Imparting Success To The Next Generation – Part 4 Lawson and Barbara Perdue (Updated)

Psalms says, “If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” We can develop a strong foundation in our lives and our families through the word of God.


Imparting Success To The Next Generation

After decades of serving alongside her husband in full-time ministry, Pastor Barbara Perdue shares incredibly valuable wisdom on how to find true success in life. Pastor Barbara has helped Pastor Lawson plant two great churches, run profitable businesses, and raise three sons. Each one of her boys received top-notch educations, have successful careers, are leading families of their own, and continue to faithfully serve Jesus. Regardless of where you are at in life, the scriptural principles found in this book will help you set the right priorities and fulfill the destiny that God has in store for you!

Imparting Success To The Next Generation Transcript

  Praise the Lord, friends. It’s so good to have you with us today. I’ve got my wife Barbara here. We’re talking about developing a strong foundation in your life and in your family. Psalms says, “If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” I believe that we can develop a strong foundation in our lives and our families through the word of God. Stay tuned and be blessed. Friends, it’s so good to have you with us and I’m so happy to have Barbara on with me this week, teaching and sharing principles that we have used in our family, that we have imparted to our children, and have led to such amazing things, really, with God’s hand and God’s blessing on our life. And so, we’re gonna be sharing today, beginning to share and talking about how we can develop a foundation, and it’s so important for us to develop a foundation.


  Well, what we’re gonna bring out today is the foundation we’re talking about is the strong foundation that we get from the word of God. I like what you’ve shared before, that the truth will always set people free. We’ve brought out that the light will always overcome the darkness. So, to build our lives upon the word o’ God is the strongest foundation that any of us can have, and I’m gonna just read. We’re gonna get goin’. Then, I know you have a few things to share, but we’re gonna start by reading in Matthew 7:24-27, and it says, “Therefore, whoever hears,” so, in my Bible, I have that word hears circled. That’s important. We need to hear the word. It says, “Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them,” so then, I have that word does circled. We need to hear and then do something with the information. And it goes on to say, and this is Jesus. “I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock, and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. But, everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them will be likened to a foolish man who build his house on the sand, and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, and it fell, and great was its fall.”


  Yeah, so when you look at this, this is something you gotta realize. Storms come to everyone. You know, not only did the foolish man encounter a storm, but the wise man encountered a storm. And when you look in the Bible, storms come to people even of great faith. You know, Jesus told his disciples one time, “Get in the boat and go to the other side of the sea.” That was the Sea of Galilee. It’s about 8 miles wide, 13 miles long, and they got in a major storm, obeying the word of the Lord. Some people think, if I’m obeying Jesus and doing what he calls me to do, I’m not gonna have any challenges. Well, that is not consistent with the scripture. You know, Jesus said this in John 16:33, “In the world, you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” You know, there are gonna be storms because we’re in a world that’s been affected by sin and by Satan, and Satan is still the god of this world, but just because a storm comes does not mean that we have to succumb to it, to bow down to it, right. We can build our life on the word o’ God, and when the storms of life come, we will stand strong through the storm.


  You know, when we were pastoring in the first church that we pioneered, this was a smaller agriculture place in the Eastern, excuse me, Eastern part of the State, and it was, they would ground hay and it was dry and dusty, and I share all that because our middle son really had problems with his breathing with asthma. And I remember the doctor telling me one time, this was when he was in elementary school, but the doctor telling me, as far as us being, you know, planting the church and pastoring there that that was the worst place that we could live for our child’s health. And I just remember being mad, not mad at God, but mad at the devil




  because I thought, these circumstances aren’t gonna dictate to me where we can and cannot live. We were called at that time to start a church at rural America, and I thought, if I know that we obeyed God goin’ there, and I could put my trust in God that he was gonna keep our entire family healthy and safe because we were in his will. But, if you went by circumstances, we could say, man, we really missed it or what happened to God? Has he left us? And, but you know, what we did, we took the word o’ God and we wrote it out on index cards and hung it up everywhere. We hung it up on our window above the kitchen sink. We hung up healing scriptures specifically,




  on our refrigerator, on every mirror in the bathroom, on every bedroom door, it had a healing scripture.


