Destined To Win Part 14 – Lawson and Aaron Perdue

Destined To Win Part 14

Destined To Win Part 14 with Pastors Lawson and Aaron Perdue. On this episode of Grace For Today, discover how your relationships affect all other areas of your life. Gain a greater revelation of how to release the blessing of God in your home and family!

Destined to Win 8-part CD series from Pastor Lawson Perdue

Destined to Win

When Jesus saved you, your destiny changed completely! He radically transformed us and brought us from death to life, from sin to righteousness, and from defeat to victory. Pastor Lawson goes through the book of Ephesians in detail and shows us exactly why we are destined to win. We are no longer fighting to be overcomers, we are made victorious through Jesus and any weapon formed against us will not prosper! Jesus came to give us life and have that life more abundantly! Because of God and his great love, we are destined to win!

Destined To Win Part 14 Transcript

Blessings friends, I’m so glad that you’re with us today. I’m with my son, Aaron, and if you wanna see the blessing of God flow in your home and in your family, you need to stay connected to this broadcast, and listen to what we have to say. We’re gonna be sharing on the husband and wife relationship and our relationship with God, and how that really affects all other relationships. And so stay connected. We love you, God bless you. Blessings, friends. I am so glad that you are connected with us today. And I have my son, Pastor Aaron with me, and we are sharing from the book of Ephesians. You know, we began in Ephesians 1-3, and we talked about who we are and what we have in Christ, that we begin from a position of victory, that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Then we went to Ephesians chapter four, and the first part of chapter five, where Paul talks about how we walk this out. And he says, “Walk worthy of your vocation.” He says, “Walk not as other Gentiles walk, not as unbelievers.” Then he says, “Walk in love as God loved us, as Christ loved us.” Then he says, “Walk in the light.” Finally, he says, “Walk circumspectly not as fools.” But then he tells us where we walk this out, and he begins to talk about relationships. Relationships are so important, you know, if we want to live out the will of God, we’re gonna need divine relationships.

Yeah, you’re not gonna accomplish the will of God on your own. One thing I love about some of Paul’s letters is when he starts thanking people who have helped him, you know, accomplish his vocation, his call, his, you know, apostleship. He had a lot of people who helped him out.

In Romans 16, you know, about the first 15 verses of that chapter, he thanks bunches of people, you know, literally people from many different nations, many people he said he’s never even met before, and he’s so grateful for their help.

You know, a lot of people who helped him fulfill God’s purpose, God’s destiny in his life. And, you know, for you to accomplish everything that God has for you, everything that He’s purposed for you, His destiny for you, it’s gonna take relationships. You know, whatever God has called you to do, to do the best that He wants you to do it at. You know, like it’s gonna take relationships, it’s gonna take mentors, it’s gonna take friends, it’s gonna take pastors, it’s gonna take your spouse, it’s gonna take your kids, your family, your boss, your employees. It takes relationships.

You know, we couldn’t do near what we do. We have over 20 people that work for us, 300 volunteers right now in the ministry in the church. I mean, it takes all all of these people just to run our children’s church and nursery. There’s like a hundred people.

Well, to even for this broadcast to reach your home, it takes a lot of people who’ve given to the ministry. You know, how many people have partnered with us? How many partners do we have right now?

We have between 4 and 500.

So 4 and 500 people have partnered with us on a monthly basis, so we-

Yeah, that’s in addition to all the church members. You know, a couple thousand people call this church home.

Yeah, how many letters do we send out at the end of the year, giving letters, people who’ve given?

Well, I don’t know. Usually in the neighborhood of 2000 and those, that’s not every giver, that’s people who’ve given us $50 or more per year.

So, at least 2000 people who give, and that all helps us get this, get the word of God out to people’s homes.

You know, I thank God for all our partners. We couldn’t do what we do without partners. Really, a beautiful letter on that is Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and he said, “No church communicate with me in giving and receiving, but you alone.” And that from the early days of his ministry, they partnered with him and they continue to partner. And I have people like that, that have faithfully partnered with me for years and years and years-

For decades, yeah.

And I thank God for ’em.

So it takes relationships for you to succeed, for you to win in that great destiny that God has for you.

And really my greatest relationship has been your mom.

Yeah and I think that’s why Paul actually starts with the marriage relationship, because it’s one of the, it is the most, for those of you who are married, or those of you who are looking to get married, it’s the most important earthly relationship that you’ll ever have.

