Destined To Win – Part 7 Lawson and Aaron Perdue

Destined to Win Part 7

Destined to Win Part 7 from Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue. When you gain a revelation of God’s love it will change the way you pray! Explore Paul’s prayer in Ephesians chapter 3!

Destined to Win 8-part CD series from Pastor Lawson Perdue

Destined to Win

When Jesus saved you, your destiny changed completely! He radically transformed us and brought us from death to life, from sin to righteousness, and from defeat to victory. Pastor Lawson goes through the book of Ephesians in detail and shows us exactly why we are destined to win. We are no longer fighting to be overcomers, we are made victorious through Jesus and any weapon formed against us will not prosper! Jesus came to give us life and have that life more abundantly! Because of God and his great love, we are destined to win!

Destined to Win Part 7 Transcript

Praise the Lord friends, I am so glad that you are with us today. I’m here with my son Aaron, we are gonna be teaching on Paul’s prayer from Ephesians 3. And when you get a revelation of the love of God, it will completely change the way that you pray. It’ll also change the way that you think. You’ll begin to take the limits off of God and you’ll begin to live in a brand new reality, seeing the glory and the grace of God. Open your heart and receive the Word. Praise the Lord friends. I am so glad that you’re with us today. I have Aaron with me today, and we’re sharing from Ephesians 3:14-21. We’ll be talking about Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3, it is a powerful prayer and I love these prayers of Paul. You know, so many people in the church are still praying these Old Testament prayers. “Oh, God, rend the heavens and come down.” Just like, no, Jesus already came from heaven. He came to earth, He lived, He already, you know went down and conquered the devil and rose from the dead. And now we pray in light of what’s been done.

What people believe, you know, their theology is really revealed in their prayers. You know, when I was going to school, I went to secular universities for music. So when I was at these universities, I tried to connect with other Christians on campus because, you know, Christians were kind of a minority, in a lot of colleges today. So I tried to connect with different Christian organizations and Bible studies, but I would tend to avoid big prayer gatherings just ’cause and just, people just have the wonkiest type of prayers. And you really see that they’re just begging, they’re confess, you know, I’m a sinner, oh God, just, you know, it’s very, very like.

[Lawson] Old Testament.

Yeah, Old Testament kind of prayers and they don’t really have this revelation of who they are in Christ Jesus. So, because Paul has that revelation of who he is in Christ Jesus, it changes the way he prays.

Amen, and so Paul, in his prayers, Ephesians 1, Ephesians 3, Philippians 1, Colossians 1, he never talks about lack, he never talks about weakness. He never talks about, “I’m so poor.” And, you know, he never talks about need. He talks about–

He went through trials, like more trials than any, you know, his light afflictions, he calls them, are much more than–

When you read about them in 2nd Corinthians 12, they were crazy.

So it’s not that he just had this cakewalk kind of life where, you know, he had a pretty tough life. You know, I think he probably had a few scars, a few you know, I think he said he had been beaten and left for dead a few times and–

[Lawson] Yeah.

39 stripes

[Lawson] He received three times.

Three times

I think three times, he was shipwrecked. He was in the deep in the ocean for days.

Yeah and, but even though he went through all these, and those trials weren’t from God, they were just from him just going out and preaching the gospel in a very adverse world.

[Lawson] Yeah.

But God still, you know, he says, “Even though I’m going through these, “you know, tribulations, it’s for your glory.” So he said, “God’s gonna turn it around for your glory.” But because he knew that God was gonna take care of him and all these trials, these things weren’t from God, he was able to pray powerful prayers.

Yeah, and even, you know, in the Book of Acts, there was a prophet named Agabus that took his girdle and said, at, you know, “At Rome, this person is gonna be very, “you know, much persecuted.” And Paul said, “I’m bound in the Spirit to go there.” You know, he says, “Neither count I my life dear to myself “that I might finish my course with joy. “None of these things move me.” In other words, I’m not moved by these outward things. I’m moving by the Spirit, praise God. I’m going where God wants me to go and doing what God wants me to do. But his prayers, he does not pray from this sick, weak, poor position. And, you know, he ends up his life in his own hired house and receiving all that came to him. And so, he was blessed, praise God. Let’s go to–

[Aaron] Ephesians.

Ephesians 3, beginning in verse 14. He says, “For this cause I bow my knees “to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ “of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.” Man, God is our Father and we’re in His family. That changes everything.

And I love that Jesus revealed the name of God as Father, you know?

