More Than Enough – Part 2 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

More Than Enough Part 2 with Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue. In this episode of Grace For Today you’ll learn how our perception of God determines what we receive from Him.

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More Than Enough Part 2 Transcription

Welcome friends to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in. Today, we’re gonna be talking about More Than Enough, and it’s my son Aaron’s teaching. But I’m gonna share a little bit about three different aspects of Revelation, that I received over a period of 20 years that changed my life in the area of financial increase. And you know what? God has no respect persons. If it works for me, it will work for you. I am so glad that you’re here with us today. We’re continuing to share on “More Than Enough.” Thank God Jesus is more than enough. And Aaron, why don’t you just jump into the word. Where you’re gonna start?

Awesome, yeah. If you have your Bible, go ahead and turn to Genesis 17. I wanna talk about the first time where we see God call Himself more than enough. He calls Himself El Shaddai, the Almighty God. And the first time we see this is in Genesis 17 when God speaks to Abraham. At the time Abraham is 99 years old. God, first blessed Abraham when he was 75, told him to get out of his home country and go to a place that he would show him. And Abraham did what God told him to do. And this is where things really change in Abraham’s life when he’s 99. He gets this revelation that God is more than enough. He is a more than enough God.

You know, a lot of times we can have a relationship with God and know things about God and even, you know, hear God’s voice, but not really get revelation about who He is. And it changes at this point in time from information that Abraham had to revelation. And that’s when God changes his name to Abraham. So we can go ahead and jump in the word.

Yeah. Genesis 17, this is verse 1. It says, “When Abraham was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abraham and said to him, ‘I am Almighty God.'” So that’s the word. of El Shaddai there. I am the more than enough God. I am the Almighty God. I am all sufficient. Man, I love thinking about the sufficiency of God. The sufficiency of Jesus. You know, is Jesus sufficient for you? You know, when Jesus was speaking to His disciples at the Last Supper the night before His crucifixion, He spoke a great word. He said, “I’m the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.” That’s in John 14. And Philip kind of piped up and said, “Well, show us the Father and that will suffice us.” He was saying, Jesus, that great verse that you just spoke, that we are gonna quote for 1,000 of years, and that’s not enough. You gotta show us the Father. And that’ll be. So Jesus you’re not enough. Your word’s not enough. Philip had some issues.

Right. And many times we do. Again, they were walking with Jesus. They knew Him, they knew about Him, but they didn’t have this intimate personal relationship with Him. And, and so Jesus said, “Philip, have I been so long with you? And you still say, ‘Show us the Father.'” Because Jesus came to put a face on God and really show us who the Father is. And when we begin to understand that it changes how we receive from God.

And something I like that you’ve been talking about just having a revelation that God is more than enough. You know, I know one thing you like to talk a lot about is grace. And you’ve even had Andrew Wommack on this show before to talk about grace. And you guys called that teaching “The Revelation of Grace.” And really grace is more than enough.