You know, Dr. Lester Sumrall said, “There’s three decisions that you make that are gonna rule your life.” He said, “Number one is, who are you gonna serve? Are you gonna serve Jesus Christ? Do you believe Jesus? Are you gonna serve Jesus? Number two”, he said, “What are you gonna do with your life? What are you gonna spend your time? What are you gonna accomplish with your effort?” And then he said, “Number three is who you marry.” And he said, “A lot of times that third one can affect the other two.” And so you wanna stay connected.

And I love just how he really pours his heart out into relationships, starting with the marriage relationship, but then talking about children. Children is your next important, you know, relationship here on this earth, you know. Like, man, if your kid, man, that’s your most important ministry is to your kids. You know, you might have all types of things going on in life with your business and with your ministry, that type of thing but if your kids are failing, God doesn’t want your kids to fail. God wants generational blessing. God wants generational winning.

You know, one of my greatest friends in my life just recently went home to be with the Lord, and I sat down with his family, with his kids and grandkids, and talked about, you know, what does your grandfather mean to you and your father? And you know, his wife and really, it was so amazing. It was just honoring, and he lived ever a bit of it. It brought tears to my eyes because I know the man, and I know that’s exactly how he lived-

[Aaron] How he walked.

How he walked,

And how he walked, it infected his relationship.

His life and his family, and his wife, and his sons and daughter-

And in his work too.

and his grandchildren.


And in his work.

He was a great, you know, great-

He invested in his church.

Yeah, and that’s that third relationship that Paul talks about, is that relationship between masters and bond servants, or bosses and workers.

Employers and employees considered today.

And owners, and that’s a really important relationship as well, because you spend a lot of time where you work, you know, if you’re working somewhere 40 plus hours a week, that’s a lot of time. So you want God to be in your working relationships. You want Him to be in what you’re doing, and what you set your hands on.

So let’s talk, take some time here and talk about the marriage relationship. It’s so important. And so he says in verse 22, actually, we ought to begin in verse 21, where we left off in yesterday’s broadcast. But he says, “Submitting yourselves to one another in the fear of God”, in respect of your relationship with God. Submit yourselves one to another. Everybody needs people in your life. You’re not a law to yourself. No one is an island. Somebody’s affecting you and you’re affecting somebody, that’s in Romans 14:7-11, you read it in different translations, it’ll bear that out.

And the way the world is today too, one thing I wanna say, like a lot of people just only connect online. That’s not true connections-

[Lawson] I’m telling you-

that’s not true, you know-

social media is the most non-social thing. that there is. And I know some of these social media people, they can’t even carry on a conversation. And I’m not against social media. We use social media to share the gospel, to share the goodness of Jesus.

I don’t only want to connect with my wife on Facebook.

No, Lord, that’d be terrible.

That’s not a real marriage, you know.

No, it’s not. It’s means giving yourself to, some of these people. Well, I’m Stop right there. All right, he says, “Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands.” You know, your wife doesn’t have to submit to me. You know, not in the, your wife.

She doesn’t, sometimes.

We were just at your house. I wanna tell on my daughter-in-law Heather. I told my wife Barbara, “She is such a blessing.” And she cut my hair yesterday and she cut Barbara’s hair. And, but anyway, she had been looking online at this blouse, and she’d show mama this blouse, mama showed her, and Barbara and I, your mother, you know, we’re so conservative, we generally don’t pay much over $10 for anything. I bought this shirt, this is a probably a $70 shirt. I bought this shirt for $3 at a closeout. I mean, mom and I just, we don’t take a lot of money. You know, we’re very conservative. We use our money to bless people to give. But you know, Heather wanted, she said, “You ought to buy that for Barbara.” And I didn’t. She went over there, I’m telling you, less than five minutes and she bought it, and mom picked it up on the way home, and it’s brand new, it’s full price, it’s beautiful. I would’ve never done it. But I told mama, “Heather, to you is amazing. You know, you are so blessed with her as a daughter-in-law.” She’s so generous, she’s such a giver. She has such respect. I think the world of her, and listen, it’ll come back to her. It’ll come back to her over and over and over again. But he says this, “Your own husband’s”, you don’t have to submit to somebody else’s husband. You have to submit to your employer, but you don’t submit to somebody else’s husband as a whole but your own husband.

