spoke this word to Mary, she said, “How can this be?” I don’t understand how this could be, but you know what, he, he began to explain it to her. And it’s like you said, many times when God speaks things to us, we don’t know how they’re gonna come to pass. But you know what? We don’t have to figure that out. What we need to do is believe, and we’re gonna come back in the second half of the broadcast, and we’re gonna see how that Mary believed the word from God so that she could receive what God wanted to give blessings. Friends, we’ve been sharing on Nevertheless, at Your Word, and we have this teaching from my son Aaron, in one teaching available free of charge, downloadable audio, downloadable video on our website. Also, you can get my book, the Power and Life of the Word. Use these resources. God bless you.


  I’ve been redeemed from the curse. So, that means I’m redeemed from death, I’m redeemed from slavery. I’m redeemed from sickness and I’m redeemed from poverty. And I just am so thankful that to be here, to learn these kind of things, because I’ve never been taught this before.


  Friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us. We’re gonna continue to share the word of God, and we’re gonna be talking about how you can loose the promises of God in your life.


  Yeah and I just love the main point. We’re talking about how God’s word has the power to break through impossibilities. And this statement, this revelation came to me from reading about the Christmas story about Gabriel. One, Gabriel spoke to Mary and Gabriel said, nothing is impossible with God. And that original Greek word there for nothing, it means no rhema, no spoken, no promised word of God is impossible with Him. Within that word, within that promise, within that declaration from God has the power to break through any impossibility.


  Amen. You know, we shared this early in the week, but we talked about in Jeremiah verse one, chapter one, verse 12, God said, “I will hasten my word to perform it.” God’s word has the power-


  It performs itself. You don’t make it happen in your own strength. It’s his word that has the power to perform itself.


  God’s word. You know, in Mark chapter four, it talks about this, the word is like the seed. And, somebody asked, Smith Wigglesworth, years ago. They had a question and they said, how does-


  Great faith.


  Yeah, how does great faith work? And he said, “It’s first to play, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear.” But when you read that in Mark chapter four, where he is talking, he’s actually, I think that’s Mark 4:28 that he’s quote, when you read that, it says, “A farmer plants the seed and goes home and goes to bed, and he doesn’t worry about it.” And nobody really knows how that process of the seed germinating and sprouting up comes to pass. But if you’ll let the word of God work, the word of God will produce a harvest of the good things of God in your life.


  Well, in that parable, it says, the farmer goes and just sleeps, you know? And it says, the earth brings forth fruit of itself. The word of God brings forth fruit of itself.


  Your heart is the ground. And when the word is sewn in the ground of your heart. The ground of your heart will bring forth the fruit. We’ll bring forth the promises.


  And the word contains the power within itself. It’s like a seed. I like that example of the seed. You know, people have discovered seeds, you know, like in Egypt and these pyramids that have been there for thousands of years. And then they’ve realized that the seed is still alive. They can plant that seed and water it and give it sun, and it’ll sprout up thousands of years later. It’s just like the word of God. Actually, the word of God is more powerful.




  So maybe some thing have been, you know, laid in a pyramid, laid dormant in your life. But if you take the word of God and believe it and just nourish it, it’s gonna bring forth, it’s created to do that. That’s in the nature of the word itself.


  You know-


  It’s the incorruptible nature of the word of God.


  My granddad talked about this, but in the 1930s, in the southeast part of this state, Colorado, we had the dust ball, and it actually covered a very large area, western Kansas and eastern Colorado, Oklahoma panhandle, and down into the Texas panhandle. And it was really, these clouds would roll in and they were like curtains, and it would just turn black. And it was dirt blowing. But my granddad actually had the opportunity to buy thousands of acres around him for $1 an acre. And he said, we thought that it just never would come back. We just thought it was terrible. So he never, he had the money. He was unique in that he had enough money to do that, and he did not do it, even though he had the money, and he regretted it later in life. But he said, when it came back and started raining, it all turned green and grew because the seed was still in the ground. And if you’ll take care of the seed of the word of God, maybe, you’ve been in a drought. But if you’ll nourish the word, and you’ll take care of the word, that word will produce a harvest in your life.


  Awesome. So if you’re happy to be at home right now and have access to your Bible, I’d encourage you to go and get your Bible right now. I’m gonna go through a passage of scripture, and you might want to make some notes in your Bible about this. But we’re gonna be reading from Luke one, starting in verse 26. It says, “Now, in the sixth month, an angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth to a virgin betrothed, to a man whose name was Joseph of the house of David. The Virgin’s name was Mary. And having come in, the angel said-” I’m sure Gabriel was just exuberant. He was just shouting with joy, what he’s gonna be saying to Mary. He’s been waiting since creation for this moment.


  It’s awesome.


  Since Adam and Eve fell in the garden. He’s been waiting for this moment. And he said, “Rejoice.” I love the Christmas season. It’s just a time you can just feel the joy of the Lord.




  All around us. Rejoice, highly favored when the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women. And here in verse 20, this is a really important verse. Throughout this passage, there are three reactions of Mary. And this first reaction, we just see her initial reaction. It says, “She was troubled at his saying.” Some of you might hear a great, you know, message, a great just promise of God. And it’s almost troubling. It’s too good to be true. That’s what the gospel means. It’s the good news of God. It’s the two good to be true news. And sometimes it can be like-


  Jesus did for you.


  It can be a little unsettling. So she was troubled at this saying and considered what manner of greeting this was. And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” I love that word favor with God. You know, my dad taught me to say this, and he teaches our church to say this as well, but he says, you can say it with me right now. I have favor with God, I have favor with man, and I have a good understanding, and I have supernatural increase.