Yeah. I received a revelation of grace. I’d actually been pastoring for six years before I received a revelation of grace. I’d been baptized in the Holy Spirit for 16 years when I received a revelation of grace. But it completely changed how I minister. Completely changed how I related to your mother, to you boys. Of course, you were young at that point in time. And mom said, “You know, thank God you got a revelational grace, because if you wouldn’t have, I don’t think the boys would’ve grown up loving Jesus and serving Jesus like they are.” But you guys are doing great. And I think a lot of it’s due to this revelation that I had when I was 30 years old. Andrew Wommack was actually teaching for me. And you know, in the area of finances it took me a while to get a revelation. And there were actually three different aspects of revelation that came to me in the area of finances from the scripture. Number one, this happened in 1978 when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and called to preach in Andrew Wommack’s Ministry I was just 14 years old. But the first thing that came to me is, it is God’s will for you to prosper. And then in the same year that I got this revelation of grace, God also began to give me revelation that He was more than enough. And mom and I had actually been married 10 years. People told us things will get better after you’ve been married 10 years. And you know, on our 10th anniversary we drove up here to Colorado Springs and to celebrate, probably went to, you know Walmart. We went to the first cafeteria, we had you boys with us. Then we went to the Dollar Theater. And then we went back home. And when we got home, the transmission went out of our van. And I got mad because people had told me, when you’ve been married 10 years, things will be better. And so we were there at Kit Carson on the very next day, May 20th, you know, 1994, I went to my office and I got this workbook on finances by John Avanzini and Patrick Ondrey and I began to go through it. And they did basically the same as other financial stewardship from Christian Ministries had put out. But they added one thing. And they said, “Some of you have cut back all you can cut back, and you’ve gotta learn how to believe God for increase.” And it came down a really simple, and to me it became very easy. I have faith in the realm of healing. I have faith in the realm of forgiveness of sins. I have faith in the realm of peace. So I can also have faith in the realm of financial prosperity. And that I could believe God for specific amounts of money. So I started believing, I totaled up all my bills there, and I basically owed about $1,500. And so I owed $300 at the local grocery store. Little three aisle dinky grocery store, kind of that we charged up every month for, you know, groceries. And then we paid off, when we got paid. I owed $400 for tires to Carrie Pickett’s dad, Charlie Norquist, who ran the Texaco station there. And I just got new tires. And now we had to put a used transmission in our Chevy Astro van. And that cost $800. So add that all up, and it’s $1,500. So that day I begin to believe immediately for $1,500. And I also begin, when I did my budget, I was about $700 a month short to fill in all the blanks. Now, God always made it work, right? We didn’t get everything. We didn’t have health insurance, we didn’t have a number of things, but we were always taken care of. But I began to believe at that point in time, for $700 a month of increase. And when I began to believe that, you know, what happened was within two weeks, well by my birthday June 6th, cause this was May 20th, so that’s 11 plus six, so, you know, 18 days. So two and a half weeks, on my birthday, I went to the next town and somebody was having a birthday party for me. And somebody came to my van that didn’t come to my church and put a check in the seat for $500. They didn’t go to my church. They never gave money to me before. Never gave money really after that. But that was very substantial. And I had different people come. And I didn’t tell anybody that I needed the money. I didn’t ask anybody for money. I just prayed to God and thanked God, right and believe for that 1500 to come. And I had a pastor from a town 62 miles away that drove and saw me and said, God told me to come see you and give you this and gave me a hundred dollars. But within two, well two and a half weeks, you know, 18 days I had $1,500. And I paid all those immediate bills. And within one year, I had enough increase to have that $700 a month. So the first revelation that came to me in the realm of finances was this, number one, that it is God’s will for you to prosper. And if you read the Bible, that is not hard to understand.

Our God is not a God of lack.


He’s not a lack kind of God. He’s a more than enough kind of God.

A lot of people don’t believe that, but they just don’t believes the Bible. And that’s a problem with a lot of people. They separate what they believe from what the Bible is. If you’re a believer, if you’re a Christian, you ought believe what the Bible says. And God says, you know, “I delight in the prosperity of my servant”, Psalm 35:27. He says, in 3 John 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” He says in Philippians 4:19, you know, “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” So number one, that’s the first revelation I got. The second revelation was this one. The second revelation was the aspect that you can believe God for specific amounts of money. You can believe God for finances just like health or forgiveness for sin or any other thing. And then the third one came in 1998, and that’s when I went to Billy Epperhart’s church. And I took you boys with this, and mom and I went, and Billy invited us to go there, Trinity Christian Center in Littleton, Colorado. And he had Mark Hankins. Mark was preaching some things that were kind of offensive to my religion. And mama said, he’s right and you’re wrong. You need to change what you’re believing. And you know, I did after I prayed, the Lord said, “He’s right and you’re wrong.” “You need to, you know, get over it.” So I got over it, praise God. And Mark preaches for me now every year and says, I see you got well over it, praise God. And we really brought our faith into another realm. And you know, there’s an anointing on people sometimes you don’t realize. But Mark Hankins has a strong anointing in the area of finances. Jessica Planas has a strong anointing in the area of finances. And you don’t realize you need to hang around people who have the right anointing and it will help you increase. And we’re increasing more and more.

You can believe God, wherever you’re at too. You know, I was reading through later on in genesis about Abraham’s grandson, Jacob. Jacob kind of deceived, you know, his brother Esau. He deceived Isaac and took the blessing that was for the firstborn, even though he was a second born. So he took the special blessing. And when Isaac passed away, Jacob and his mother, Rachel or his mother Rebecca.


