Imparting Success To The Next Generation – Part 7 Lawson and Barbara Perdue (Updated)

Generally when people have a breakdown in life, it’s because the foundation is broken.


Imparting Success To The Next Generation

After decades of serving alongside her husband in full-time ministry, Pastor Barbara Perdue shares incredibly valuable wisdom on how to find true success in life. Pastor Barbara has helped Pastor Lawson plant two great churches, run profitable businesses, and raise three sons. Each one of her boys received top-notch educations, have successful careers, are leading families of their own, and continue to faithfully serve Jesus. Regardless of where you are at in life, the scriptural principles found in this book will help you set the right priorities and fulfill the destiny that God has in store for you!

Imparting Success To The Next Generation Transcript

  Praise the Lord friends, and welcome to the broadcast. I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in. We’re sharing from my wife Barbara’s book today, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation”. And we’re specifically talking about priorities in life. Generally when people have a breakdown in life, it’s because the foundation is broken. And so open your heart, receive the good word of God today. I believe that you are going to be blessed. Friends, it’s so good to have you with us today. And we’re talking about priorities in life. This week we’re sharing from Barbara’s book, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation”. And we’re specifically talking about our relationship with God in this program today. You know a lot of times when people have a major breakdown, it’s because the foundation is broken. And I think at the heart of foundation in our life is our relationship with God.


  Amen. Again, we’ve been talking about what should your first priority be. To me, it’s very simple. Anyone, whether you’re single, married, young, old, our first priority is our relationship with God. And that’s what we’re really bringing out, and I’m really excited about as we get going here in this teaching today is different examples in the Bible, people who fellowship with God, it’s in there. It talks about how Enoch walked with God. It talks about Adam and Eve walking with God. And so we’re gonna be looking at some of these examples. And then also, one of everybody’s favorite story in the Bible is a story about Noah. And we can learn a lot from that story about what it looks like when you say, well, what do you mean have a relationship with God? I have a relationship with God. But there’s some great examples in the Bible of what it looked like, how they commune with him, talk to him and listen to him and how it affected things and their families.


  Yeah. You know a lot of people ask me sometimes when they look at my different teachings or read books I’ve written, they’re like, well, how do you, you talk about God spoke to you, how do you hear God? Well, I think there’s different ways that we can hear God.


  We brought out spending time in His word that really teaches us the character of God. Getting to know him by spending time in his word, time in prayer, time learning. And then we brought out that my sheep know my voice, hear my voice, and another they will not follow. We really, I wrote this book because I really wanted families to understand that we can teach our children not only to hear our voice but to hear the Holy Spirit that I know our children were like there was a lot of things in the community they grew up in and the schools they grew up in, but they weren’t like, it wasn’t a temptation for us because we knew the scriptures. That we had it in our heart. And so that’s even for at any age of person, if we have God’s word in our heart, we’re not gonna be so easily deceived. And again, so we’re gonna bring out the first priority, and I love what it says in Genesis 3:8. And it talks about how Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. But God spent time with them.




  Walking with them and communing with them and fellowshipping with them.


  And did you know we can still fellowship with God? I know something you do, you get up early in the morning like every day and you go walk like three miles, it’ll take you 45, 50 minutes every day and you’ll just be communing with God. And you’re looking at the beauty of creation and the different things that he’s done. And so you spend time in that. You spend time, you know, often I come and see you sitting in the kitchen and you’ll be studying the scriptures, and God speaks to you when you’re just communing with him, he speaks to you through the scriptures. Other times I come in and you have worship going, sometimes you’ll be studying the scriptures, you have worship going, you’ll be upstairs in the shower you have the worship going. You’re spending time constantly with God and I always say that, “Hey, you hear God”. And I know our son Aaron’s like that. And I hear God too, but it seems like to me you have a hotline.


  I think, I love how Andrew Wommack when he talks to you, he says, ’cause you’ll say how God talks to you in the night. And Andrew Wommack will tease with you and say, well, that’s the only time you’re calm enough, when you’re asleep at night, calm enough to hear him ’cause he just knows how high energy you are. You know we’re all creating his image and we’re all a little bit different. But both of us had really neat parents. Your father taught you how to play the piano. My mother played the piano and would worship God. So we were blessed that we had parents that were musical and worship God with their instruments and with their voices. And what a great start you and I both had with that. And then of course you passed that on to our children.