  We actually have mugs here at the church that have that confession on it.




  I have faith with God. I have a good understanding and I have supernatural increase. Verse 31, Gabriel says, “Behold, you’ll conceive in your womb and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the highest. And the Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom. There will be no end.”


  This is amazing.


  I love, you know, I’m a musician and one of my favorite, you know, works of classical music around this time of year is Handle’s Messiah. And there’s a famous song in Handle’s Messiah. And it says, he shall reign forever and ever. And if you go to a concert hall and hear an orchestra and choir perform this. When they get to that part, the whole audience will stand up. And it’s because the first time it was performed the king of England, when he heard this, he stood up, in order to honor the king of kings who’s gonna reign forever and ever. Verse 34, this is Mary’s, you know, second reaction. And again, she’s still troubled. She said, “How can this be? Since I do not know a man.” She doesn’t understand how this is gonna happen. How can I, like, she doesn’t understand the mechanics of this. How is this gonna happen? And the angel answered. And you know, he gives an explanation. I don’t think it probably solved her lack of understanding problem. But the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the highest will overshadow you. Therefore, also the holy one who’s to be born will be called the Son of God. Now, indeed, Elizabeth, your relative has also conceived a son in her old age. And this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren, for with God nothing.” Luke 1:37, this is powerful for with God nothing, in the Greek that nothing, it’s translated from no rhema, no spoken, no active breathing, declaration. Promise of God will be impossible.




  God’s word. His rhema, his promise, his declaration, his command breaks through the impossibilities.




  And verse 38, this is really important right here. Then Mary said, “Behold the maid servant of the Lord. Let it be to me, according to your word.” She didn’t really, she was troubled. She didn’t understand it with her mind. Her emotions weren’t quite excited, but she said, “Let it be to me, according to your word.” You might be facing an impossible situation. You might be troubled in your emotions. You might not understanding how you’re gonna get through this situation. But you need to hear from God’s word. You need to hear his promise. You need to hear that rhema word of God, and have this same attitude that I am the servant of the Lord. And let it be to me, according to your word. If your word says it, that settles it. And within the word itself, within the promise itself, within that rhema itself, there is the power to break through the impossibilities.


  Amen. You know, she had to believe the word and she had to receive the word in order for that word to come to pass in her life. And if she wouldn’t have first of all, received the word, and then believe the word. God would’ve had to find somebody else because God’s not gonna override your will. And you know, a lot of times people think the word of God or the promise of God is automatic, but it’s not automatic. And this was the grace of God. She found favor with God, but it took her faith. She had to personally receive that word and personally believe that word. And you know, many times we talk about promises of healing and provision and peace and different things that God made available to us in Jesus on the cross. But if you don’t personally receive that word and personally believe that word, then it’ll be hard for you to experience what God promised you. Amen.


  I like, you know, the Bible talks about receiving the word with meekness.




  You know, and meekness is talking about your attitude. And meekness is actually one of the fruit of the spirit. But you have to have a meek. This attitude of meekness that means like you might think you know a lot or have expertise or but you’re gonna lay that aside and prioritize the word of God above your own thinking, above your own emotions, above all else.




  That’s how you receive the word.


  Right here in Luke one where you’re at when she went to her cousin Elizabeth’s house, you know what, Elizabeth spoke by the spirit of God and said some things to Mary that were very important, but she kind of concluded with this in verse 45, blessed is she who believed, for there will be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. So when the word of God speaks to you, or you know, the logos becomes arraignment to you, you need to believe it so God can perform it in your life.


  And I’ve always loved this interaction between Elizabeth and Mary, and Elizabeth is talking about how the babe within her was leaping. You know, just reading these verses this to me is enough evidence that believers who believe the word of God should be pro-life.




  That John the Baptist in the womb, what was being filled with the spirit leaping with joy. Mary and Jesus-


  Praise God.


  Being Jesus still in utero.


  Praise God. Well, we’re out of time, but if you need prayer, maybe you need healing today. Maybe you need financial provision. Maybe you wanna become a partner. If you need prayer, I want to encourage you today to call us and receive prayer. Or you can go on our website and receive a lot of free product. And but before we leave this broadcast, I want to pray with you and give you the opportunity. This all begins with Jesus. Heavenly Father, I believe in Jesus. I believe he is your son. He died for my sin, and you raised him from the dead, and I surrender to you in Jesus name. Amen. Friends, I wanna invite you to give us a call today to receive prayer. Whether you need salvation, healing, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or any of God’s other promises, we have trained prayer ministers here waiting to receive your call. And we would love to hear from you today. Thanks so much. Blessings.


  God has breathed his life into our spirit, and he has breathed his life into scripture. When the promises of his word become alive in your heart, everything changes. Keep building your life upon the sure foundation of the word of God. We’d like to bless you with a digital copy of the teaching, Nevertheless, at Your Word. A $5 value, free of charge. Download it today at


  Friends, the scripture says, “If you will continue in the word of God, you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” If you go to our website at, you can get all of our materials there on the website as you watch them, as you listen absolutely free of charge. And we’ve done that just to be a blessing to you. And I believe that the word that has freed me will free you. Blessings.


  Thanks for watching Grace For Today. This broadcast has been made possible by our faithful partners. If you would like to become a partner, need prayer or have a question, please call us at 719-418-4000. Or to partner online, go to You can write us at PO Box 63733, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962. See you next time on Grace For Today.

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