In Christ Realities – Part 2 Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue

In Christ Realities Part 2 with Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue. In this episode of Grace For Today you’ll learn about the value of identity and how you’ve gotta change your identity to possess your destiny.

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In Christ Realities Part 2 Transcription

Friends I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in today to be with us, we are talking about in Christ realities. We’re talking today about the value of identity. And we talked yesterday about how the way you see yourself determines many times how other people see you, and what you receive from God. Today we’re gonna be talking about how you’ve gotta change your identity to possess your destiny. You don’t want to miss this broadcast; blessings. Friends I’m so glad that you’re with us today, and we are sharing on in Christ realities, and we began yesterday sharing from Numbers 13 about the children of Israel when they were going into the promised land, how, and we talked about how they thought about themselves affected ultimately how other people saw them. And ultimately what they received in life. And it’s important that you see yourself the way that God sees you, and the way God sees us is good. Ephesians chapter one verse seven says, in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace. We have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, we have been made righteous. We have been changed by the blood of Jesus, we’ve become a new creation. And we need to realize that and start walking in the light of it.

I like something about those 12 spies that wanted to spy out the promised land, 10 of them had a bad report and said, we’re like grasshoppers in their sight, they’re giants, and so we were in their sight. They saw themselves as grasshoppers, but Joshua said something really important, he said, sure there’s giants but the land is good, it’s flowing with milk and honey, and he said if the Lord delights in us, he’s gonna make it happen. So he really had a good relationship with the Lord, he said if the Lord delights in us. He knew that God delighted in him, and he said these people, these giants, they’re gonna be our bread, we’re gonna be eating giants for breakfast.

Amen, praise God.

And when you read Joshua, when Joshua is the leader of Israel, man they just eat all these people for breakfast. It’s like a, it’s a great book full of victory.

As they take that promised land.

And God, there might be some difficulties out there, but God can turn it into fuel for your faith, fuel for your destiny, so.

Glory to God. There is a promised land for all of us, and God wants us to take our promised land. And Kenneth Hagen I think said this, that he believed that over 90% even of ministers did not ultimately fulfill the call of God on their life. They might have got started into it, but they just didn’t keep on pursuing, and the place, I know I’ve heard Andrew Womack say this, the place where the most unused talent is is in the graveyard. ‘Cause a lot of people just go to the grave without really moving in to what God has for them, and we don’t wanna be like that, I wanna possess what God wants me to promise, have.

[Aaron] Well it takes faith to really live in your full potential for God, it takes faith. It’s always gonna take faith.

And you know, God has no respect for persons, he’s a respecter of faith. It reminds me of Jackson Clip. He grew up in this church, and he had been diagnosed with this terrible disease, he was on, like 11 prescription medications, on a good day, everyday, the doctors had told him that he’d die young, and they’d been in the church about six years when he was 10, he just woke up one day and said, listen, God healed Pastor Lawson when he was a little boy, and I believe God’s gonna heal me, I’m done with this sickness, I’m done with the devil. Praise God, and he’s healed, and it’s a medically confirmed miracle, praise God. The doctors say he is normal, that’s a fantastic report for Jackson, praise God.

That’s awesome, yeah I got to know him when he was dealing with his different illnesses, so he had a really bad digestive illness, like he couldn’t eat hardly anything, and even to eat he’d have to take medication every time, and then he also had a terrible immune system, so anytime he’d get whatever virus is going around, the flu or whatever, he’d just be knocked out for several weeks ’cause his body couldn’t fight it off. So even when he went to school, he missed half a school year with sick days, and would be going to the ER all the time.

[Lawson] He’s not that way anymore.

His immune system is healed, his digestive system’s healed the doctors said he’d die young, and, need all these surgeries and things, but.