Yeah, and I remember, so this was a few years ago. At the time, I was getting my master’s degree at Rice University, and I was taking an educational psychology class. That’s the name in the course there, because I really loved teaching, at the time, I was teaching a lot of music lessons on the side and I just, I was really falling in love with teaching, and I wanted to be the best teacher I could. So I took this class they had for, you know, to equip people who wanted to be better teachers. Anyways, the professor of this class was a younger woman and she just, it was really outside of the scope of this class. But she just said, “Well, outside of, you know, the field of education, my passion is, you know, feminism and that’s one thing I study more than anything.” And she went on a rant about Christianity and how Christianity is against women, and that the Bible says, “Wives that have to submit to their husband, it’s such a terrible thing.” And I actually contested her and I said, “You know, really, wherever the Bible has been preached, wherever Christianity has flourished, women have flourished. Look at nations that don’t allow the Bible, that don’t allow Christianity, that they are very hostile towards women.” I told this to my son, Fisher. There are, he’s asking who the Taliban is.


Because we saw, he watched me watching this funny video about the Taliban kind of partnering with President Joe Biden. And he’s like, “Who’s the Taliban?” I said, “Well, since we left Afghanistan, the Taliban now controls Afghanistan, and the Taliban, they are a very, just a terrible governing body, they don’t even allow women to receive an education.”

Yes, it’s terrible. Dr. Lester Sumrall said something addressing this, and I wanna say it right now, “Jesus Christ has done more to elevate the position of women than any man on this planet, including all women.” And Christianity, wherever the gospels preached, women are honored, women are respected. And this word submit, people don’t understand what it means. It means to have respect, you know, as unto the Lord. So if Jesus, doesn’t mean blind obedience.

It’s talking about a heart. God is always looking at the heart. He’s always speaking about the heart. He wants wives and husbands to have the right heart for each other. So He’s saying, “Wives need to have a heart and attitude of respect towards their husband.” But likewise, you know, in context, He tells the husband how their heart should be towards their wives.


And they’re to love their wives, just like Jesus loved the church, which there is no greater love than that.

So basically, this says two things to the ladies. It says, “Women, you know, you respect your husband.” Right? And then basically that’s what it says. And then it says, “Husbands, you love your wives.”

And even him saying, “For the husband is head of the wife as also Christ is head of the church.” You know, husbands need to step up and be leaders.

Well, it’s easy for me to submit to Jesus because I know how much He loves me. You know, one time I went to a counseling session, and we pastored a full gospel church in Kit Carson. There was in the neighboring town Eads. There was a pastor who’s a Baptist pastor, and a woman had come to his church, and then, well, she actually left and separated herself from her husband. And so the Baptist pastor was gone, and his wife asked me to come to a counseling session. So it was the Baptist pastor’s wife and me counseling this couple, right. Who were from a traditional Christian background, and we got ’em together. And this man was saying, “The Bible says, submit, you’re to submit to me.” And I asked him, I said, “Sir, do you go to church?” “No.” “And do you do that?” “No.” And I said, “You don’t obey God. You don’t submit yourself to the scripture. You don’t submit yourself to Jesus. You don’t submit yourself to anything, and she doesn’t have to do anything you say.” And man, he got hot and he stomped out of the room. And a little bit, you know, probably 10 minutes, he came back in and sat down and he said, “Listen, I wanna make my marriage work.” And you know, that man repented.

Got humility.