[Lawson] Yeah.

What an awesome revelation that we received from Jesus, that He is God our father. Now we’re adopted as sons and daughters, we’re children of God, part of the family. So I love that He prays to the Father.

Yes, you know, when Jesus taught His disciples they said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” And when they saw Him pray, His prayers motivated them to wanna pray, and they, you know, He doesn’t pray like the Pharisees and Sadducees, you know, something is different about Him because He prays out of a relationship. “Our Father, which are–“

Well, even, you know, Paul’s background as a Pharisees, you know, Pharisees were very offended that Jesus would call God, Father.

[Lawson] Right.

And here, I just love that he has a revelation himself now that this is our Father.

Amen, God is my Father and I’m in His family. That changes everything, Praise God, because God is my Father, I have everything I need, to do everything God called me to do. I have no lack in any area of my life. I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

And I just love that Paul, you know, even though man, he had some stuff to get over. You know, having been there and witnessed and approved of the martyring of Steven and killing other Christians. You know, he had to get over some things and to just be able to come to God and come boldly before His throne and call Him Father. That’s a very beautiful thing.

And you know Paul has a revelation when he says there’s no condemnation, to those who are in Christ Jesus.

And it’s because it’s a spiritual, God. And Paul talks about this, how God places that Spirit of adoption in us, whereby we cry, “Abba Father.”

[Lawson] Amen.

So he knew that deep within his Spirit that he was a son of God and, and he can–

Child of God. Well that changes everything. Now what’s he pray? He says, “I pray that He would grant you according “to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might “or with the ability of God, “by His Spirit in the inward man.” I want you to be strong in the Spirit. I want you to realize what you’ve been given in the Spirit. You know, so many people don’t realize what we’ve been given. You know, in the Spirit.

In the inner man.

In the inward man, we have all things that pertain to life and godliness through the, our relationship with Jesus who called us to glory and virtue, 2nd Peter, 1:3. So I want you to realize what you’ve been given in the realm of the Spirit.

I like a, you know, there’s a book that I think I still have it, you loaned it to me over a dozen years ago called, “The Hidden Man of the Heart.”

[Lawson] Amen.

And I think it’s a book that really, you know.

By E. W. Kenyon. I read that book as a teenager. And that book really gave me an understanding and a revelation of the realm of the Spirit and who you are in the Spirit. If you get a revelation of who you are in the Spirit, it will change your life as a believer. Your righteous, redeemed, sanctified, wise, justified, Amen. In the realm of the Spirit.

The inner man or the hidden man, I like that.

Praise God. You can do all things. Greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in this world. You’re victorious in the realm of the Spirit.

And the might through His Spirit.

And you know, really, these first three chapters of Ephesians, Paul’s talking about who we are and what we have in the Spirit. He’s talking about that we’re seated, Ephesians 2:6, in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We have, we’re taking up residents in Christ and Christ now is living in us. And that’s what he talks to them about that, you know, Christ is in us. We have his Spirit in the inner man. And then he says in verse 17, “That Christ may dwell “may take up resident in your heart by faith,” praise God. Christ has taken up residence in you. The anointed one is in you, praise God. You’re in Him and He’s in you. That changes everything, Praise God. And so, you know, we need to know that Jesus has taken up residents on the inside of me, praise God. I’m not some defeated worm. I’m not some sick, sorry, pathetic, weak, poor defeated person. Christ has taken up residence in me, greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world. The Apostle John writes that, 1st John 4:4. He says, “Who is he that overcomes the world “but he that believes that Jesus is the son of God?” 1st John 5, Amen, glory to God.

Yeah, when you pray, don’t pray like you’re a worm.

Oh no, what a, that’s just not the way to pray.

That’s, yeah, those things are just really.

And there is Old Testament scripture that says, “I’m a worm and no man” but that’s not talking about us. And I’ve seen people in the church preach that kind of garbage. Oh, I’ve seen some awful things. But glory to God, we’ve been delivered from that kind of living and that kind of thinking. And he says, “That Christ may take up residence, “that Christ may dwell in your heart by faith.” It’s by faith, I want you to get a revelation, by faith, of who’s living on the inside of you. Realize this, the undefeated champion of the universe has taking up residence on the inside of you and you’re in Him. When you understand that, it changes the way you live your life. It changes the way you pray. You can’t pray these sick, poor, begging prayers anymore. Oh, glory to God, Hallelujah.

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith “that you being rooted and grounded in love.” I love that, you know, faith works by love.