  I was sitting down the other day, and one thing I love to do is just sit down and worship. And I was sitting in our living room and God’s given me this beautiful Mason Hamlin concert, grand seven foot, gorgeous piano. It’s over 100 years old. It’s just gorgeous. The sound is just, you know, and we have like all this wood floor on the main level on the top left of our home, and it’s like the whole thing’s a sounding board. And I just love to just sit down and worship. But I was thinking the other day when I was just worshiping, I think it was Sunday morning before church. I had got ready and I was just sitting down and I was just worshiping God. And I was thinking how we used to drive up to your mom’s house and she didn’t even know we were there. And she had this little spin it piano and she would just be singing, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There’s just something about that name and how she loved to worship. And I just loved her worship. And it’s amazing how you have a desire and you know, I grew up, my parents didn’t have a lot, my dad had an older upright piano and it was actually a very nice piano and he took very good care of it, so on and so forth. But I remember going with Andrew and Jamie Wommack when they still lived in Lamar, Colorado, and they had one of their first meetings in a large auditorium, the FIPs Auditorium in Denver. And I went to go to that, nobody was in there. And I went and sat on the stage and they had a nice, beautiful, I think it was a Steinway. And I sat down, that Steinway begin to play and you know how God just gives us the desires of our heart. And later as we came here, God gave us first of all just a little five foot grand piano. He’d given us a grand piano in our church in Kit Carson, a family there helped us buy it. And you know how he’s given us a beautiful piano and I just love to worship God. And he’s given us these tools to worship Him.


  Amen. Amen. You know, I wanna bring out a couple other things. We’re just, I really am excited to share some biblical examples of what it looks like, people who spent time with God. And we mentioned in Genesis 3:8, but Genesis 5:24 says how Enoch walked with God. And Exodus 33:11 says, how the Lord spoke to Moses face to face. And again, these are examples in the Old Testament. We live under a better covenant. And I really wanna just jump right in to this. This is a story of Noah because I think I have it in my notes. How do you have a great blessed life? Well, spend time with God and listen to him. And obedience is doing something with the information that God gives you. And I believe God is speaking to all of us, but not everyone is listening. And I love this in Genesis 6:9, it talks about Noah. And Noah was a just man. Perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God. Again, it brings that out how Noah walked with God. And I wanna get into Genesis 6:13, I believe God gives a warning and then gives information what to do, like how to do it. And in this, of course, God is letting Noah know that there’s gonna be a flood coming. But for us, what this generation is doing, what we are to do is to let everybody know Jesus is coming back. Are you ready? Are you and your family ready? Because Jesus is coming back and that’s what we are to proclaim and declare. But God has specific directions and instructions for all of us. But we have to open our ears. And I wanna just read this because this kind of opens the point, if you don’t mind, honey. But in Genesis 6:13, it says, and God said to Noah, so God was talking to Noah. And I like this, when you read all these scriptures, Noah doesn’t say anything. He’s listening. And so it says, “The end of all flesh has come before me, “for the earth is filled with violence through them, “and behold, I will destroy them with the earth”. But he goes on and says in verse 14, “Make yourself an ark of gopher wood. “Make rooms in the ark, “cover it inside and outside with pitch. “And this is how you shall make it the length”. And it goes into the perimeters of that. And it says, you’ll make a window. And it goes in verse 17. “I’m bringing flood waters on the earth”. And verse 18, “But I’m gonna establish my covenant with you”. And it just talks about bringing the animals, having the animals on the ark, and of the birds of their kind animals after their kind. I’m kind of paraphrasing here. And verse 21. “And you shall take for yourself “of all the food that is eaten, “and you shall gather it to yourself “and it shall be food for you and for them”. And then this is what I wanna bring out. This is Genesis 6:22. And it says, and I have this highlighted, “Thus Noah did according to all that God commanded him”.