They were in their fifties. And you know, I’m this 25 year old wet behind the ears preacher, you know, But I, this guy was arrogant. It was religious arrogance. He was not submitted to God in any area, hardly at all. And he was, you know, terrible to live with. And telling his wife, she had to submit to him. And you know, he came back in and said, “I wanna make my marriage work.” We ministered to them, that Baptist pastor’s wife and me, minister to them. They got their marriage back together, and they lived together for 20 more years in marriage. And that man began to love his wife. I have a man, you know, that I know, and this man was really terrible to his wife until the pandemic and in the pandemic, he nearly died. And his wife had some major problems. But I think a lot of it was fueled because of his disrespect towards her. And that man came, I mean, he nearly died. He was in the hospital for over a month. But he came to a service where Mark Hankins preached on the love of God. And I’m telling you, that man has changed, his wife has changed and she called me when he was laying on the hospital bed, nearly dead, you know, in the pandemic with COVID, and he had some breathing issues before that, and she had me pray for him. And I told him, “Boy, she loves you.” And he said, “I know it.” And you know what? Their life was changed. And if husbands will love their wives as Christ loved the church, Jesus loved us when we were making all the wrong choices and doing all the wrong things. Now it says, there otherwise that we need to love our wives. We’ll come back right after short break and talk about it. Blessings, stay tuned. Friends, I’m Pastor Lawson Perdue, and I’ve been teaching “Destined to Win” from the Book of Ephesians. This is one of the greatest teachings that I’ve ever done. I’ve had more requests for this teaching than almost any teaching we’ve done. I’ve got it in eight parts as I taught it in church, in CD form, also in a USB. And then I also have the teaching in 16 parts, as we’ve taught it on television, with my son, Dr. Aaron Perdue, and in this 16 part teaching, I am just thrilled with all the different things that was brought in. So you can get the eight part CDs, or the USB that has all the video and audio, or you can get the 16 part as taught on television. Call us and let us know what you would like to have. We have a special offer today, and we’re so blessed to have you Check out our website, We have this and many other materials, and we have all of these things online for free. Blessings. Praise the Lord, friends, I’m so glad that you’ve been with us, and we’re talking about living out the gospel through relationships, and primarily about the marriage relationship. So we talked about how the Bible says, “Wife submit, you know, to honor with respect your husband, just as you would honor Christ.” Right? And so that doesn’t mean it’s blind obedience. You’re not gonna, you know, if your husband asked you to go do something that would cause you to disobey Jesus, you wouldn’t do it.

Yeah, I wanna say something too, about the husband being the head, or the leader in a marriage. You know, Jesus actually has a lot to say about leadership. Christ like leadership is very different than worldly leadership. You know, Jesus said, “The rulers of this world lord it over them.” But that’s not how we are to be leaders in the body of Christ. Maybe you lead at a company, lead at a business, lead in your family. You know, a wife can also be a leader in her family. There are matriarchs in the Bible. There are matriarchs today.

Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him Lord. And she was a great leader in her family. And you know, the Bible actually talks about-

Christ like leadership is very different.

Servant leadership. Jesus modeled servant leadership. And that’s what He talks about in Matthew 26. He does it in, I think it’s John chapter 13, where he washes the disciples feet. Jesus modeled servant leadership. And we need to be servant leaders.

We should learn how to lead like Jesus. I heard a testimony of a man about my age here in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is a very military base city. There are several Air Force bases, Army base, NORAD’s here, the Air Force Academy’s here. There’s a big military community here. But this young man, he’s about my age. They aren’t allowed to just blatantly evangelize. But he keeps a copy of a book about leadership lessons from Jesus on his desk. He loves the book, but he just keeps it on his desk. And he’s had two, three star generals ask him about the book and he said, “I’ll give it to you.” And he gave him that book and one of ’em got born again.

Amen. Awesome, we need to live the gospel that we preach. You know, he says, “The husband’s the head of wife, even Christ, the head of the church, and he’s the savior of the body.” Now look at this in verse 24. “Therefore, as the church is subject to Christ, as the church is subject to Christ, be subject to Christ. So let the wives be to their own husbands.” Again, their own husbands. You know, Andrew Wommack is a good friend and mentor. I’ve been listening to him teach for over 40 years, has transformed my life. He went to a meeting in another state, I think it was in Kansas City, and this man came up and just started tearing into Jamie about her clothing and how she needed to submit. And Andrew’s like, “She is my wife. She doesn’t need to submit to anything you say.” And Jamie is a very modest person. A very God, some of these religious people, legalistic people are crazy. And you know, I had one person got upset when I had a couple doing music years and years ago, and complained about this woman. I said, “Well, you can’t see her breasts. You can’t see her belly. You can’t see her butt. I suppose it’s all right.” It wasn’t immodest, it was just this guy had a problem. He was religious and she was covered up very well. And just some people, religion make you crazy. The devil make you crazy and they both make you crazy. So he says this, he says that, “As the church is subject to Christ, wives should be subject to their own husbands in everything. Husbands”, now here’s the first way we’re to love our wives. “You love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.” Right? How did Jesus love the church? How did Jesus love the church? Tell me.