  Amen, and we got our children to believe those and speak those words, and you know, we actually lived there for another, you know, probably four good years after that, and our son, Andrew, got supernaturally healed and delivered by the power of God. The devil was trying to kill him, but I like something you said, Barbara. I like that you said, I got mad at the devil. I’m telling you, you need to direct your anger at the devil and you need to realize that death, destruction, poverty, sickness, disease comes from the devil. You know, Ephesians 4 says, “Be angry and sin not.” The only way that you could really do that is direct your anger at the devil, praise God, because he is the true problem. And you know what? Don’t blame God for the problem. And when you study the word o’ God, you find out that God is a good God, that he wants good things for his children, that, according to James 1:17, he only gives good gifts, good and perfect gifts. If it’s not good and perfect, and that’s not sickness, that’s not disease. That’s not poverty. That’s not lack. Good and perfect is good and perfect. Jesus said this in John 10:10. “It’s the thief that comes to steal, to kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life and that life more abundantly.” And I’ve got a really simple theology. Evil, death, destruction comes from the devil and good, blessing, favor comes from God. You need to get your eyes on God and what he does and don’t blame God for the devil’s work. “Stand,” the Bible says, “against the devil,” in Ephesians Chapter 6. We need to find out it’s the devil and stand against him. “Take the shield of faith,” the Bible says, “wherewith you shall quench every fiery dart, every flaming lie that the devil tries to throw.”


  So, remember, we’re talking about developing a strong foundation, and that comes from the word o’ God.




  So, even when there’s challenges, negative circumstances, how do we get through those times? And I just shared a very basic example of our son having problems as a child with asthma, and being told by a medical doctor that we lived in the worst place that we could live for him. And we put the word o’ God up everywhere, but he was supernaturally healed and went on to be a really strong athlete, but before I have you share those testimonies of what happened to him when he was in high school, when he was in elementary school, I went with him and the team and the whole town showed up, but we went to a track and field day, which was out in the middle of nowhere, basically a school that’s just kinda plopped out, built in a field so there’s nothing. There’s no resources. There’s nothing around this area.


  It’s Sheridan Lake, Colorado. It’s about 30 miles East of Eads, Colorado. The closest hospital, which is kind of a patch-up station, is in Eads, Colorado, and Andrew had a major asthma attack. He wasn’t breathing after he ran and won the 800-meter, and you prayed for him.


  So, as we mentioned, he was running this race, and everybody could tell that something was wrong. He was running hard. He was winning, and he was on that last lap, and you know, we could all see that he was starting, that something was wrong. And so, I actually met him at the finish line, where he collapsed in my arms. His eyes had rolled back. He had had an asthma attack while he was running and he didn’t stop. He was just so competitive, he kept running, and everybody, there was such a panic and a spirit of fear, an atmosphere of fear at this track and field day. Everybody could see something was really wrong. And so, as I mentioned, I ran to meet him at the finish line. He collapsed in my arms, and I had this thought as I watched his eyes roll clear back in his head. I just had this thought. If I let him go to the ground, if I don’t hang on to him, he is going to drop and die. And I hung onto him and remember, it’s powerful. What’s your foundation? I took the, you know, we put the word o’ God in us every day, every day, so what you put in is what’s gonna come out.


  That’s right.


  And one of his classmates came up to me and said, “You know, where is his inhaler?” And you know, just in all of this, you know, you’re getting ready to go somewhere, and this was a drive from our home and I had forgot his inhaler. And so, I told his friend, you know, it just dawned on me. “I forgot it.” And in front of God and everybody, this entire crowd, this little friend of his said, “What kind of mother are you?” And something, because again, I had been putting the word o’ God in me, had the healing scriptures all around our house, but something rose up in me and I didn’t, I didn’t yell it out, but inside my spirit, it roared. “I am the kinda mother that knows how to pray.” And that just, that comment just kicked it into gear, and I began to pray and command his esophagus to open up. And just as the Holy Spirit gave me the words, I commanded his lungs to work, and, you know, he went from changing all sorts of colors to the pink beginning to return. And then, he became conscious again, and we had him walk around, but you know, God supernaturally healed him, and so, you know, praise God. And people, I didn’t realize it ’cause I was just focused on God, his word and our son.