  So he did. So we see a lot of times I think when people are spending time with God are praying, they’re doing a lot of talking and you know, it’s okay to take some time to listen.


  Right. And I love in Hebrews 11, it talks about all these different people of faith. You’ve talked about, a couple. You’ve talked about Enoch, now you’re talking about Noah. In verse seven it says this of Hebrews 11, “By faith, Noah being warned of God, “of things not seen as yet moved with fear “or respect out of his relationship with God, “prepared an ark to the saving of his house “by which he condemned the world “and became the heir of righteousness which is by faith”. So Noah was placed in right standing with God because he believed God. But there’s something about faith and people of faith. I could say this about Andrew Wommack. I can say this about Jesse Duplantis. I can say this about Mark Hankins. These are my mentors about Lester Sumrow, who’s went home. People of faith are people who know God and hear his voice. And so God spoke to Noah and gave him very specific instructions. And Noah knew God’s voice. Noah heard God and Noah obeyed God by faith and received the results. But did you know it took Noah a hundred years? Again, sometimes God will give you a word. You know I’ve taught a message on Abraham, the father of our faith, 50 years of faith in God. But Noah operated on this one word that God gave him to build an ark for. It took him 100 years to accomplish that. And how many people have that much diligence in their relationship with God?


  Well, a lot of times what God calls us to do, it is a lifelong journey. And he wants it to be a healthy journey for us, for our spouse and for our family, our children.


  So people of faith know God. And I left something Dr. Lester Sumrall said, faith is a walk with God. So we’re gonna come back, we’re gonna talk more about our relationship with God and how we walk that out in life, so stay tuned, you’ll be blessed. Hi friends, we’ve been teaching from Barbara’s book, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation”. These are principles that will help you established a strong marriage, a strong home and be a blessing to your children. We’ve also made the syllabus for this free of charge on our website at Blessings. David said this, he said, I would’ve fainted unless I believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. You see, the Bible says, do not be weary in well-doing for in due season you will reap if you do not faint. Some people faint, some people give up before they receive their harvest, but you gotta keep believing in the goodness of God. Friends, I’m so glad that you stayed with us. We are talking about priorities in life. And the first priority that every one of us needs to really honor as a believer is our relationship with God. And many times when people’s lives have breakdowns, especially as believers, it’s because we’ve got our priorities out of order. So it really begins with this relationship with God. We talked earlier about the importance of seeking first the kingdom of God. You know, Jesus said this in Matthew chapter six. He’s talking about you don’t have to worry. You know, you don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna wear. You don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna eat. He said even Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed. He was not clothed as beautiful as the flowers of the field. He says the birds of the air, they don’t toil, they don’t work, they don’t gather into barns and have harvest, and yet your father in heaven feeds the birds. And man, I’m telling you, birds can eat a lot. But when you look at this he’s saying these are the basic necessities of life, right? Clothing, food, basic necessities of life. He’s like, you don’t have to worry about that. He says, this is what the Gentiles seek after. This is what the world is seeking after. So we live in a materialistic world and there are specific needs. But Jesus said, if you’ll seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all of these other things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33. You know, I’ve been recently teaching a message at church on surrender. And I’ve brought this out be… I’ve thought about this actually for months. But you know, if you only knew how good it would be, you would completely surrender your life to Jesus. Praise God. And so we seek him first. And Barbara, you talk about how when you put God first, other things will line up. So just go ahead and begin to share that.


  Well, I love in Psalm 34:8, it says, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. “Blessed it is the man who trusts in him are happy, “fortunate to be envied”. The man who puts his trust in him. You know, I don’t understand everything. I don’t have the whole Bible memorized. You know, you have a really good memory. We all tease that you have it memorized, but when I read scriptures like this, blessed is the one who puts their trust in him. You know, I can do that. I can put my trust in him.


  Praise the Lord.


  But I like how it says taste and see that the Lord is good. We’re blessed by just putting our trust in him. God is so good. And you know, we’re talking about priorities, first priority our relationship with God, really spending time in the word learning who God is. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the wrong picture of God. They a lot of times will blame him or think he’s doing all this evil to them, and he’s not, God is a good God.