He’s a complete miracle. And you know what, you’re not too old, you’re not too young, you can start believing God’s word right now. His mamma asked him what he’d do if he had a million dollars, he said, I would support missionaries, and I’d build a church, glory to God. I called a man, not long ago, God just put it in my heart to build five churches in India this year, and we’d partner with a ministry, and the people in India have to raise half the money, but once they have it, then they find partners from America who will match that. And so God had put it in my heart, and I called this man, the minister, and I was gonna pay for one that day, and I called this man, the head of this ministry, and he said, well I’m so happy because he said, I went and preached on the weekend and I had two churches commit to drill water wells, but nobody committed to build a church, and so he said I have two churches right now that are waiting, they have raised their money and they’re ready to start building right now as soon as somebody would partner with them, and I said, I called in intending to pay for one, I said listen, I’ll pay for two. And when I got off the phone I felt like calling one of my good friends, I thought, maybe they’re interested in building a church, and I called them and talked to them, and the man said, let me talk to my wife and I’ll call you back, and he called me back in 10 minutes, and said we’re gonna match what you did, we’re gonna build two. And on Sunday God told me to build five this year, and man, in two day, one day, I had four of them already, the money, and sent it for one, and the money coming for the other two, and so praise God, it’s amazing. Then we got one more, but we’ll do more than that.

This awesome, yeah, our ministry here when you give to this ministry, we actually, your gift doesn’t just stop here, we’re a ministry that likes to give and bless and expand the kingdom, in many areas. We give, last year this ministry gave away 635,000 to other ministries.

Yeah we gave away, how many percent? Over 15% of our gross income we gave away to other churches and ministries.

And our ministry’s actually debt free, too, we don’t pay a mortgage, we don’t owe anything, we’re a completely debt free ministry, so we’re able to, rather than just trying to keep up with the debt and the interest on debt, we’re able to invest in the kingdom, and there’s great opportunities for growing in the kingdom for investing in the kingdom.

Yeah, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have any needs, I have over 20 staff, currently, and our payroll is about $90,000 a month when you consider everything, and we have ongoing bills we have a large facility, and pay the utilities, and take care of everything, but God meets our needs, and we don’t look at it ending with us, we like to keep that money going.

Amen, we serve a God who’s more than enough.

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about. And in Genesis chapter 17, and Aaron you’ve recently preached about this, in fact I would encourage you to call in, and Aaron has a single CD on more than enough, I would encourage you to get that, or you could buy the whole series, More Than Enough, you got three CDs, but this more than enough message, people need to get a hold of this. And there’s a lot of people that will fight this message, but you need to agree with what the scripture says. And it’s not.

Yeah, I love this revelation that Abram got, who became Abraham. This is in Genesis 17, this is a great, powerful chapter in the Bible, so it says, in Genesis 17 verse one, when Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abram. So the Lord had already appeared to Abram when he was 74 years old, so this is 25 years later, he’d been waiting to receive the promise, this promised child that he would have, that he would have these descendants, and nations come from him, and at one point him and his wife Sarai, got tired on waiting on God, they thought that maybe they needed to help God out, maybe God, couldn’t perform this miracle, this promise on his own, so Abram had relations with Sarai’s handmade, Hagar, and Ishmael was born, who all the Islamic people are descendants of. But Abram is now 99, and the Lord appeared to him and said something really important. It says, I am almighty God. And in the original Hebrew, this is actually God saying I am El Shaddai, this is the first time that name is used in scripture, so whenever something is mentioned for the first time in scripture, it’s very important. So this is brand new revelation to all of humanity, but especially to Abram. He didn’t realize that God was El Shaddai, and El Shaddai means the almighty God, but it also means the all sufficient one. Some people think that God’s not enough, he lacks sufficiency. Philip in John 14, Jesus said I’m the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me, Philip said, well show us the Father and it will suffice us. So even Philip, one of Jesus’ disciples, didn’t really view Jesus as all sufficient as El Shaddai, at that point in time. So a lot of people struggle with a lack mentality, and it really comes from their relationship with God, they see that God is lacking. I think Abram actually dealt with a little bit of that, that’s why he felt, I gotta help God out here, and try to make the promise happen on my own.

It’s amazing because he was already blessed, Genesis 13:2 says that Abram was rich in cattle, and silver, and gold, so God had blessed him, already made him rich years earlier, but he, just because God’s blessed you and made you rich, doesn’t mean you don’t still struggle, in this error mentality.

Well there’s rich people have a poverty mentality.

That’s right. And, but God said I am El Shaddai, I’m the many breasted one, the all sufficient one, the God who is more than enough.