Unconditionally, Jesus loved the church. Jesus died for the church when the church was making all the wrong choices, and doing all the wrong things. He says, “He did this”, Christ did this, “that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that He might present it to Himself.” Husbands, when you love your wives, you’re doing yourself a favor. There’s a book, “Husband, love your wife. Do yourself a favor, Love your wife.” And so he says, “That he might present it as a glorious church, not having spot a wrinkle or any such thing that it would beholding without blemish.” Then he says, “Number one, husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church.” So spiritually. Then he says, “Number two, husbands love your wives as your own body. He that loves his wife, loves himself, for no man ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes it and cherish it, even the Lord, the church.” So we love them spiritually, unconditionally, right? Like Jesus, love the church. We love them physically, right? We love them physically. We’re are to care for the needs of our wife. That is our responsibility as godly men. And if you believe that you can, you can because there’s promises of provision through the Bible. It doesn’t mean that a woman can’t work outside the home, but it just means we as men need to take responsibility and quit making excuses. He says, “No man ever yet hated his own flesh. He nourishes it, cherishes it, the Lord of the church, for we are members of His body and His flesh and His bones, for this cause a man will leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and they too shall be one flesh.” You know, a lot of people, they sometimes Christian people there, especially legalistic ones, they’re trying to control every situation because they let fear dominate their life. And you cannot control every situation. You cannot control your children. They need to get out on their own. They need to be on their own. My dad told me years and years ago, my dad died when I was only 17. But he said, “When you get married, you need to move a long ways from both of your parents, from her parents and your parents, and you need to build life together.” Man, what great advice my dad gave me. Build life together. Hallelujah.

Well, the Bible talks about that too, they’re to leave their father and mothers. So that leave and cleave.

Man, mom and I, we try to stay out of all, we have three sons, you, Andrew, and Peter. We try to stay outta your business, you know, and we try to love you. We’ll give you good advice. We try to help you. But listen, there’s choices that you make that are your choices, and we’ve raised you and we’ve trained you well. We believe that you hear the Holy Spirit, that you love God, that you love His word, and that you’ll ultimately do the right thing. And so he says, “He needs to leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife and they will be one flesh. This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular, so love his wife even as himself.” Now, your spirit is God conscious, right? We’re to love our wives as Christ love the church spiritually gave himself for her. Your flesh is world conscious. We’re to care for their bodies, right? Their, it’s hot, it’s cold, that your body is world conscious, but your soul is self-conscious. He says, “Love your wives as yourself and you need to know who you are in Christ.” The greatest challenge as a man is understanding his identity. Paul speaks to identity all through his letters. We need to understand our identity in Christ. The greatest need in a man is to be respected. Where do you get your sense of respect and self worth from? From your identity in Christ. The greatest need in a woman is to be loved. That’s why he says, “Husbands, love your wives.” Love your wives. Love your wives. Right? The greatest need in a man is to be respected. He says, “Husbands, love your wives spiritually. Love your wives physically, love your wives emotionally.” Your mama used to tell me years and years ago, when you were just a little boy, she’d say, “I just want you to be my best friend.” And I can tell you that your mother and I are best friends. Praise God, that hasn’t come easy. You know, but it’s good now. Hallelujah and God has helped us both. And so he says, “Love your wives spiritually, unconditionally, love your wives. Physically provide for her, care for her. Be kind to them” right? And love them emotionally. Develop friendships. You may be tired when you come home from work and not feel like talking, but you communicate with each other and talk to each other and you build on that relationship. He says, “Nevertheless, let every man love his wife of himself, and the wife, see that she respects her husband.” Greatest need in a man is be respected man. You can’t be respected enough unless you understand who you are in Christ. Women, you can’t be loved enough unless you understand how much God loves you in Christ. But when you understand that you can build on those relationships.

I kind of noticed as a pastor now for six years, that a lot of men, unfortunately, find their identity through their respect that they get through their career. And sometimes if there’s a shift in their career, their identity breaks down.

In the pandemic, we preached three funerals for men.

Yeah, ’cause there’s a shift maybe in their-

Who committed suicide.

in their career.

It was a really tragic.

And for women, oftentimes, like you said, their their greatest need is to be loved. They sometimes try to find their identity through relationships, whether it be like friendships or a significant other, and if there’s a shift there relationally, they can-

We all need to get that from Jesus.

Our identity is in Jesus Christ.

Amen, none of those men were from our church, they were all from different places, but we opened the doors and ministered to their families. You know, God loves you and we love you. If you need prayer, be sure and call us today. Have trained prayer ministers waiting to hear you call. We also have great ministers that are here that work with us, to counsel in marriage that can help. Praise God, we love you and God bless you.

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