  The problem is they really don’t know who God is, and they don’t know the God of the scriptures. And when you look at the New Testament and you look at the life of Jesus, Jesus said, I’ve come that you might have life and life abundantly. The Bible says this in James 1:17, that every good and perfect gift comes down from above, from the father of lights with whom there’s no variableness, neither shadow of turning. In other words, if it is not good and it is not perfect, it could not come from God because he only has good to give. You know, the Bible says in the Book of Psalms that the Lord is good to all that his tender mercies are over all of his works. And you have this scripture from Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will perfect that, which concerns me. “Your mercy O Lord endures forever. “Forsake not the works of your own hands”. And when you get to know God, God is a good father. And he wants to do good things for you.


  He does wanna do good things for you. And you know, for years I didn’t share this and I was reluctant when I was younger. And then I heard Andrew Wommack talk about this, how he really believes that when you are young, there’s a time of innocence in your life where God really is revealing himself to people. And maybe they just tune it out. Maybe they forget it. And you know this ’cause I’ve told you, it was when I was very, very young, maybe just five or six years old, playing with toys out in our front yard growing up there in Commerce City, which is a suburb of Denver. And our home was very little. The yard was very little. But I was out front, I had a special little, I can remember the toys, I can remember this day like it was just yesterday. But I was playing with a little camper and little toys out front. And Jesus was there with me. The Lord himself was there. And you’re like, “Well, what did he look like?” And I don’t know if you’ve ever got the picture of a parent who loves their child and is laying on the ground with your arm resting, your head resting in your hand, and you’re laying out and your legs are crossed. And that’s the picture I had of Jesus. He was laying there on the lawn with his head resting on his hand. And I just remember him smiling as he was delighting and watching over me as I was playing with my toys. And he said this, he said, “I love you and I’m proud of you”. And I remember, and I didn’t… You know as a child, when you’re little, you’re aware someone’s there, but you don’t really look at them. And I just remember looking and I was really concentrating, playing with my toys, but I can remember telling him, thank you. You know, he said, “I love you and I’m proud of you”. And I remember saying, thank you.


  Praise God.


  And then that presence, that Lord. And you said, what did he look like? He was just laying there on the ground delighting and watching me play and just had a big smile on his face. So as I was growing up, and I didn’t say anything for years ’cause nobody else was talking about here talking to God. And that was so real. I can remember it so specifically like it just happened five minutes ago or happened yesterday. And I remember growing up in very traditional settings, which I appreciate, we both talked about this, we appreciate our parents taking us to church and learning the stories in the Bible as a youngster. But hearing the preacher talk about a lot of times the church I grew up in the message was always taught how God was mad at us. It’s gonna strike us with lightning. And I would just sit there on those wooden pews, swinging my legs and looking there and just shaking my head and thinking they just don’t know God like I do. And you know, it didn’t distract me, derail me, confuse me because I had my own relationship with God.


  Amen. And you know what, you knew God from a personal experience of God and you can know God from the scripture. You know there’s different ways that you can get to know God, but it’s really important that people get to know the real true God, the one true God. And you know what? If you study the scripture, it’s consistent. And in the Old Testament, there’s this progressive revelation of God. You know that he’s our provider, he’s our healer, he’s our protector, he’s our sanctification, he’s our peace, he’s our righteousness. And he’s there. He’ll never leave us or forsake us. And then it not only says that’s the seven redemptive names of God, but it says in Malachi 3:6, he says, “I’m the Lord and I change not”. So God has never changed from who he is. Now when you go to the life of Jesus, Jesus reveals who the Father is. He’s God manifest in the flesh. John says, no man has seen God, nobody has fully comprehended and understood who God is, but the only begotten son who’s from the bosom of the Father, he has declared him, He has openly made known. And when you look in the life of Jesus, Jesus does the same things that God says that he is. He heals the sick, he provides for the poor. Jesus delivers people from oppression. The same God, he forgives people for their sins. He says he’ll never leave us or forsake us. So the New Testament reveals in the gospels, Jesus puts a face on the Father. And then if you look at the epistles, Paul’s letters, Christ is living in us. And the Bible, the scriptures are consistent. And when you get to know the true God, that’s what faith is, it’s know God. People of faith know God. And when you know God, then it’s not so hard to experience these good things of God, that God wants to do. You have another scripture here, in Deuteronomy 8:18. And do you have that one Barbara right now?