Yeah, I am almighty God. I am more than enough, walk before me and be blameless, and I will make my covenant between me and you and will multiply you exceedingly. So he’s saying, this covenant, this promise I have with you, this covenant promise, it’s gonna bring multiplication. There is a blessing of multiplication. I believe that Jesus, if you have Jesus in you, there is a blessing of multiplication in you, and Jesus could, he would bless the five loaves and two fish, and is multiplied.

And I like what he says, you come into relationship with me. And I will multiply you exceedingly. So when you begin to see God for who he really is, that he is more than enough, as the scripture said, and then you come into a relationship with him, you can begin to see more than enough flow in your life.

[Aaron] And multiply.

And we can get a revelation of God as our provider, our healer, our peace, our protector, all these different things that the scripture says that he is, but when you begin to see him for that, and come into relationship with him, and you get to know him through your relationship with him and through the word, then you can begin to see that magnified in your life. I loved something, when you were preaching recently on more than enough, how you talked about, you were just sharing about, we’ve gotta get a revelation of multiplication, and I think sometimes people have an understanding of the promisses mentally, but they don’t have any real true revelation. But when you get a revelation of it, it’ll change your life. Aaron, I went to see you and visit you when you were at Rice University, and you were living in a little 500 square foot or less apartment, in not the best area, but you had a, posted by your bed, I am blessed by the most high God the possessor of heaven and Earth. And I’ve seen that, different things like that Post-It at your house, and I thought, praise God, and it wasn’t long, and you paid off all your college debt, and all this while you were still going to college. You were making a six figure income as a full-time college student getting your doctorate degree, and God gave you that ability, to buy and sell things with your own business. Over the internet. And you’ve helped other people, and now they’re buying and selling stuff.

That’s a multiplication. God shows you how to make money one time, he can show you how to multiply it and do it several times, and how to help other people multiply in their life too.

Praise God.

So this is awesome. I love what, God continues to speak to Abram, verse four, it says, as for me behold my accounting is with you, and you shall be a father of many nations. No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham. So Abraham means fatherly. But he says, you’re gonna be Abraham, which means a father of a multitude, for I have made you a father of many nations, I will make you exceedingly fruitful, and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come from you, I will establish my covenant between you and your descendants after you and their generations for an everlasting covenant to be God to you, and to your descendants after you.

Our picture of God, will affect those that are closest to us. And so, when Abraham got a revelation that God was more than enough, it affected his children. And I believe, God really worked on my mentality. Many times a change of identity is needed for a change of destiny. And before we moved to Colorado Springs in 1998, and that was two, three years before God moved us here, God really began to work on my mentality, and I began to change the way that I thought. And if I wouldn’t have changed my mentality I’d still be pastoring in Kit Carson. It was okay, it was good for the time, I mean that was God’s place for, and it’s amazing that God took me to a really small place, to, put me in relationship with some people that thought in a really big way, and he really changed my thinking through them, and then through other ministers. God brought Mark Hankins into my life, and Mark has really affected me. Later Jesse Duplantis. Andrew Wommack; I actually got this revelation of taking the limits off of God in 1998, and Andrew Wommack got a revelation of it in about 2001, when he just was getting, beginning the TV ministry. And it really caused their ministry to explode, now it’s affected Andrew at this point far more than me, but it’s affected us in a very positive way. And God doesn’t call us all to run the same race. I don’t need to run Andrew’s race, I need to run my race. And we all need to do what God’s called us to do, but if we’re gonna go where God wants us to go, and do what God wants us to do, we have to begin to see ourselves the way that God sees us. And we’re gonna come back right after this short break and we’re gonna talk a little bit about seeing yourself the way that God sees you, about having a change of identity so that you can possess your destiny. So stay tuned, and we’ll be right back after a short message. Friends I’m so glad you’ve been watching, today we’ve been teaching on the subject of redemption, and who we are in Christ. This is some of my best teaching, in fact I got a revelation of this over 40 years ago in Andrew Wommack’s meetings, when I was just a child, and it revolutionized my life. And I believe if you get a revelation of who you are in Christ, and what happened in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, it will literally transform your life, and so, we have a lot of great teaching on redemption, what Jesus did for us, in his death, burial, and resurrection, and who we are in Christ. I encourage you to get this teaching, I believe just like it transformed my life, it will transform your life, so get on the internet, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much, and God bless you richly as you allow his word, first place. Friends I’m glad you stayed with us, God is so good to us, we’ve been talking about Abraham and how he had a change of identity so that he could possess his destiny. Now when God spoke to Abraham, you brought something out of this teaching Aaron, when you were sharing, once God called him Abraham, he never went back to Abram.