  I wasn’t focused on everyone else, but you know, years later, people would come up and tell me, and they would say, “I was there, someone in my family was there, and told me about what happened.”


  Yeah, and do you know what? The thing is, you didn’t get mad at God. You didn’t blame God. You knew God. And you spoke to that situation. You knew the word and you took authority over it. You know, you say, well, people, you know what? We forget things. There’s challenges. There’s difficulties, but you did not blame God. And it’s very important that we don’t blame God for whatever trouble that we have.


  And not only not blaming God, but even as you’re, you know, writing the scriptures out, and speaking the word o’ God, and even though there was challenging circumstances for a period of time, we did not quit standing on the word of God.


  Amen, so I wanna encourage some of you that are watching. You need prayer and you need prayer right now, and you may be facing some very contrary circumstances, contrary winds. You’ve stepped out to obey God, but it doesn’t look like things are working out. I wanna encourage you. We have trained prayer ministers that are here that will agree with you. The Bible says, “If two or three of you will agree on earth as touching anything that you ask, it will be done by our Father which is in Heaven.” We have strong people of faith that’ll agree with you, pray for you, stand with you, and you can begin to see the promises of God work in your life at an entirely different level. So, we’re gonna be back right after a short break. Stay tuned. If you need to call in, call in, blessings. Hi, friends, we’ve been teaching from Barbara’s book, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation.” These are principles that will help you establish a strong marriage, a strong home and be a blessing to your children. We’ve also made the syllabus for this free of charge on our website at, blessings. you know what? I’ve had a lot o’ opportunities along the line to get discouraged, to get disappointed, to quit believing, but there’s one thing I know. I’m gonna keep believing God. The fact is God said it and that settles it, and you can believe it and begin to receive it or you can doubt it and do without it, but God said it and that settles it. Praise the Lord, friends. I’m glad that you’re tuned in, glad that you’re with us. We’ve been sharing and talking about having a foundation of the word o’ God in your life. You know, you don’t need to wait till you’re in a problem to get a foundation in the word o’ God in your life. You need to start right now, putting the word in on a regular basis, and meditating the word o’ God, meditating the promises of God, meditating about what God says. And then, when you get in a difficult situation, just like Barbara described in the first half of the broadcast, out o’ your spirit, the word will begin to flow, and you’ll find out that God in you is more than enough victory, has more than enough power. The word in you will work through you. Praise God, and you can see the victory in the challenges that you face.


  I want you to encourage ’em with what Romans 10:17 says. Like, how can we, how can we get stirred up? How can we stir up our faith and grow that part? How can we grow faith? What does the Bible tell us?


  Yeah, well, we grow in the operation of faith. So, we all have the exact same spirit of faith, the exact faith of Jesus, if you begin to study the New Testament, but it’s called big or little. And what’s big or little is the operation of it. But, the Bible actually talks about, that your faith grows exceedingly. I think that’s in II Thessalonians Chapter 1 or I Thessalonians Chapter 1, but in Romans 10:17, it says, “Now then, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The literal Greek says something like this. “Now faith comes by declaration and declaration by the mouth of God.” So, faith comes when we hear what God declared to be so about himself, and when you study the Old Testament, it’s a progressive revelation of who God is. And God says, “I am your provider. I am your healer. I am your deliverer and protector. I am your sanctification. I am your peace and your provision. I am your righteousness and I am the Lord who is there.” That’s the seven redemptive names of God in the Old Testament. So, when people come and teach you that God is your provider. He’s your healer. He’s your protector. He’s your sanctification. He’s your peace and provision. He’s your righteousness and he’s always present. When they teach that, did you know what? That causes your faith to grow. It causes you to grow in the operation of your faith as a believer. And then, when you begin to really understand this, Jesus represented everything that God is. So, when you see Jesus, for instance, did Jesus ever put sickness on anybody in the gospels?