  Yeah. I love that. We have some scriptures now and this is the picture of what I have of God every day in my life, working in my life. And it says, “And you shall remember the Lord your God “for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, “that he may establish his covenant “which he swore to your fathers as it is this day”. But remember it’s the Lord who gives you the power, the ability, the intelligence.


  Yeah. When you put God first, you know you remember God, right?


  That’s right.


  And he gives you the power to get wealth. Deuteronomy 28:2, you have, it says, “I will command my blessings on you”. Praise God. God is gonna command his blessing on you.


  And I believe in my scripture and in the my translation that I have, it says, the blessing of God will overtake you. Again, a lot of times people have this misconception that God is trying to withhold good from them. But the Bible I read, the scriptures I read in the old and New Testament, I love this one. The blessings are gonna overtake you. And I like the example you’ve used of what it means to get tackled. If you watched a football game and someone tackled someone, it overtook you.


  Amen. If any of you know J.D. Link, he pastors Abundant Grace Fellowship in Blanco, Texas. J.D. came to our church years ago and then went and planted that church, and J.D’s a great man of God, but he used to take up our offerings and he said, the blessing of God will come on you like a linebacker overtaking a quarterback. And I got a picture of that and I never forgot it. That comes right out of that scripture. And so you have all these different scriptures, Psalm 35:27, “Let them shout for joy and be glad. “Let them say continually, let the Lord be magnified “who takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant”. When you find out God takes pleasure to our prosperity, you could start shouting and being glad.


  And I wanna say that again. God who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant, of blessing you, he takes pleasure.






  Amen. Here’s another one you have Barbara talking about Proverbs 10:22. It says, “The blessing of the Lord makes rich”. You know, some people think God’s trying to keep things from ’em, when the truth is God wants to get things to you. If he could just get you out of the way and your bad thinking. And so, you know, there’s a couple of tools that we have in this area that will really help you begin to understand the good things that God has for you. One is we have a free confession card, and if you’re in the United States, you can write in, get it or call in, get it free of charge. I also have a book that I’ve written on this subject, “Provision Releasing Supernatural Increase in Your Life”. Or you can find out the truth about these different things. And we’ve got many scriptures, many things. And if you’ll start meditating on this, it will absolutely change your life. So I wanna encourage you, you know if you’re watching today and you want this, call in, you can get this. It’s free of charge, we’ll get it to you. That is the confession card. You can go to our website, you can download it for free. You can find all of our books along with provision there. Also, our prayer ministers are here waiting to pray for you. Maybe you’re struggling in that area or maybe again, you wanna sow some seed and become a partner with this ministry. I believe that there will be increase on that. And remember, I’ll be back to pray for you right after this.


  It is important to keep God first, family second and our ministry third. In a busy world, it is essential that we understand and act upon these priorities. Raising kids to love the word, value family, and live with purpose will bring them great success. Get your copy of Barbara’s new book, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation” for $15.99. Go to and order yours today.


  Hi everyone, we have a special announcement for you.


  We’re having a camp meeting and it’s for the whole family. We have special kids teaching, special youth teaching, special adult teaching, special guests and special worship, it’s a great event and you don’t wanna miss it. I believe it will be a blessing to you and your family. So come see us. Friend pray with me right now. Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus died for my sins and he took my sicknesses. And right now I receive your forgiveness of sin and I receive healing in my body. Thank you Jesus, that you are my savior and my healer. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  Thanks for watching Grace for Today. This broadcast has been made possible by our faithful partners. If you would like to become a partner, need prayer or have a question, please call us at 719-418-4000 or to partner online, go to You can write us at P.O Box 63733, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962. See you next time on Grace for Today.

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