Isaac and Rebecca. Rebecca, his mother, told him, “You better run away ’cause I think Esau’s gonna kill you, and then I’ll be in trouble because Esau will be, you know, a murderer and I won’t have any sons.” So Rebecca had Jacob, you know, flee for his life. And as he was fleeing for his life, he came to a city named Luz, which became Bethel. And when he was there, you know, he had nothing. It said that he slept on a pillow. He didn’t even have a pillow. He slept on a rock as his pillow. And he had this vision of an open heaven. He saw a ladder come up from where he was at, into heaven. And angels were coming up and down this ladder. So he had nothing at all, but God spoke a blessing over him. And then he said, surely this is the open gate of heaven. This is the gate of heaven. And he called this place Bethel. And he said, this rock is the house of God. And he made a promise. He said, “God, if you take care of me, I’m gonna give you a 10th of all.”

This is in Genesis 28:20, “Jacob vowed a vow saying, if God be with me.” So here’s Jacob, probably doesn’t have any more than a loin cloth.

He’s sleeping on a rock.

“God be with me, it’d keep me in the way I go and give me bread to eat and clothes to put on, so that I come again to my father’s house in peace. Then the Lord will be my God. And this stone, which I’ve set up for a pillow will be God’s house. And of all that you give me, I will surely give a 10th to you.” So he makes this commitment, right, to tithe, to give a 10th of what- And this is before the law, the law demanded it.

So, but this is, this is before the law, he made this decision.

Yeah, God spoke to me about this. He wasn’t trying to get an open heaven. There was already an open, he saw this open heaven, of these angels coming up and down. And what are angels? What’s the mission of angels? Scripturally, what is the mission of angels?

They are servants to those who are heirs of salvation.

They’re ministering, yeah.

Hebrews 1:14 says that.

So angels can actually minister finances too, they can actually minister provision to you.


That’s what happened to you when you first believed God and you were in the hole and someone just showed up and gave you 500 without you saying anything. God was-


Well, angels go and the money comes in Jesus name, the money comes, hallelujah.


You know, we built this church cash, paid off all this work. It’s building, we got it, 7 million dollars invested in it, praise God. A little over, about $7.7 million all in. And it’s completely paid for. It’s worth about 22 million is the county valuation on this property. And it would cost 22 million today in this location.

Well, there’s a reason why this church, this ministry is so blessed. It’s because we are a giving church. This church always tithes.

And we give, we sow seed constantly.

And there’s something supernatural about that.

Right? We sow over $10,000 a week into other ministries and missions, and God brings that back to us. We build churches in India and feeding centers in Africa. You know, we help people all around the world. Recently I just helped a missionary in the Dominican Republic, put a new roof on their building. And I just heard from a guy yesterday when I was in the grocery store, he was just down there for an outreach and they did an outreach in the last two weeks in over 500 young people, committed students, committed their lives to Christ in the last two weeks. Praise God. So we’re constantly seeing harvest around the world from seed that we sow into the Kingdom of God. But you know what? If you don’t have seed, you can’t sow it. So this is a good reason. Some of you say, well, why should I believe God for increase? Well number one, because you wanna be a blessing. You don’t want to just heap all this stuff on yourself. Praise God, you wanna be a blessing. And so you need to get involved in this grace of giving. And I like this, you’re talking about how tithing opens the windows of heaven. That’s what Malachi three says.

Exactly, there’s a strong correlation between tithing and the open gates of heaven. The open windows of heaven, angelic activity.

Some people see how much they could keep. Well, you keep it all. God doesn’t care.

Keeping it, again that’s because you don’t have a more than enough mentality, a more than enough picture of God.


If you’re just trying to survive, just take care of yourself and do nothing beyond yourself. Just live for yourself and nothing more, it’s because you have a lack mentality. You have a survival mentality, you have a worldly mentality.

Right, and you need to break that. And one way to break it is get involved in giving, praise God. And I’ll tell you what, I see this happen all the time. And you know what? People-

Tithing, I think tithing is a great place to start.