  He never did, no, but it’s written 14 times in the New Testament that Jesus healed them all of every kind of sickness and every kind of disease. Jesus healed the sick. Jesus cast out devils. Jesus provided for their needs. Jesus gave them peace. Jesus forgave their sin. Jesus is consistent with who the Father is. John 1:18, “No man has seen God at any time. No man has completely understood who God is, but the only begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father has declared him.” But then, if you go into the epistles, in the epistles, Paul says, “Christ in you is the hope of glory.” And you begin to find out that you have the righteousness of God in you. You have the sanctification of God in you. You have the peace of God in you. You have the provision of God in you. You have the health of God in you. And when you begin to understand that in your spirit, that you already have those things that you need, as you renew your mind, you begin to flow in those things. Those things will flow out of your spirit into situations just like you described in the first half of the broadcast, where you could begin to operate in the victory that’s already yours in Christ. You know, the Bible says this in I John 5:4. “Whosoever is born of God overcomes this world, and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” The next verse says this. It says, “Who is he that overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” You were made a world overcomer the moment that you were born of God, the moment that you believed on Jesus, but you need to renew your mind in the word o’ God. And then, when the devil comes and attacks you with lack, with sickness, with disease, with anxiety, you can have the word o’ God rise up on the inside o’ you just like the word o’ God rose up on the inside o’ you, and you can stand against those attacks of the devil and operate in victory.


  You know, we’re gonna read a couple more scriptures on trusting. I like how the Bible says that when we put our trust in the Lord, we’re blessed, and that we don’t have to be anxious about things. Like what you mentioned, I’m gonna have you read or I’ll read here in Jeremiah 17 in just a little bit, but I just feel led to share another healing testimony, and that, like you mentioned in the first half, we shared one about our son who went on to be a tremendous athlete in his senior years or his high school years, but…




  You know, there is a time, we’re talking about developing a strong foundation in the word of God, and how storms come to everybody, but it doesn’t mean that God’s word is not true. As you have stepped out and believed God for something,




  Felt he has directed you to a certain way, but it’s a number o’ years ago. I don’t know if you remember this. We’d be in church or I’d be at home. This was the first building we had here in Colorado Springs, but I remember my skin just itched all the time,


  Oh yeah, share that.


  and I would look at you and say, “Why don’t you itch? My skin, I just itch all the time. But, you don’t itch all the time. And, you know, I didn’t study medicine. So, I don’t know symptoms and stuff, and I just itched all the time. And then, I remember one Sunday feeling like fire stripes were, just feeling like my face was on fire, and then I noticed in between services as I went to check on things and take care o’ things, I saw in the mirror. My face looked like it had red lines across my face right where I felt like I was on fire, but anyway, to make a long story short, it was actually one of, it was our daughter-in-law, our middle son’s wife that was visiting us, and she saw me as I would barely eat something. It didn’t even matter if I ate a salad. I would instantly, it didn’t matter what food I ate, I would instantly break out. And it was my daughter-in-law that said, “I think you need help.” And anyway, I found out, I was told I had a liver disease that I believe they called it a fatty liver, and it was kind of an interesting situation because…


  Well, it was very advanced.




  You know, when the doctors discovered it, so on and so forth, and most people, they would have put on a strong medication. However, we went to a strong believer, and he was a naturopath, and he, with you, went the natural route and you actually overcame this by believing God and just doing some things, right? You took some allergy tests, and for a period o’ time, you got off certain foods, different things. You were allergic to all kinds of stuff, but most people go on prescription medication if they’re too developed at the point you were, and never get off of it, but God completely healed you.


  Praise God, as you mentioned, God completely healed me, and I just want to encourage people because sometimes, well-meaning family and friends, this is what happened to me. As I was told I had this liver disease, people would send me all these emails, all this information on this disease, how, you know, you might not ever overcome it and it’s gonna take years, even if you do overcome it. I had to turn all that off, and some people, even some of my friends, I said, “Please do not send that to me anymore.” because I didn’t have time to read that. This is what I read. Do you wanna know what I read?




  The Bible, and I love in Jeremiah 17:7-8, it said, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord.