That’s how you get rooted and grounded in Christ is just by understanding how much God loves you.

Amen, and that’s exactly what that’s talking about. Galatians 5:6 says, “In Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor circumcision, “avails anything but faith, which works by love.” And that’s not talking about our love for one another, in the context, that’s talking about when you get a revelation of the love of God for you.

And God’s love for you is consistent. He doesn’t, you know, love you one day and hate you the next day. That’s why you can be rooted and grounded in it because God’s love for you, it’s always the same.

You know, the Bible says that, “The love of God is shed abroad in our heart “by the Holy Ghost that’s given to us.” That’s in Romans 5:5. And you know when Paul’s talking about that, he says in Romans 5:1, “Being justified by faith, we’re at peace with God,” right? We talked about that earlier, we’re at harmony with God through Jesus. We’re at peace with God through Jesus. And he goes on to say in Romans 5:2, he says, “Being justified by faith, “we’re at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” And then he goes on in Romans, I’m just gonna have to turn there and read this because I wanna get this point across. And I think you’re gonna have some things to say about this, “By whom,” he says, by Jesus, in verse two, “we have access by faith into grace wherein we stand “and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.” So by Jesus, we have access into grace. And we stand by faith in grace not saying what we did, but saying what he did. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God, the manifest, the presence, power and purpose of God. But he says, “We’re not only looking “for good things to happen,” but he says, in verse three, “Not only so, we glory in tribulation when trouble comes.” And we touched on that a little bit yesterday that Paul had a lot of trouble, a lot of difficulty and problems and yet he says, “Knowing that tribulation works patience,” if you’ll be patient when there’s trouble, and keep believing the gospel and keep believing Jesus, you will experience the faithfulness of God. Patience works experience and experience works hope.

Imitate those who through faith and patience.

Inherit the promises, that’s Hebrews 6:12. And he says, “And hope makes not a shame.” So this is the way I read this. We are believing for good, but even when trouble comes when we’re believing for good, if we will patiently believe God, then we will experience the faithfulness of God, right? That will give us hope because I patiently believe God and experience the faithfulness of God, when trouble comes, I still have hope, because I know that God is good and I know that He loves me. But there’s some things that people need to get down in their heart. And that is that God is not your problem, God is your answer.

You know, there’s a Psalm that says, “I would’ve fainted unless I believed “that I would see the goodness of the Lord “in the land of the living.”

Psalm 27:13-14.


Talks about that. So we need to keep believing in the goodness of God and know that God’s good and you know what? There’s these people that think that God’s doing terrible things to you to teach you. That is not the truth. You know what? You might put yourself in a stupid place by opening the door to the devil but God is not the author of evil and destruction and death.

Well, you might just be facing tribulation ’cause you’re kicking against the devil’s pricks.


That’s what Paul was doing, he was–

Oh yeah, going after it.

[Aaron] Yeah.

Man, and so he goes on and he says, “That Christ may take up residents in your heart by faith “that you get an established in love may able to comprehend “or understand what all the saints what is the breadth “and length in depth and height.” And I like verse 19, he’s talking about getting the revelation of the greatness of God’s love. He says, “And to know the love of Christ “which passes knowledge.” And we’re gonna come back right after this break because that seems like an oxymoron statement. And we’re gonna see what Paul was talking about when he says, “To know the love of Christ “which passes knowledge.” We’ll be right back. Friends, I’m Pastor Lawson Purdue and I’ve been teaching “Destined to Win” from the Book of Ephesians. This is one of the greatest teachings that I’ve ever done. I’ve had more requests for this teaching than almost any teaching we’ve done. I’ve got it in eight parts as I taught it in church, in CD form, also in a USB. And then I also have the teaching in 16 parts as we’ve taught it on television with my son, Dr. Aaron Purdue. And in this 16-part teaching, I am just thrilled with all the different things that was brought in. So you can get the eight-part CDs or the USB that has all the video and audio or you can get the 16-part as taught on television. Call us and let us know what you’d like to have. We have a special offer today and we’re so blessed to have you. Check out our website, We have this and many other materials and we have all of these things online for free, blessings.

[Narrator] Do you know your true position in Christ Jesus? You have been saved, raised up and seated in heavenly places with Him. You can stand against any attack of the enemy, from a position of victory, you are destined to win. You can get the eight-part live teaching on CD for $48 or on USB for $35. Or get the 16-part As Seen On TV USB for $59, when you call 719-418-4000. Or visit

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