People are robbing God of a blessing them. If they only knew what would happen if they would just, just release that, and I’d give it as a seed, okay? But if they would just, and I give much more than 10%. Mom and I give something like 30%. And, and you can’t- Man, we are so blessed. Mom was talking about the other day, how it was, you know, when we’ve just been married 10 years and how difficult… And she says, it’s amazing where we live today and how blessed we are today and what the Lord has done for us. It really is amazing. And you know, I believe everybody’s story can be amazing. I don’t believe that God is a respecter of persons, but he’s a respecter of faith. Well, we’re gonna come back right after this break and we’ll be back sharing more on how God is more than enough and it will work for you. Friends, we are sharing this week on more than Enough. And we have a special offer. And I believe that these teachings will bless you and help you come to a new level of financial increase in your life. I have first of all, my book “Provision, Releasing Supernatural Increase in your Life.” Andrew Wommak wrote me a forward, Dr. Doug Weissen, also Jesse Duplantis, who has a great anointing of increase, wrote a word about this book. So I would like you to get this book. I believe it’s very practical and I believe this practical information will help you come to a new level of financial increase in your life. Also, we’ve included my teaching, “Four Pillars of Financial Success.” And if you get this working in your life, I guarantee it will bring increase to you. I’m offering both of these to any person who becomes a new partner with Charis Christian Center this week. Blessings. Friends, I’m so glad that you stayed in tune with us. We’re talking about God, who is more than enough and thank God for the word of God. You’ve been talking about Jacob, Aaron, and how he went and he ran from his brother. But the blessing was on him, wasn’t it? He had this covenant blessing and he made a commitment to God. And this was before the law that we read about it in the end of Genesis 28. And when he made this commitment to God, there was a ladder into open heaven. And he said, God, surely everything that you give me, I’ll give a 10th back to you. And you know, Jacob went and he worked for Laban, his father-in-law for seven years, right. For his daughter, Rachel. And-

Laban tricked him.

Laban got him good and drunk at the wedding feast and slipped the wrong girl. I think Laban when it was seven years. He thought, well, you know, his older daughter wasn’t quite as pretty thing, surely she’ll be married off in seven years, but she wasn’t. So he got Jacob drunk at the wedding and he slipped Leah in the bedroom. And Jacob woke up, said, “Oh my God, I got the wrong girl.” And he loved Rachel so much. Laban said, well, listen, you can go ahead and work for me another seven years and I’ll give you Rachel too. And so they went ahead and had the wedding, right? And he married Rachel and then he worked another seven years. But listen, during that time, God blessed Jacob so much. Well he was a tither.

Right, and a giver.

And it didn’t matter how many times, you know, his boss-

Changed his wages.

Changed his wages. It didn’t- You know, Abraham, when he stepped out and believed God, it said there was a famine in the land, in the land that God told him to go, but God took care of him.

You know, my dad and mom, my dad had physical challenges, so he had to work on the farm and stuff, but they started believing God. And they were pretty poor. I mean, lived in a trailer house and drove cars with hundreds of thousands of miles on ’em. But you know, we always had enough because, you know, they gave to God. But when my dad began to believe for increase and believe for more than enough and abundance, they began to have more come into their life and increase begin. And they begin to prosper. And the people who employed my father said, “Well, it’s because we’ve done this for you.” Well, they hadn’t changed my dad’s wages at all, but God began to bless and multiply what my dad had. And when you put God first and honor God first, God will bless and multiply what you have in your hand.

Yeah, and you need to start believing God right now, for it’s gonna impact multiple generations. The blessing of God is so great. It’s gonna impact multiple generations.

Amen, praise God.

And the blessing of a tither is so great too. It’s gonna impact multiple generations. You know, my dad has tithes, his dad taught him to tithe, when you were just a boy and you’ve tied whole life.

Four years old.

I know there’s a blessing that’s come upon me and my two brothers and we’re all tithers today and we’re incredibly-

You guys are all supernaturally blessed. You all have good jobs. I mean, your brother Andrew, they just fired some major leaders in his company, and for really no good reason other than they’re just making preparation for the future. But they made Andrew the head and Andrew’s so blessed, and your brother Peter’s so blessed. And all of you are givers. Y’all have a good work ethic. Y’all have a good attitude.

