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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Charis Christian Center is a multi-cultural and multi-generational church. We celebrate diversity in the Body of Christ!

Jesus loves you as you are. To attend church, we only require that you wear clothing that would be accepted as normal street wear. Most people in our church dress “business” – in suits and modest dresses, or “business casual” – button up shirts and nice pants.

If you genuinely don’t have clothes like this or are unable to purchase any, please know you aren’t the first! We don’t want anything to hinder you from joining us to worship Jesus. Give us a call at (719) 227-0380 to see if we can help.

The best way to find out is to come and see for yourself! We have two services on Sunday and a Wednesday evening service that all follow the same structure. You’re encouraged to attend them all. Each service begins by worshipping God led by our live worship band. After worship, you will hear an empowering message explaining God’s Word in a way that both encourages you and empower you to apply it to your everyday life. Sunday messages are most often delivered by our Senior Pastor, Lawson Perdue. Wednesday messages often feature a message from Executive Pastor, Aaron Perdue.

After the message, you will have the opportunity to receive direct ministry or prayer from trained elders in our church. These are ministers who have proven their dedication to Jesus Christ and how God’s promises are working in their lives.

You can find the Charis Christian Center official Statement of Faith on our “What We Believe” page.

Yes, we believe the Bible contains the complete God-breathed scripture that is useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness. We believe that God’s Word works. Our sermons mostly consist of sharing God’s Word in context and comparing them to other scriptures in the Bible so that you can have a thorough knowledge of how to apply God’s Word to your life.

Yes, our Charis Kids program provides a nursery and children’s ministry during our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.

Charis Youth meet during each Wednesday evening service and various activities outside of church. Example activities might include: our annual dodgeball game, “After Dark” dinner fellowship, and door-to-door ministry opportunities.

The best way to exercise and grow in personal talents or skills is to volunteer on one of our Impact Teams.

During worship services we do encourage church members to operate in gifts of the spirit according to the proper order prescribed in 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14. Gifts of the spirit should be exercised in a way that enhances the service and does not cause disruption. Usually, fellowshipping with others before and after service or occasionally during pauses in worship when approved by pastoral leadership.

Since its founding, Charis Christian Center has supported various global missionaries, Christian ministries, and other churches. Ministries that we support are selected only through personal relationship with our senior pastors and proving themselves financially, morally, and doctrinally faithful.

We consider anyone who calls Charis Christian Center their church home and regularly attends our services, either in person or online, to be a “church member”. Through regularly hearing and applying God’s Word and building friendships with other church members you can determine just how much you’ll benefit from being a part of Charis Christian Center.

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Free Confession Cards

Free Confession Cards

As you believe and speak God’s word over your life, you will activate God’s promises! God wants you to live in His financial provision, health, and identity! Order your confession cards as our gift!