Yeah, there are several name changes in the Bible. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, but throughout scripture he would still go by Jacob and Israel sometimes. Even Simon Peter, his name was changed Simon, Jesus said you’re Peter, he would still kind of go by both names, interchangeably, but Abram when his name was changed to Abraham, that was it. He never went by Abraham again. He was a father of a multitude, so I believe he had a deep shift in his personal identity, and part of it I believe why he was able to receive this new identity is because he knew who his God truly was. He knew that God’s identity was El Shaddai, he was more than enough.

Yeah and we have to, the way that we see God, many times, affects how we receive from God. And a lot of people just don’t really have the proper image of God. We’re getting ready to develop a children’s curriculum here at Charis Christian Center, and the number one thing we’re gonna talk about is who God is. And then we’re gonna talk about who we are, who God made us to be in Christ. And we’ve got a lot of things, but, it’s been years since we could buy a curriculum that really teaches these things, and I think it’s really gonna help these kids. And I’m super excited to do it, it’ll take us a little bit to get this done, but when it comes out it’s gonna be awesome. And it’s gonna help a lot of churches and a lot of people. And I believe just like it’s helped you, and your brothers, all of you love Jesus, you’re all serving God, you all got good families, and you’re all in the local church, you’re all givers, you’re all supernaturally blessed, I believe just like it affected you it’ll affect many, many, multitudes of kids, in the church.

Amen, yeah I think the world, and even sometimes people in the church try to put limits on what people are believing for, even kids, they try to put limits on it, and say well maybe God doesn’t do this all the time, but with God all things are possible. And kids need to grow up with that belief in God, that all things are possible, through faith in him. And Jesus Christ is the one who strengthens us.

You can do anything God wants you to do, praise God. If God wants you to do it, you can do it.


I like to say I have everything I need to do everything God called me to do. I have no lack in any area of my life. Too many people identify with lack. Too many people identify with not enough, instead of more than enough. You said something when you were teaching on this the other day, you said you don’t believe that Abraham would have had to waited till he’s 99.

I don’t think so. Sometimes in church circles we attribute this 25 year waiting period as a great thing that Abraham, he’s had great faith that’s why he was able to wait, and endure for 25 years, but I mean, he kind of screwed up during those 25 years.

He only really operated in great faith for about a year.

Yeah, and I don’t, I actually don’t think, I don’t know for sure, this isn’t mentioned in scripture, it’s just my own opinion, I’ll have to ask God about it when I go to heaven, but I really don’t think Abraham had to wait 25 years. I think God wanted to bring that promise to pass earlier on, but Abraham struggled with the way he saw God, and I believe the way he saw himself.

Sometimes we hinder God, and we hinder the plan of God, by our thinking. And so we’ve gotta change our identity, begin to see ourselves the way God sees us, begin to agree with God. Agree with what God says about you.

And God’s grace is, incredible, even though you might have messed up, Abraham certainly messed up a few occasions, God’s grace is so incredible, he wants to keep bringing those promisses to pass in your life, even when you’re making the process more difficult. So, and ultimately God helped Abraham out, Abraham received through faith, and had his promised son Isaac.

Yes, and so we need to be who God wants us to be and do what God wants us to do.


And we need to move into what God has for us. And there’s amazing things. I believe that God has a good plan for every last person. That’s born on the Earth. I don’t believe he has a bad plan for anyone, and, but we have to choose. First of all we find it out through our relationship with Jesus, and through being born again, but then we have to choose to believe certain things about God and about ourselves, so that we can move into what God has for us. And you can’t just accept how you were raised, or so on and so forth, and praise God I know, I got baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was just 14, and I began to think differently, but God taken, it’s taken years. And some 40 years later I’m still growing, I’m still learning. We had some young person they said, we’re quitting the church, we don’t learn anything new here. I’m still learning, so if I’m learning you can learn, praise God, and, but anyway, God is so good. And that’s not everybody’s experience, we got a lot of people like, man, I get new revelation every week, praise God. And a lot of people really stayed with us and helped us accomplish what God’s calling us to do.