  He shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river and will not fear when he comes.” Talk about sometimes going through a pressure cooker. “But, its leaf will be green and will not be anxious in the year of drought nor will cease from yielding fruit.”


  You know, I had a friend o’ mine and he was one of the leaders at the Bible school where I teach, and he said, you know, that you were, I said something about you being always happy. And he said, “Well, you guys just don’t have any problems.” Well, the fact is, did you know what? He didn’t know. We faced major challenges financially. We faced major challenges medically. We faced major problems, but we believed God. And he doesn’t know all the different challenges, even with our children, physically, financially. I mean, some of our greatest opportunity, Barbara, financially has come in some of the face of the biggest challenges. And I know because I’m aggressive, I’ve probably made things more challenging, but you know, some o’ those times that we’ve really reached out and stretched forward and, you know, really stretched the envelope, I mean, we were faced with major crisis, major difficulty, but we believed God and pressed through, and you know, it’s brought us into a whole ‘nother level. And if you’re, I heard Joyce Meyer say something years ago, and it was so powerful. She said, “Another level, another devil.” You know what? If you’re gonna go to another level with your business, with your finances, you know, in your health, if you’re gonna go to another level in your faith, if you’re going to go to another level maybe in different, you’re going to have to be prepared to face some giants. You know, we woulda never heard about David and the midget. But, it was David and Goliath, and you know, if you’re gonna go to another level, there’s gonna be another devil. And you’ve gotta learn how to use your faith and faith comes by hearing and hearing the word o’ God, but you get a good foundation in the word o’ God, and you know, Smith Wigglesworth said something. He said, “Faith in God will help you no matter how you’re fettered, no matter what problem you have.” Did you know there is a promise in the Bible for every problem that you face? And if you’ll believe the promises of God, all the promises of God in Jesus Christ are yes and amen to the glory of God by us. God gets glory when we believe these things and see the victory manifest in our life. And you know, it’s not like we don’t ever face any challenges or difficulties, but we’ve learned how to use the faith that God’s given us, and believe the promises of God’s word and see those things work in our life.


  Well, over and over, what I see in the word of God in more than just one scripture, it’s also in Psalm 1:3, but over and over, it says that “We are blessed for those who put their trust and hope in the Lord.” That is awesome.


  Amen, and you know what? If you’ll make a decision to believe God and then meditate the word o’ God, and begin to speak the word o’ God, and act on the word o’ God, the word of God will work for you.


  Amen, that’s good news.


  Praise the Lord.


  It will work for anybody.


  Amen, you know what? Aaron often talks about how God is blind. You know, and how he auditioned with these major orchestras through a blind screen, but God is blind to anything but faith, but faith will cut through the veil and get, amen, the answer from God, praise God. You know, you may have been listening, said, “You know, I’d like to help, you know, other people receive the word o’ God.” And you know what? We have hundreds of hours of teachings downloadable on the internet, downloadable, you know, audios, videos, a free children’s curriculum. We’re making all of this available because we want to help the body of Christ, but if you need prayer or you want to become a partner, I want to encourage you to call us today, blessings. Friends, I certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed the program today, and it’s ministering to you to move into that which God has for you. And I wanna say a great big thank you to all of our partners for helping us share this gospel across the United States and across the world. It’s because of our partners that we can take this message of grace and faith around the world. If you would like to join our partners and receive that blessing, give us a call today, blessings.


  It is important to keep God first, family second and our ministry third. In a busy world, it is essential that we understand and act upon these priorities, raising kids to love the word, value family and live with purpose will bring them great success. Get your copy of Barbara’s new book, “Imparting Success to the Next Generation” for 15.99. Go to and order yours today.


  Friends, we don’t want to leave this broadcast without giving you the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord. Pray with me right now. Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus Christ is your Son. I believe that he died on the cross for my sins, and right now, I surrender my life to you, in Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.


  Thanks for watching “Grace For Today.” This broadcast has been made possible by our faithful partners. If you would like to become a partner, need prayer or have a question, please call us at 719-418-4000 or to partner online, go to You can write us at P.O. Box 63733, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962. See you next time on “Grace For Today.”

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