Yeah, and something about tithing and that open gate, open windows of heaven and angels coming up and down, being those ministering saints, man, you need to tithe to your local church. You need to get involved in that.

And you need to get involved in a church that’s a life giving church, that preaches the word, that preaches the full gospel, that gets people saved, healed, filled with the Holy Ghost, set free, that teaches the full gospel message. Praise God. You know, don’t give you- You know, I look at all my giving as seed sowing. Now I believe in tithing, offering and alms right. Tithes a 10th, offerings above that, alms is giving to the poor. I do all those things, but I give everything that I give as a seed, because I know a seed, the mentality I give it with, a seed has a future attached to it. Praise God. And man, it just works.

Even when Jacob tithed, then committed himself to tithing, he wasn’t trying to pay a debt. He was making a faith decision that God was gonna take care of him. That God was more than enough, even though all he had was a rock and he was fleeing for his life. He knew that God would take care of him. So Genesis 17, let’s go back to Abraham really quick here in Genesis 17. I just wanna bring out one other thing before we close out today. And it’s when God speaks to Abraham here this first time, El Shaddai, more than enough says, “He was 99 years old. The Lord appeared to him, said, ‘I am Almighty God, more than enough, all sufficient. walk before me, be blameless. I will make my covenant between me and you and will multiply you exceedingly.'”


He spoke a blessing of multiplication on his life.


There there is power in that blessing of multiplication. You know, I love what you’re talking about, how like of what we do here at this we give to other ministries and there’s multiplication happening.

Praise God.

There’s multiplication happening here. You know, I think about where I grew up in Kit Carson, Colorado. That’s just a town of 300 people. You know, three times that many people come through the doors here once a week at this church now.


That’s a blessing of multiplication.


A huge blessing of multiplication.

Three times the size of the town.


Praise God. And that, that’s awesome. You know, and other pastors of really big prominent churches have stepped through here just to visit, you know, a couple months ago on a Wednesday night, a couple pastors were here visiting and they were blown away that, wow, this is your facility. And like, wait, it’s paid off. It’s a miracle.


– God does miracles for people who get involved in his program. You want to get involved with what God’s doing. I’m telling you, you can’t out give God. You know, some people try to figure it out in their mind. I’m not gonna try to figure it out in my mind. I’m gonna just keep giving, keep believing. Amen, keep going forward. Keep speaking the word and seeing what Jesus does. But hallelujah, you know what Mark Hankins says, it’s been coming to me all day. If you knew what was on the other side of your mountain, you’d move it. And some of you got a mountain in front of you and you’re just looking at that mountain, you need to take your eyes off that mountain, put your eyes on God and you need to start speaking of that mountain. Praise God about how big your God is, amen. And you need to start sowing seed and believe in God for increase like you’ve never believed him before. Some of you need to by faith, sow a seed and believe for a harvest. Amen.

I love that.

Praise God.

Yes, so, you know, Abram believed God. God spoke to Abram, said, you’re not Abram anymore. You are Abraham. You are a father of a multitude. That’s what Abraham means. You are a father of a mul- Like that that multiplication was in his name. That blessing of multiplication was in his name. And Abraham never went by Abram again. He was always Abraham. There’s a few people in scripture who had a name change, but they kind of used both names. Like even Jacob, God told him he was Israel. He would still use both names. You know, Simon was called Peter by Jesus. But he would still kind of go by both Simon and Peter. But Abram, when God said, you are Abraham, that was it. And from this moment on in Genesis 17, it is always Abraham. It is always that multiplication, that blessing of multiplication. It was tied into his identity that God is more than enough. He is more than enough.


He is more than enough, and that understanding of who he is that affected his own self-identity, that there is multiplication in myself.

Amen, hallelujah.

I’m not insufficient. I am not lacking, I’m not dying out. I…

People begin to see him that way, as he began to see himself the way God saw him. People began to see him that way. Praise God. You know, we’ve been talking about finance as an increase and one thing that will help you increase is to sow seed. I want to encourage you sow seed, I want to encourage you to become a partner with this ministry. I believe there’s an anointing of increase on this ministry. I believe that if you’ll do it and attach your faith to it, you’ll increase far more than the seed you sow. So thanks for tuning in, have a blessed day. We’d love to hear from you today. Blessings.

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