Yeah, it’s important to grow, even Abraham was growing, 99 years old he was growing in his faith, in his understanding of God, and even later on the road he was growing in his revelation of God. He received this revelation that God is more than enough, but also God is a provider, he received that revelation that God is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our provider.

In Genesis 22, he talked about that, and that’s somewhere between 14 and 22 years after this.

Years later he was still growing and receiving revelation.

Yeah, so you can share something from that, if you want to.

Yeah, I love something that’s said in that chapter, this is Genesis 22 verse 14, it said Abraham called the name of the place the Lord will provide, Jehovah Jireh, or Yahweh Yita as it is said to this day in the mount of the Lord, it shall be provided. And I’ve studied this a lot, I love reading about the names of God, and the redemptive names of God, that’s the very first one, Jehovah Jireh, but something that struck me the last time I was studying this, and it says, as it is said to this day. So Moses is the one that wrote this down, he wrote down the book of Genesis, and Moses lived 400 years after Abraham, so for 400 years it was being said as it is to this day, in the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.

[Lawson] Praise God.

And Abraham received that revelation in the mountain area of Jerusalem, Mount Mariah.

Right, where Jesus was crucified. And raised up the dead.

In the mount of the Lord it shall be provided. Moses was there on the mount of transfiguration when he saw Jesus shining in the glory of who he really was, so I think.

Praise God.

In the mount of the Lord it shall be provided. So in the mount of the Lord it has been provided.

Abraham went three day’s journey and he was to offer up Isaac his son, Isaac at that time represented everything that God had promised Abraham, and he was willing to lay him down. And offer him as a sacrifice, accounting that God was able to raise him from the dead. And when he did that the angel of the Lord, I believe it was a pre-incarnate of Jesus, got him by the hand, and said now I know that because you’ve not withheld your only son for me. And in blessing I’m gonna bless you and multiply, and I’m gonna multiply you, and Abraham looked, I believe he looked about a quarter of a mile north of Mariah, the temple mount, to Calvary, where Jesus was crucified. And he saw a ram caught in a thicket by his horns, and he went and got that ram and offered him in the place of his son, it was a type of Jesus, praise God, and in that very first redemptive name of God, Jehovah Jireh, we see provision, the Lord is our provider, he’s provided forgiveness for our sin, healing for our body, peace for our mind, and provision for our lack. In every area Jesus made provision for us. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. Redemption is a full thing. Praise God, it is for the whole man, spirit, soul, and body.


He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our inequities, the chastise and peace was upon him, and by Jesus’ stripes we were healed.


Amen, thank God for redemption.

I love what Jesus said in John eight, he said, before Abraham was I am, and then he went on to say that Abraham saw my day.

Rejoiced to see my day. He saw it, and was glad. Oh I believe Abraham got a revelation of redemption, and you need to get a revelation of redemption. You need to get a revelation of who you are in Christ. When God was working in Christ he was working on you and God did in Christ what he wanted to do in every man, and if you get that revelation it will revolutionize your life. Praise God, so I encourage you to call in for prayer. Call in get our product. These teachings will help you, you can get on our website you can get it absolutely free of charge. Or call in and become a partner with this ministry. Thank you, and God bless you richly.

[Announcer] You have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. The power of sin is broken, and you are no longer a sinner, but a saint. Get the redemption package, which includes Redemption and In Christ Realities, on either CD or digital download for $37, when you call 719-418-4000. Or visit

Hi friends, I’m so excited about our family camp meeting coming up June 7th through 11th, 2023. We’re gonna have great meetings for your youth, for your children, for adults, special worship, it is gonna be a great time together. We’re gonna see lots of people set free by the power of God, so save the date June 7th through 11th, here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at Charis Christian Center family camp meeting.

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